Bell’s Palsy Treatments and Drugs

A lot of individuals fully regain their health from Bell’s palsy without the need for treatment. If you are seeking for faster resolution from Bell’s palsy there are many ways to do this with minimal risk for complications.



Recent research has found that prednisolone, a steroid, is one … Continue reading

Itching – Treatments and Drugs

The first rule of treatment for skin itching is to stop scratching since this may cause skin damage leading to secondary infections and other complications.

Washing your body can help relieve the itching in a safe way especially if you have been in contact with irritants, have folliculitis or perspire … Continue reading

Gastritis Treatment and Drugs

Medicines Used for Gastritis


Amoxicillin – Amoxicillin is the most widely used antibiotic for the resolution of gastritis. This antibiotic is very potent against the kind of gastritis caused by H. Pylori infections. Usually the doctor requires the patient to take this medicine three times a day for about … Continue reading

Tonsillitis Complications

If left untreated or improperly cared for tonsillitis most likely will lead to complications. Tonsil swelling complications include sleep disturbances, abscess and sometimes complications affecting the kidneys and heart.

Sleep Apnea

The swelling of your tonsils can be substantial enough to block your airways that can lead to a sleeping … Continue reading

Definition of Tinnitus

Tinnitus is defined as a ringing, whistling, chirping, hissing or buzzing or other sound sensation in the ears. Tinnitus sensations can either be continuous or intermittent and can differ in volume or loudness. This condition can get worse when background noise is minimal making it more prominent at night when … Continue reading

Irritable Bowel Syndrome Risk Factors

Gastroenteritis is the only risk factor doctors definitely know is caused by irritable bowel syndrome or IBS. However, researchers are baffled by the fact that certain individuals are prone to developing IBS symptoms while others are not.


This condition is sometimes referred to as the “stomach flu” or infectious … Continue reading

Low Blood Pressure Lifestyles and Home Remedies

  • Consume smaller meals with less carbohydrate – In order not to experience sudden drops in your blood pressure after eating, you can eat frequently with smaller meals and with low carbohydrate content. This means eating less of bread, pasta rice and potatoes. You can also raise your blood pressure by
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Insomnia Treatments and Drugs

For short-term or acute insomnia relief, lifestyle modifications are needed. These modifications can help you sleep easier and better and help you stay asleep the whole night.

One therapy named cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) can address any anxiety issues you have that may be causing ongoing or chronic insomnia. Anxiety causes … Continue reading

PMS Prevention

No real cure exists for premenstrual syndrome but there are a lot of ways that can help lessen the severity of the myriad of symptoms caused by PMS. Studies done several years ago have revealed that a proper diet along with certain lifestyle changes can greatly lessen the PMS symptoms … Continue reading

Pneumonia – Preparing for your Appointment

When people suspect they may be suffering from pneumonia, they are likely to schedule and appointment with their doctor. The doctor may immediately send you to a lung specialist or may perform some tests and exams on you to see ascertain if you have pneumonia and send you to a … Continue reading