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Acupuncture for Female and Male Sexual Dysfunction

Female Sexual Dysfunction

Female sexual dysfunction has four areas of concern:  pain, orgasmic, arousal and desire disorders. These sets of disorders usually overlap and need to be properly identified to know what type of dysfunction the patient really suffers from.  Certain health problems can be direct or indirect causes of … Continue reading

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Symptoms of Sexual Dysfunction

Symptoms of Female Sexual Dysfunction

Loss of desire – Also known as lack of sex drive, this problem can be experienced by women at some points in their life (stressful times or pregnancy). Some women experience it occasionally while some can experience it all the time.  There are two reasons … Continue reading

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Sexual Dysfunction Prevention

For Female Sexual Dysfunction

You can take the corresponding measures to help prevent female sexual dysfunction.

You need to care for your overall health – This means your physical, mental and emotional health.

Constantly communicate with your partner about your desires and needs.

Know intimately your own methods and patterns … Continue reading

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