Acupuncture Miami a Superior Alternative for Pain Relief

Practiced for 5000 years or more, acupuncture Miami is now a worldwide treatment for many types of pain and ailments.

Acupuncture has its roots in naturalism and Taoism.  It believes that all living things have an energy called Qi or chi, (vital energy or life force) which gives life to … Continue reading

The Safety of Acupuncture Jacksonville Treatment

Envisioning a treatment where several needles are inserted into one’s skin is not really appealing to many people.  However, acupuncture Jacksonville , a treatment where 4 or more needles are applied in the skin in certain parts of the body is a treatment that has been practiced in China for … Continue reading

Acupuncture Jacksonville Cures Depression

Depression is a blight on American society.  There were 8 million souls who ended their depression by committing suicide last year.  Others have opted a less radical but still harmful approach to their depression by taking addictive medications with a litany of harmful side effects.  However, these medications are meant … Continue reading

Sciatica Pain and Miami Acupuncture

Sciatica is increasingly becoming a particular health issue as more and more people nowadays are suffering from it.  The conventional way to address sciatica is pain medications; however, there are other more effective so-called alternative treatments for the symptoms of this disorder. Miami Acupuncture is one of them.

Acupuncture has … Continue reading

High Cholesterol and Acupuncture Palm Harbor

The United States has one of the highest rates of high cholesterol in the world today.  The public is misinformed that high triglycerides and high cholesterol are the causes of heart attacks and the narrowing of the blood vessels.  The truth is that there is a dysfunction in the body … Continue reading

Electronic Acupoint Spokane Therapy

Does electromagnetic acupuncture aka acupoint therapy really improve one’s sex life? Well, asking that question from a growing number of males and females who swear that acupoint therapy treated their erectile dysfunction (ED) and/or boosted their libido and made their sexual life better then ever will surely convince even the … Continue reading

Electromagnetic Wave Therapy

An unhealthy lifestyle as well as poor nutrition can cause the weakening of the immune system.  Poor sleeping and eating habits, smoking, alcoholism, drug abuse among other factors can compromise immune functions and make the body susceptible to diseases and illnesses.  When conventional modalities are incapable of restoring one’s health, … Continue reading

Acupuncture St Jacksonville and Menopause

Women experiencing menopause can avail of the benefits of acupuncture Jacksonville in treating menopausal symptoms.   Instead of undergoing hormone replacement therapy (HRT), the ancient Chinese medical art of acupuncture is the less painful and noninvasive way to handle one’s menopause.  Would one rather take prescription medicine such as Premarin that … Continue reading

Acupuncture Miami Treatment

As far as anyone knows, acupuncture Miami started in China thousands of years ago. It is a part of traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and like the rest of the TCM modalities; acupuncture is a holistic type of treatment.  TCM and acupuncture believes that the body is fueled by chi, or … Continue reading