Why Acupuncture is the Treatment of Choice for Certain Fertility Problems

Men and women with fertility issues might find acupuncture to be just the answer they are looking for. For men, infertility may mean issues in sperm count, motility, and quality. Poor production of follicles by the ovaries is one of the many potential fertility issues plaguing women today. All these … Continue reading

Treating the Right Acupoint is Key to a Successful Acupuncture Treatment

Acupuncture is an alternative form of medicine that utilizes filiform needles stuck into the human body. This is the treatment of choice of some people who seek relief from maladies and ailments that pester them.

In certain instances, acupuncture is greeted with trepidation by people scared of needles. Some people … Continue reading

You Can Benefit from Acupuncture Treatment If You Suffer From Epileptic Seizures

More and more people who are suffering from epilepsy are realizing that acupuncture can assist in the controlling of seizures. This ancient healing art has been part of China’s medical heritage for over 4,000 years. Having been introduced into Canada and the United States in the early 1970’s, it now … Continue reading

You Can Have a Safe and Effective Remedy for Hyperhidrosis with Acupuncture

The number of sweat glands a person’s body has can determine the amount of sweat he produces. Interestingly, women have more sweat glands in their body than men; the sweat glands of men, however, are more active. Then again, this is not true all the time.

Medicines, drinks, foods, health … Continue reading

One of The Best Ways to Treat Chronic Bronchitis is With Acupuncture

As a healing system, acupuncture has been practiced for tens of hundreds of years in China and other parts of the Far East. Today, this enduring and powerful form of treatment is used by thousands of practitioners in Europe and the United States to treat a wide range of health … Continue reading