Common Foods Used In Chinese Nutritional Therapy To Treat Flu and Colds

People automatically think of acupuncture, when they talk about Chinese medicine; however, equally (perhaps, even more) important to Chinese medicine is Chinese herbs. This type of medicine works on the theory that each herb wields a variety of effects on the body via the organ or organs it influences and … Continue reading

The Uses And Various Aspects Of Nei Gong

In English, Nei Gong means “internal work.” It is a set of breathing exercises that has been practiced for thousands of years in China to soothe and calm the spirit, body, and mind. Furthermore, Nei Gong can be used to promote weight loss, tonify the skin, and improve health as … Continue reading

The Role Of Chinese Nutritional Therapy In The Prevention And Elimination of Dampness In The Body

Based on energetic principles, Chinese nutritional therapy is used to promote clean burning digestion, balance, and an optimally functioning body that’s filled with energy and free of disease.

Chinese medicine practitioners are trained in bringing back balance to the body when it becomes imbalanced and manifests disease or pain. They … Continue reading

The Role Of The Heart In Traditional Chinese Medicine

Most of us acknowledge that our heart is the body organ most closely linked to emotion. The terms heartache, heartbroken, sweetheart, or heartstring come to mind. More often than not, the heart is not associated with subtlety; the emotions it embodies always seem to be on opposite poles, either extreme … Continue reading