Strengthening the Heart and The Liver with Acupuncture is One Way to Overcome Stress

Stress and modern day living go hand in hand – commuting, relationships, workplace stresses, financial issues, and even reading the daily news cause stress. But stress has been around ever since the humanity came into existence. Everyone experiences stress. It is a part of life. The ancient Chinese of course, … Continue reading

Liver Wind, Corydalis Yan Hu Su, Pain, Seizures and Parkinson’s

Liver wind, in TCM or traditional Chinese medicine, partly refers to liver to pain and also to jerks, shaking, spasms, or seizures and other uncontrolled movements in Parkinson`s. It also corresponds to pain such as fibromyalgia that travels from one body area to another. Used for hundreds of years to … Continue reading

Why It Makes Sense To Try Cosmetic Acupuncture For Facial Rejuvenation

Try face-lift acupuncture treatment if you want to look good and don’t like to be injected with Botox or go under the knife.

Acupuncture Face-Lift Procedure

The acupuncturist will ask you several questions at your first visit the acupuncturist. These questions may, for example, be about how much water you … Continue reading

Natural Ways to Treat Fungal Infections

Some of the most tenacious and common dermatological conditions afflicting humans are yeast and fungal infections. These infections are created by parasitic organisms that thrive on the skin of susceptible people. They especially like moist body parts such as the groin and feet. If the person has not had the … Continue reading

The Philosophy Behind Chinese Medicine Practice

When they think about acupuncture, most individuals mentally conjure up a diversity of concepts and definitions that are included in the practice. When applied to helping with ailments and to healing, Chinese medicine is limited by a specific set of procedure or principles. There are in fact, certain methods that … Continue reading