Shiatsu Is The Most Popular Form Of Acupressure Therapy In The Western World

Shiatsu is the most popular form of acupressure therapy in the western world of all body work techniques. However, equating shiatsu to acupressure is not entirely accurate because acupressure can also entail the use of needles for applying pressure on the acupoints of the body. In Shiatsu massage, there are … Continue reading

Chinese Nutritional Therapy And The Five Elements

A helpful dietary principle in traditional Chinese medicine in Overland Park (TCM) relates to Wu Xing or the Theory of the Five Elements. This article will explore the concept of the microcosm of humanity in the macrocosm of the universe.

The Sheng Cycle or the Cycle of Creation

Water, Metal, … Continue reading

Treat Acne Naturally Using Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine has been constantly evolving for the last three millennia.

While Western medicine attributes germs, bacteria, and viruses to illnesses and diseases, Chinese Medicine functions in a totally different way.

Well-being, health, and nature are represented by the two the forces of Yin (Female) and Yang (Male), from … Continue reading

What You Need To Know About Cupping Massage Therapy

How does Cupping Massage Therapy Work?

Cupping treatments can have a variety of techniques. A vacuum is created during a treatment session and there is suction that draws up your body’s tissues and skin. In a stationary cupping procedure, the cups are placed on the skin and are not moved … Continue reading