Insomnia Lifestyles and Home Remedies

Lifestyle Modifications

If you suffer from insomnia, then you need to avoid substances that worsen it. These may include:

  • Alcohol – A drink of alcohol may make it easier for some to fall asleep. However, alcohol often causes shallow sleep rather than a real adequate refreshing sleep. This can likely
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Migraines – Tests and Diagnosis

Even if it’s a relatively common condition (10 million reported doctor visits for migraine complaint), doctors have a hard time diagnosing migraine. There is really no precise way of diagnosing migraines in West Orange. The approach doctors use to diagnose this condition is to perform procedures and use questionnaires … Continue reading

High Blood Pressure – Preparing for your Appointment

The need to closely cooperate with your doctor will lead to a better management of your high blood pressure. In order to be better prepared for your incoming doctor’s appointment, you can follow some of the tips listed below.

Have a spouse, friend or family member accompany you to your … Continue reading

Gastritis Definition

Gastritis is a gastrointestinal condition that is marked by inflammation or irritation of the mucosa or stomach lining. It often leads to vomiting, nausea, stomach tenderness and pain.

Types of Gastritis

Though symptoms may be similar gastritis has actually two types: acute gastritis and chronic gastritis. Acute gastritis happens when … Continue reading

Eczema Complications

There can be health complications associated with eczema. One of the most typical eczema complications is skin infection due to constant scratching. The complications that can come with eczema include:

  • Infections – People with eczema are very susceptible to skin infections like impetigo. These skin infections are often caused by
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Causes of Heart Palpitations

You experience heart palpitations when your heart starts to pound or flutter or when it begins to beat very fast. Heart palpitations can be the result of exercise, fear, medicines and stress and can also arise due to a medical issue. The good news is that a majority of heart … Continue reading

Depression – Treatment and Drugs

The commonly used two major and conventional types of depression treatments included here are psychosocial therapies and medical therapies. Psychosocial treatments consist of psychoanalytically oriented therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy and interpersonal therapy. Medical treatments include intake of antidepressant drugs and hospitalization. Other conventional medical treatments for depression include electroconvulsive therapy, … Continue reading

Colitis Complications

Some of the complications that can arise from colitis include toxic megacolon, pancolitis and blood transfusions. Patients who have ulcerative colitis confined to the end of the proctosigmoid or left colon (proctosigmoiditis) or to the rectum (proctitis) rarely come up with complications. For those with a wider ranging condition, weak … Continue reading

Definition of Sinusitis

Sinusitis is a health problem wherein the person’s sinuses become irritated swollen and inflamed.

Depending on the duration of a person’s symptoms, medical experts will categorize sinusitis among one of four kinds. The kinds of sinusitis include:

Recurrent sinusitis
Acute sinusitis – This condition will manifest symptoms enduring for less … Continue reading

Sciatica Complications

Complications emanating from sciatica may entail a loss of bowel or bladder control, complete or partial loss of sensation in the leg and complete or partial loss of leg movement.

Loss of Bladder or Bowel Function

One complication of sciatica is the loss of bladder or bowel function. An individual’s … Continue reading