External And Internal Kung Fu Exercises To Increase The Energy Of The Body

This article will discuss External and Internal Kung Fu Exercises drills and routines that promote greatest physique and bodyweight. These exercises are designed to improve the body’s Effectiveness, Efficiency, and Economy, using Ethics originating from Shaolin Chan and Classical Taoism.


Economy of movement – Greater ease of movement

Ethics … Continue reading

Helpful Feng Shui Tips To Allow Positive Energy Flow In Your Home Or Office

Your house can have an optimal flow of positive energy in Feng Shui design. It enables you to take effective and beneficial actions in your living space or home.

This article will discuss Feng Shui design ideas that can help Feng Shui newbies to learn some of the basic Feng … Continue reading

Gua Sha, An Ideal Treatment For Various Acute And Chronic Health Problems

Practitioners apply Gua Sha therapy in West Orange by rubbing across the surface of the skin a smooth-edged instrument where an imbalance or a subcutaneous injury has occurred. A sha, which is a distinct efficacious reddening of the skin, develops when there is a positive response. This brings prompt and … Continue reading

Selecting The Right Chinese Foods To Eat To Increase Health And Well-Being

All foods may blend into a healthful diet that focuses on physical activity, moderation, and variety. Sensible consumers can find Chinese food a great option when it comes to healthy eating. When dining at a Chinese restaurant, follow these few helpful guidelines: minimize the intake sodium, fat, and sugar, and … Continue reading

Chinese Nutritional Therapy And How To Eat Healthy

From the viewpoint of Chinese medicine in Miami, digestion is necessary for good health and immunity. We need to remember that for strength and vitality, it is not just the kind of food we eat, but the way we digest food as well. Visualize for an instant your stomach … Continue reading

The Nutritional Requirements Of The Kidney Organ System

Chinese medicine in Miami puts great emphasis on nutrition in order to foster and generate the health of the individual. There are certain foods that correspond to each organ system (including the metal, spleen, heart, liver, and kidneys) that help reinforce their respective organ system. Each of these systems plays … Continue reading

Some Guidelines To Consider In The Chinese Nutritional Model To Health

In the East, one approach in the improvement of health that has been used just as much as medicinal herbs for thousands of years is Chinese nutritional therapy. Food was not only used as a means to sustain life but also as a way to heal diseases and prevent its … Continue reading

Tai Chi, Qi Gong, And Kung Fu Can Help Improve Your Breathing Techniques

It is commonly perceived that if you work in the fitness industry you must be very healthy. This is true, in a lot of ways. Sure, if you work as a fitness instructor, you certainly get a lot of exercise, a lot more than the average Joe in the street … Continue reading

Gua Sha Therapy Cures Stiffness And Pain Caused By Inflammation Of The Joints And Bones

Gua sha is a very old seemingly facile Chinese Medicine treatment in Maitland that treats a wide range of underlying conditions in the body.

Gua sha are two Chinese words with gua meaning to scrape or rub and sha referring to the dotted reddish coloration that may rise to the … Continue reading