The Benefits Of Throat And Back Massage

The goal of back massage is to stimulate circulation and calm the nerves in order to soothe the nervous system, and treat back aches and rheumatic pain in the back muscles.

The therapist asks the patient to lie down with arms at the sides. The therapist then rhythmically strokes the … Continue reading

The Extremely Versatile And Inexpensive Therapy Known As Acupressure

An extremely effective but basic form of Bellingham acupuncture treatment that’s often self-administered within the confines of one’s own home, acupressure has shown to work in the healing of many of the symptoms related to muscular pain. In addition to being a viable treatment for diseases, acupressure therapy has been … Continue reading

Feng Shui and The Mystical Number 1.618

This article will talk about the golden mean (ratio or section) and how it is used in conjunction with feng shui to improve residences.

The ancient Greek mystic, scientist, mathematician, and philosopher Pythagoras was an ardent proponent of the golden mean. He was sure that the harmony in nature can … Continue reading

Facial Acupuncture Can Be A Safe And Natural Alternative To Botox And Plastic Surgery

Everyone seems to be looking for a way to get a facelift that doesn’t involve extremely invasive procedures.  The issue with most facelift procedures today is that they merely treat the symptoms of facial aging without addressing the underlying cause.  Botox and plastic surgery are painful and potentially dangerous causing … Continue reading

Give Your Body A Daily Tune-Up By Practicing Anmo Gong And Self-Acupressure Everyday

Although it’s one of the most efficient ways to maintain health and cultivate oneself, anmo gong is unfortunately, a health technique quite unknown to most people.

The name Anmo Gong is made up of a couple of ancient Chinese words: Anmo, is old Chinese for massage (which is now known … Continue reading

Moxibustion Heat Therapy for Prevention and Treatment of Cold and Flu Strains

Moxibustion is a natural alternative healing mode of treatment that utilizes heat from a dried smoldering plant known as “moxa” which is applied near the skin surface of a person. The treatment works by warming and invigorating energy (Chi) and blood circulation within the body to eliminate certain pathogenic elements.… Continue reading