Gua Sha Therapy Can Be A Great Way To Alleviate Sciatic Pain

There are a couple of Chinese characters that make up the term Gua Sha: ‘Gua’ means ‘to rub’ or ‘to scrape’ and ‘Sha’, which refers to an elevated, reddish grain-like skin rash, which is also called ‘petechiae.’ Gua sha is a form of holistic Chinese medicine treatment designed to treat … Continue reading

The Many Benefits of Cupping Therapy

For the last few decades the medical industry has turned over a new leaf. If given a choice, people will often gravitate to natural and alternative forms of treatment and shun invasive and allopathic therapies. Obviously, any person who wants to be assured of good health would rather seek safe … Continue reading

Cupping Therapy Loosens Tight Knotted Muscles In Your Back

Four years ago, I was introduced to cupping while being treated for a vehicle injury. The treatment was some sort of a traditional therapy whereby the practitioner applied suction cups to my body. I experiencing excruciating pain in the back and was anxious to find something that can provide fast … Continue reading

The Mechanisms Of Auricular Acupuncture

While allopathic medicine has gained global fame due to of its practices and innumerable benefits, there are also other ancient types of treatments that are administered in various parts of the world to maintain the well being and health of the human body. Same with the types of ancient Chinese … Continue reading

The Importance Of Certain Time Periods In Chinese Medicine

The typical American diet that includes fast food, fried food, and alcohol can burden our health, especially our Liver. Perhaps, the best thing we can do for our health is to stop eating by 7 pm. When we look at ancient Chinese medicine, we find a clear reason why this … Continue reading

Several Health Reasons To Try Qi Gong

Based on statistics provided by the Human and Health Services department of the US, 70 percent of illnesses can be prevented, yet most individuals are unaware how can this be achieved. Gym workouts and aerobic exercises western-style, are not enough to make one really healthy. Most workouts are designed to … Continue reading

Oriental Healing Inspired By Taoist Philosophy

People who practice Oriental medicine do certainly greatly benefit from regular meditation, Qigong (Chi Kung), or Tai Chi. Each one of these activities can shore up and raise the flow of chi or life energy and give the body the extra defense it needs to repel disease and pain. From … Continue reading

Strengthening The Immune System With Acupressure Therapy

A beefed up immune system is a great benefit to any person’s body. From surviving or enduring serious illnesses to guarding the body against viruses and bacteria, a strong immune system can positively influence quality of life issues of a lot of people. How can a person guarantee that he … Continue reading

Secrets To Good Health And Longevity: Chinese Nutritional Therapy And TCM

Any Chinese practitioner in Bellingham who’s worth his salt would gladly tell you that the secrets to longevity’s are not about to be discovered in some laboratory; instead they have been accessible and known for thousands of years for anyone who cares to search for them diligently.

The ‘Huang Ti … Continue reading