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Viable Treatments for Hair Loss in Fort Lauderdale

Acupuncture Fort Lauderdale treatments can be beneficial in treating alopecia universalis.  When acupuncture is able to allow the bald part of the scalp to grow hair again, the hair often comes back the same way it got lost – in clumps.  In order for acupuncture treatment to be really effective, the patient may need to […]

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Weight Loss Using Acupuncture Fort Lauderdale

Because of their way of life closely intertwined and in harmony with nature, the ancient Chinese produced healing techniques that use nothing less than the best nature offers.  One excellent example of this healing technique is acupuncture, an ancient form of treatment known to have existed for 5,000 years. Acupuncture Fort Lauderdale is entrenched in […]

Acupuncture Fort Lauderdale as an Aid to Fertility

Long been used for ages as treatment and relief for many types of diseases and disorders, acupuncture Fort Lauderdale is now widely regarded in the West as a very effective treatment for infertility.  The needles used for acupuncture treatment generate health giving benefits like an improved immune system, a revitalized body and overall well-being.   Acupuncture […]

Classical Chinese Acupuncture and Western Medical Acupuncture Fort Lauderdale

Acupuncture Fort Lauderdale is an important component of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) that treats a patient using filiform needles inserted at strategic points in the body for the relief of pain and for other health purposes. An ancient Chinese medical art that is around 5,000 years old, acupuncture is now one of the most popular […]

Acupuncture Fort Lauderdale a Good Alternative for Infertility Problems

In a study done in Germany in 2002, 80% of women given acupuncture and who underwent In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), around 35% of them achieved pregnancy – a 43% success rate.  The study also noted that the women who underwent IVF without acupuncture, only 21% of them got pregnant. Acupuncture Fort Lauderdale is fast becoming […]

Losing Weight with Acupuncture Fort Lauderdale

Losing weight has never been an easy task for most people.  For people aged 40 years and above, the body’s metabolism begins to slow down and calories become thus harder to burn.  What used to be a 10-minute workout to burn 500 calories now needs more considerable time to burn the same amount of calories.  […]

Ft Lauderdale Acupuncture and the Body Circuit Board

The marvel of Chinese medicine is that thousands of years ago, it was already aware of the existence of the human body’s meridian system.  According to Chinese medicine, the meridian system is an intricate body map that supplies and transmits vital energy to every part of the body. A computer-enhanced image produced in the Necker […]

The Basics of Acupuncture in Fort Lauderdale

Thousands of years ago in China, there began a medical practice called acupuncture.  This ancient medical treatment involves the placement of thin and hollow sterilized needles at specific areas of the body known as acupuncture points. The needles are then vibrated or twisted to regulate the natural flow of energy throughout the body.  Fort Lauderdale […]