The Importance Of Qi Gong And Chinese Nutritional Therapy For The Extension Of Longevity

For thousands of years, health related rejuvenation coupled with the quest for longevity has been an ongoing preoccupation for the people of China. From there, appropriate practical methods and remarkable wisdom that were successfully applied, have developed.

Chinese experts are firm that the secret to longevity is already present and … Continue reading

The Integration Of Taoist Philosophy Into The Chinese Medicinal System

Chinese medicine is one of the most ancient medical systems in the world. Its roots are founded on Taoist philosophy; the Chinese medicine system encompasses over two millennia of sophisticated methods of examination, diagnosis, and treatment of disorders and diseases. This knowledge is based on the principle of harmony and … Continue reading

The Uses of Cupping Therapy

Cupping is a healing technique whereby a cup is applied on the skin and the negative pressure within the cup (generated by suction or heat) holds and draws the superficial muscles and skin into the cup. While the suction is still strong, the cup is sometimes moved, causing the muscle … Continue reading

The Wonderful And Many Benefits Of Meditation

It can be a real hell living a life of poor health. This is why we’re realizing how our environment is beginning to impact the way we live, how pollution jeopardizes our health among other things that were not a problem before.

To many of the problems of every living … Continue reading