Menstrual Pain Can Be Dealt With Using Chinese Herbs and Acupuncture

Menstrual pain is an ailment that afflicts a lot of women; Western medicine has really no effective treatment for it. For some women, birth control pills can help relieve the ailments, but for those trying to conceive, they are not an option. Alleve, Ibuprofen, and other similar drugs can be … Continue reading

More and More People Are Opting For Massage and Acupuncture For Their Low Back Pain

In any given year, around 40% of people in the US suffer from low back pain and more often than not, the pain will last a day or so. Unfortunately, almost 15% of all who suffer from back pain complain of pain that endures for days, weeks, months, or even … Continue reading

The Different Patterns of Disharmony That Cause Tinnitus

According to herbal therapy and TCM (traditional Chinese medicine), vertigo and tinnitus can have several possible root causes. To treat tinnitus, it would depend on its underlying cause and the Organ Systems that are affected. Usually, tinnitus is the result of an Excess that’s exacerbated by cupping the hands over … Continue reading

The Technique Known as Acupuncture-Chinese moxibustion

What is the Acupuncture-Chinese moxibustion technique?

Acupuncture actually has two operative parts – one part involves the use of needles while the other the use of fire. Both parts are correlative and essential for resolving maladies.

The treatment known as acupuncture-Chinese moxibustion uses fire for curing illnesses. And the jiu … Continue reading

What is Dry Needling Therapy?

A treatment involving the shoving of a very slender needle into the skin in order to activate a pressure point, dry needling is type of alternative treatment that’s used to relax tight bands of muscle associated with hard “knots” in a muscle or trigger points that result in pain over … Continue reading

Why Women With Endometriosis Should Consider Acupuncture Treatment

In the United States, endometriosis affects around two to twenty-two percent of women. This number spikes to forty to sixty percent if they also suffer from dysmenorrhea (painful menses).

Endometriosis tends to be a longstanding (chronic) condition. It occurs when cells from the endometrial tissue (uterus lining) develop outside the … Continue reading

Acupuncture Can Be Used For Supportive Oncology Care

Acupuncture is a branch of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and is a therapeutic modality that’s been developed for thousands of years. Treatment involves the insertion of needles at chosen points on the body, followed by heat therapy, handling with physical forces, heat, or, in modern times, electrical stimuli. Based on … Continue reading

Herbs That Can Help Allay the Symptoms of Diverticulosis

Diverticulitis happens when pouches that have developed in the large intestine (a condition referred to as diverticulosis), become inflamed as a result of infection. For diverticulitis, antibiotics are usually the recommended treatment, although the intake of certain teas can help prevent inflammation from occurring or quell some of the symptoms. … Continue reading

The Benefits That You Can Obtain from Acupuncture Treatment

We will need a lot of space and time if we are to discuss all the benefits that acupuncture has to offer people (and even animals). The list of benefits is detailed and long and so, I will only need to point out the health conditions that commonly occurs that … Continue reading

Why You Should Consider Acupuncture for Your Infertility

Being recognized more and more each day as a legitimate form of treatment by Western physicians, the ancient healing craft of acupuncture dates back thousands of years in East Asia. Recent research has revealed acupuncture’s healing benefits for those suffering from infertility even while it has been found to be … Continue reading