Attain Pregnancy Safely with Sessions of Acupuncture Treatment

For several months, my friend attempted to become pregnant though, initially, she did not opt for conventional medical treatment. She kept a diary that showed the progression of her reproductive cycle. A couple of months after, she discovered a pattern – instead of the normal 2nd week, she was ovulating … Continue reading

Acupuncture Relief For Various Pregnancy-Related Symptoms

Acupuncture is a straightforward, painless, and safe procedure that has been used to address a number various conditions including headaches, depression, back pain, and more. It involves the application of clean, thin needles to activate selected acupuncture points on the body. But are you aware that acupuncture can also be … Continue reading

Get Acupuncture Treatment For All Types of Bodily Pain

At some point in life, all people will experience some type of body pain. They can get it from a serious health condition, playing physical sports, being in front of a computer for a long time, or even from just reading a book. You can cut down your length of … Continue reading

The Benefits of Acupuncture in the Treatment of Epilepsy

An increasing number of epilepsy sufferers are glad to know acupuncture in Bellingham can help control their seizure attacks. This ancient treatment, which has been part of China’s medical heritage for more than 2,500 years, was introduced into Canada and the United States in the early 1970’s. Since then, … Continue reading

Address Hypertension with Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine

Hypertension is often referred to as high blood pressure. It is a disease that causes a person’s blood pressure to become chronically elevated compared to what is deemed normal. People with high blood pressure who are unable to get it under control have a high risk of a heart attack … Continue reading

Cure Your Headaches Once and For All With Acupuncture

If you’re suffering from headaches, then you’re not alone. According to the New York Times almost three quarters (73%) of the US population suffer from headaches. Western medicine may be practically useless to you if headaches are a part of your everyday life since it has no cure for your … Continue reading

Some Chinese Medicine Tips to Prevent or Treat Non-Stop Eye Blinking

This is article meant to be a self-administered therapy solely recommended for adults with non-stop eye blinking problem.

The acupuncture point that’s recommended for treatment of non-stop eye blinking is located at the back of the palm of the person’s right hand. When measured vertically, that’s about 1.5 cm from … Continue reading

The Many Benefits of Acupuncture Facial Rejuvenation

Many have heard time and time again that acupuncture is a miracle treatment that involves very little pain. However, we have also may have heard stories or seen pictures about very painful and miserable facelift procedures. So, visualizing a facelift procedure involving acupuncture, which actually is a real procedure, can … Continue reading

A Few Tidbits Regarding Acupuncture

The word acupuncture is a combination of two Latin words, “acus” meaning needle and “pungere” meaning puncture. Acupuncture has been used in China for thousands of years as a way to numb parts of the body locally (local anesthesia) and treat sickness.

Acupuncture is called Chen Chiu in the Chinese … Continue reading

A Valuable Marketing Strategy for Startup Practitioners

Some months ago, research was conducted on who are the major users of complementary medicine, alternative medicine, and traditional Chinese medicine. For Chinese medicine, it is safe to assume that the main focus of the management of disease is usually getting to the underlying cause of the problem, not merely … Continue reading