Acupuncture Orlando Can Help Treat Nicotine Addiction

One good thing that happens each year is that the number of people who decide to quit smoking increases.   There are some individuals who decide to quit because smoking costs too much.  Some quit because they fear its consequences to their health.  Whatever the reasons are, almost all of these … Continue reading

Some Misconceptions Regarding Acupuncture Edina

Millions of people in the United States have seen the great benefits acupuncture can do for their health.  The World Health Organization has validated acupuncture as a treatment for more than 40 health conditions.  The National Institutes of Health in the US has likewise approved acupuncture as a valid treatment … Continue reading

Bellingham Acupuncture’s Benefits to Reproductive Assisted Programs

Acupuncture is a very old Chinese medicinal practice dating back 5,000 years ago.  Its aim is to bring back the balance of energy (chi) in the body for the restoration of health, the removal of blockages and the correction of body dysfunctions.  Needles used for acupuncture are thin as hair … Continue reading

The Effect of Acupuncture Bellmore to Health

The art of acupuncture started in China.  For Chinese acupuncturists, the potency of acupuncture originates from its inherent spirituality as well as the balance of energy that exists inside the body.  An energy imbalance inside a person will lead to weakness of body, sickness and pain.  Acupuncture uses filiform needles … Continue reading