Study showed that acupuncture therapy can be an excellent option for treating dysmenorrhea

The Evidence-based Complimentary and Alternative Medicine journal published the results of a study demonstrating the benefits of acupuncture treatments on patients who had dysmenorrhea that have been unsuccessfully resolved conventional medical therapies. Dysmenorrhea may be classified as primary or secondary that is both characterized by painful menstrual cramps. Primary dysmenorrhea … Continue reading

Traditional Chinese medicine treatment for allergies

The spring flowers and sunshine bring with them pollen and wind that for multitudes signal the beginning of allergy season. Pollens from trees are actually more prevalent than flower pollens during springtime and are prolific pollinators. Weed and grass pollens come in mid and end of spring and up to … Continue reading

Acupuncture Treatment for Iron-deficiency Anemia

IDA or Iron-deficiency anemia treatment involving the use of traditional Chinese medicine is based on the term “Differential Diagnosis”. This is a procedure entailing a very exhaustive evaluation of the patient’s symptoms and signs to bring about a specific and precise diagnosis.  According to traditional Chinese medicine or TCM, a … Continue reading

Suffering from Osteoarthritis? Try Acupuncture

One of the most debilitating conditions known to man is osteoarthritis. This type of joint disease often affects the quality of life and mobility of its victims. Over the years, several forms of anti-inflammatory drugs have been manufactured to address this condition; the problem with all these drugs, however, … Continue reading

Fight Allergies Successfully Using Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine

Sneezes, watery eyes, stuffy nose and sniffles plague a third of human beings living in the United States. The reason for this: the allergy season.

Typically harmless but exaggerated immune reactions/responses to certain substances, allergies are often relieved in a conventional way with over-the-counter drugs. Acupuncturists believe that a lot … Continue reading

Banish Those Nasty Sinusitis Symptoms with Acupuncture

When cavities in the bones around the cheeks, forehead, and eyes, all known as the sinuses become inflamed, it slows down the mucus draining process causing pressure to build up. This increases the likelihood of infection that can aggravate your condition. Migraines and/or facial pain can ensue that can become … Continue reading

Enhance Blood Circulation Naturally with Acupuncture

In both Eastern and Western Medicine, a healthy functioning circulatory system is very important in the maintenance of good health. Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) has a unique theory called “Blood Deficiency” that can be viewed as a lowered capacity of the Blood to furnish the entire body with proper and … Continue reading

Acupuncture Treatment for Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD)

Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis are two diseases that possess a lot of common features. They both are considered two forms of digestive conditions known as inflammatory bowel disease or IBD. While these two health issues may not be as prevalent as irritable bowel syndrome, which is a mild condition … Continue reading