Stress Management with Cleveland Acupuncture

Stress is a natural part of life, but with our seemingly never-ending hectic lifestyles, we are more stressed out than ever!There are various techniques you can use to relieve stress, such as yoga, meditation, acupuncture, and more. You may want to try several methods of de-stressing to find out which … Continue reading

Bellingham Acupuncture and Osteoarthritis

Do you suffer from joint pain and stiffness? Bellingham acupuncture and moxabustion treatment can decrease the pain, swelling and stiffness of various types of arthritis, including osteoarthritis. Even the reaction to weather changes, which was known in the old days as “rheumatism”, can be reduced with properly applied moxabustion and … Continue reading

Cleveland Acupuncture Benefits

Cleveland acupuncture originated from China and has been practiced there for thousands of years. Although there are records of acupuncture being used hundreds of years ago in Europe, it was during the second half of the twentieth century it began to spread rapidly in Western Europe, the United States and … Continue reading