Foods Women Should Eat During Pregnancy

For a pregnant woman, food will be of special constant interest during the entire course of her term. This anxiety is quite reasonable and common. For the pregnant woman, there are several courses of action she needs to learn and among these courses is the importance of eating healthy food … Continue reading

Does Gua Sha Therapy Enhance the Performance of Strength Athletes?

To help strength athletes recuperate, there are a lot of methods that can be availed of. Aside from the typical good adequate sleep and a healthy diet, techniques are available that should include soft tissue massage. Thanks to popular websites such as Instagram, ancient techniques are now being reintroduced in … Continue reading

The Active Fire In The Season Of Summer

Summer commences on the year’s longest day, June 21, the summer solstice. The lengthened hours of sunlight offer us the chance to participate in the abundance that surrounds us and tends to our creative energies. The element of Fire is associated with summer in Cleveland TCM or Traditional Chinese MedicineContinue reading

Some Incredible Benefits Of Tui Na Massage

Tui Na massage is a form of massage that’s becoming more and more popular for clients and practitioners alike. Tui Na, (which is pronounced twee-nah) is a branch of Traditional Chinese Medicine that treats various patterns of disharmony in the body. This article will discuss the five benefits that Tui … Continue reading

Kinesiological Exercises That Will Make Your Brain Work At Full Capacity

Kinesiological exercises are done in a sitting position and are easy to perform. You can even do it while working in your computer. They really work, otherwise, I would have abandoned it a long time ago. They are simple to do and not time-consuming.

These exercises can be performed by … Continue reading

How Does Craniosacral Therapy Work?

It was an American osteopath John Upledger, who developed Craniosacral therapy or CST in the 1970s. The theory behind this therapy is deep tension that has accumulated within a person’s body will be freed by manipulating the cranium’s synarthroidal joints and once released, the person should expect improved function of … Continue reading