Two Theories That Explain How Acupuncture Actually Works

Based on latest research dealing with Chinese medicine and acupuncture, a staggering 8.1 million Americans had tried acupuncture therapy at least once in their lives! Within the past year, more than two million of that humungous number had tried it. In 1971, a writer named James Reston published an article … Continue reading

Chinese Nutritional Therapy Provides People With Long-Term Health Benefits

For the past 5,000 years, documents show that the Chinese have been searching for the secrets of medical cures and wellbeing in food.

If we study ancient Chinese history, we will see that this is no exaggeration as there was a medical consultant assisting the chef in the royal kitchen … Continue reading

Qi Gong Can Cultivate and Foster An Open Heart

If you want to identify a person with vibrant heart energy, you need to determine whether he has a nourishing quality whenever he interacts with others, has a charismatic smile, and possess a bright reflection in his eyes

A person with vibrant heart energies is one who causes others around … Continue reading

Tai Chi Can Be Customized To Alleviate A Wide Range Of Acute And Chronic Musculoskeletal Conditions

Because Tai Chi gradually builds muscle strength and improves flexibility, physical therapists and physicians advocate it to individuals with a wide range of musculoskeletal conditions. The soft-velvety motions of this gentle Chinese exercise are customized for alleviating sore muscles and joints.

According to physician, Tai Chi master, and Australian family … Continue reading

The NADA Protocol Relieves And Releases People From Addictions And Emotional Distress Issues

In the last three decades, Chinese medicine, especially acupuncture in Orlando, has become an increasingly popular modality for not only helping people with health problems but also with addictions and emotional distress issues. For people who are detoxifying from alcohol and drugs acupuncture has been quite a boon for … Continue reading

Strengthening The Lung System Using Traditional Chinese Medicine Treatments

Autumn is typically the time of year when a lot of people tend to catch the common cold. This jibes with the theory of traditional Chinese medicine that each organ system is related to a specific season; in the case of autumn, the organ it corresponds with is the lungs. … Continue reading

Gua Sha Therapy Refreshes And Detoxifies The Body

There has been a steady rise in the popularity of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in Jacksonville these past few years. A lot of people probably know acupuncture and Chinese reflexology, but one Chinese healing technique called “gua sha” may have never been heard by most. Gua sha therapy is sometimes … Continue reading

Gua Sha Facial Therapy To Rejuvenate and Revitalize Your Face

Gua Sha is administered to the torso, head, and limb as a type of detoxification treatment. But are you aware that Gua Sha can also be performed on your face?

Gua Sha has the same effects as acupuncture with the main difference is that it is performed without the use … Continue reading