The Role Of Taste, Season, Element, Organ System, Direction, And Color Of Herbs And Foods In Chinese Diet Therapy

In Chinese medicine, herbal and diet therapies are subject to change based on the seasons of the year. In the cold season, for example, we need to consume warming herbs and foods as this helps maintain the thermal equilibrium of our bodies; conversely, we need take in cold herbs and … Continue reading

The Various Healing Benefits of Tui Na Massage

There are incredible health benefits to be derived when combining massage with Chinese herbal medicine in Cleveland. Besides facilitating and boosting the action of herbal remedies, massage therapy can help the practitioner can determine a great deal of diagnostic information about the patient and touch adds a warm and … Continue reading

TCM And Neuroaid For Post-Stroke Rehabilitation And Recovery

Both physicians and patients have turned to Eastern healing methods in quest for a cure to the harm inflicted by stroke. TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), Ayurveda, and other ancient techniques have become highly favored options for stroke rehabilitation as outcomes have revealed their efficacy as much better than the Western … Continue reading

Cupping Therapy Can Be Extremely Effective For Various Illnesses And Pains

The medical industry over the last few decades has turned over a new leaf. People will usually go for alternative forms of treatment over invasive treatments and allopathic medications if they’re given a choice. I mean who wouldn’t if you’re assured of good health without the hassles of harmful and … Continue reading

Qi Gong Can Facilitate Longevity And Better States Of Youthfulness

One of the most potent means for nourishing longevity and staying young is Qi Gong. But how does it work?

Qi Gong Generate Suppleness and Internal Strength

Qi Gong is different from conventional Western exercise by the fact that it trains the body’s energy to stimulate internal organs to extend … Continue reading