Powerful Natural Therapies for Preventing and Stopping Sore Throat Infections

Sore throats can really be very annoying and those who suffer from relentless sore throats should begin to find ways to stop and prevent this condition before it develops.

How Can One Stop The Rise Of Sore Throat?


To stop or prevent sore throat we need to utilize a … Continue reading

Overcoming Irritable Bowel Syndrome with Herbs and Acupuncture Treatment

The UK-based University of York Department of Health Studies did a recent study showing acupuncture’s ability to improve the condition of Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) sufferers. Although the study report showed the typical pandering that consigns alternative therapy as mere complements to mainstream Western medicine, it also revealed some interesting … Continue reading

Alternative Treatments That Can Be Useful in Relieving COPD Symptoms

Although COPD can not be cured with alternative treatments (nor with conventional), alternative treatments, nonetheless, can be useful in ameliorating symptoms as well as boost the person’s quality of life. When used in conjunction with Western conventional treatments, alternative treatments can enhance the quality of the outcomes. However, scientific studies … Continue reading

Acupuncture Is A Very Useful Treatment for Childhood Asthma

Acupuncture is less commonly considered as a viable form of pediatric healthcare although it’s quite famous for its use in the alleviation of pain, whether acute or chronic. Nowadays, scientists are exploring the viability of acupuncture on pediatric healthcare, specifically, its effectiveness against childhood asthma. We need to first … Continue reading

The Movements of the Universe and Earth Reflect the Circulatory Movements of Energy Within the Body

TCM or Traditional Chinese medicine can be quite abstract for people who are only familiar with Western medicine. But are not all the planets turning simultaneously each on its own axis and revolving around the Sun? And is the Galaxy not like a revolving giant wheel?

Let’s consider the Earth. … Continue reading

Two Auriculotherapy Protocols Used to Treat Addictions

In 1972, Dr. H. L. Wen, a Hong Kong neurosurgeon found that an acupuncture procedure he utilized as an analgesic on a surgical patient also led to the reduction of the patient’s opium cravings and withdrawal symptoms. The good doctor used ear acupuncture also known as auriculotherapy in he surgery. … Continue reading

How The Ancient Chinese Viewed the Emotions

In Traditional Chinese Medicine or TCM, the seven emotions commonly cited are:

1. Grief
2. Fear
3. Sorrow
4. Worry
5. Anger
6. Fright
7. Joy

If they are in excess, these psychological factors can lead to ill-health and disease.


Too much shock or grief is related to the … Continue reading