The Five Elements And Its Role In Chinese Nutritional Therapy

We’ve heard them all. “Avoid drinking more than two cups of coffee per day.” “Eat garlic because it is good for you,” “Eat 5-8 servings a day of …”, or “drink milk to maintain healthy bones.” Too many rules, guidelines, and phrases! What’s enough? What is too much? What’s right? … Continue reading

The Holistic Approach Of Oriental Medicine Towards Women’s Health

For thousands of years, Oriental medicine has understood women’s health, and the issues associated with it. Today, this comprehensive approach to well-being and health is remarkably effective in the treatment of women’s health problems including all forms of menstrual-related problems like depression, mood swings, headaches, and cramping, and all types … Continue reading

The Special Healing Abilities Of Tui Na Therapy

The popularity of Tui Na massage has been steadily rising in the West. While it has been around in Europe for three decades, it is only now these past ten years that its use has started to spread rapidly.

During the 1990’s many Europeans went to China to learn acupuncture … Continue reading

The Advantages Of Combining Various Oriental Bodywork Therapies Into Your Lifestyle

Although we can never be certain where the word “massage” came from, what we know for sure is that massage therapy provides incredible benefits for those who experience it. Some believe that “massage” came from the ancient Greek word “massin”, which means to knead, while others believe that it came … Continue reading