The Myriad Benefits of Acupuncture Cleveland

With all the advances in Western medicine one would think that pharmaceutical corporations would provide medicines that would really cure ailments and diseases.  Instead the human race is offered palliatives and life threatening therapies and drugs that often turn out to be more lethal than the condition they ostensibly are … Continue reading

Acupuncture and Herbs for Lowering High Blood Pressure

For thousands of years, Chinese people have been treating their high blood pressure problems with acupuncture.  Even during that time, they were conscious of this disease and had a dependable and very beneficial treatment for this health problem.  High blood pressure is the state of health where the blood causes … Continue reading

Acupuncture Miami and Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple Sclerosis or MS is a disease that directly affects the central nervous system.  It abnormally causes the immune system to attack body materials such as myelin, a substance that insulates the nerve roots in the central nervous system.  When the myelin is destroyed, the nerves become exposed weakening the … Continue reading

Acupuncture Miami Aids in Treating Infertility

The ancient healing tradition of acupuncture Miami for millennia has aided people for the betterment of their health.  Acupuncture involves the utilization of sterile filiform needles at specific points in the skin to treat specific health problems.  Acupuncture itself is the insertion of ultra-thin, sterile needles at specific points in … Continue reading

Acupuncture Orlando, Nature’s Gift to Man

For the uninitiated, acupuncture Orlando is an ancient medical procedure that follows the tenets of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), which states that acupuncture points are connected to energy vessels called meridians on which vital energy, which the Chinese calls qi or chi, flows.

Acupuncturists will gladly enlighten the patient on … Continue reading