Acupuncture can take on different forms when it comes to treating high blood pressure

What is the better option for you in treating your high blood pressure? Do you prefer swallowing medications and pills that have a number of side effects on the body or try a safe and natural way of treating your high blood pressure? Well, because of the growing consciousness … Continue reading

Consider Acupuncture for Your Infertility Problem

The dream of a lot of adults is to have a good prosperous life as well as raise a loving and healthy family. But the sad reality is that a significant number of people living in the United States (about a fourth of the population) have problems conceiving. Thus, for … Continue reading

High blood pressure can be decreased by using electro-acupuncture or electric stimulation.

One of the most unique ways for lowering high blood pressure is acupuncture, a Chinese medicine type of treatment that has been practiced in East Asia for thousands of years. ¬†High blood pressure is a condition wherein blood begins to exert pressure on the heart chambers, veins, and the arterial … Continue reading

Rhinitis is Wei qi deficiency based on Chinese medicine theory.

What is Rhinitis?

Rhinitis is one of the most common respiratory conditions that can be suffered by basically people all over the world. It can either be a seasonal or recurrent condition with symptoms and signs that may include discomfort of the ala nasi, pharynx, and conjunctiva, sneezing, watery nasal … Continue reading