Allergic Reaction Prevention

To prevent developing an allergic reaction, here are some tips to consider.

You or your child may need to see a doctor if one or both of you has experienced a severe allergic reaction. The doctor may prescribe an allergy kit for both of you. You need to have this … Continue reading

Causes of Anxiety

No one knows what the real cause of anxiety is but medical researchers have determined that there are three major factors that contribute to anxiety: chemical imbalance in the brain, genetics and life experiences.

With the creation of much better technologies for medical research medical scientists and researchers are … Continue reading

Drug Addiction – Treatments and Drugs

Treatments for drug addiction can include self-support groups, counseling and outpatient and inpatient treatment. The kind of detoxification program one takes depends on the degree of a person’s addiction.

Self-support groups – Self-help groups emphasize the necessity of group meetings, counseling and medications to help prevent the patient from relapsing … Continue reading

Causes of Sciatica

The six common problems in the lower back causing sciatica include:

Lumbar herniated disc

A disc gets herniated when the nucleus pulposus (the inner soft core of the disc) protrudes out through the annulus or the fibrous outer core. This then causes the irritation of the adjacent nerve root. A … Continue reading

Complications of Drug Addiction

Being a drug addict can lead to a lot of problems in all aspects of life. It affects his family, his relationship, his work or school, his friends, and his physical, emotional and psychological health as well as lead to legal and financial problems. Here are just some of the … Continue reading

Causes of High Blood Pressure

Blood pressure is the reading of how much blood pushes against the walls of the blood vessels. The arteries are the blood vessels that are responsible for conveying blood, pumped by the heart, throughout the body. When you have hypertension or high blood pressure, the heart needs to pump harder … Continue reading

Complications of Depression

Listed below are some of the complications associated with clinical depression.

Suicidality – When left untreated, some severely depressed people may feel worthless, helpless and hopeless.  When these linger on, thoughts about death eventually occur since with the feelings of hopelessness and despair they experience everyday, the idea of … Continue reading