What Is Chinese Internal Energy Healing?

A holistic technique that stimulates the subtle energy systems of the body to eliminate energy blockages, Chinese internal energy healing breaks through these energetic blockages, setting off the innate self healing abilities of the body.

The definition of Chinese internal energy healing is a bit difficult to understand. Therefore, we … Continue reading

Winter And Chinese Nutritional Therapy

As the year progresses to winter, we begin to drink more warm beverages; wear double, triple or even quadruple more clothing when going outside; and perhaps go to bed earlier, seeing that the sun also does so in this coldest season of the year. Many mammals naturally go into a … Continue reading

Selecting The Martial Art Form That’s Best For You

At some point in our lives, many of us will be interested in learning some form of self-defense. Perhaps, you’ll become interested in learning one specific type of ancient Chinese defense arts or perhaps something more popular use such as Japanese karate or the Korean tae kwon do. Whatever discipline … Continue reading

Develop Your Mind And Unblock Your Chi With A Tai Chi Spine

If you carefully study all the traditional Eastern schools of spiritual development, one thing you would notice is a common interest in a straightened spine. From the tranquil meditator to the defense art tai chi practitioner, people with the highest self-development all possess a straight spine. But why are why … Continue reading