Acupuncture Can Treat Morning Sickness And Nausea In Pregnant Women

The medical journal Birth published a recent large-scale study showing how acupuncture significantly relieves nausea in pregnant women in their first trimester. The study led by Dr. Caroline Smith from Australia reported that the women experienced improvements in emotional and physical function even after just one session of acupuncture. Even if it isn’t a disease, morning sickness can have a short term impact on the life of women which can be very hard to tolerate. Fortunately, there are effective and safe treatment options out there to treat this problem.

Some women experiencing their first pregnancy may feel stressed and engulfed by the frequent and unexpected nausea. For other women, it may be their second or third pregnancy which means that no matter how tired or nauseous you feel, you have to wake up every morning to see that your child gets his breakfast, lunch and snacks. Some women may have jobs that require them to interact face to face with people all day and they cannot spare the liberty to pass out or vomit during those interactions. While the experience of morning sickness is unique for every woman, the ability to bear the nausea is one thing each of them shares in common. One can easily endure feeling queasy after a meal but it’s a whole different story feeling queasy or vomitous constantly for months on end.

Medications are available to help control nausea; however, the side effects of these drugs (constipation and tiredness) especially when you use them on a regular basis will make you feel even worse. If you’ve been suffering from morning sickness for many years now, you may find the following natural remedies helpful:

1. Acupuncture – For over 3,000 years, acupuncture has been used as a reliable treatment for nausea. According to hundreds of published research articles, acupuncture in Miami is a proven effective remedy for nausea in this day and age. Most of the patients report feeling a lot better even after just one treatment and they keep coming once the effects taper off. There are some who go for treatment two times a week while a few visit their acupuncturist once a month or once in two months based on how severe their nausea has become.

2. Extra Vitamin B6 – 100 mg per day (50mg two times a day).

3. Ginger tea – To get the best effects, you need to use raw ginger. The raw ginger is sliced to at least three pieces and then boiled for 20 minutes in a pot of water. Drink the tea while in room temperature or warm.

4. Modify your diet – When a nausea spell occurs, a lot of women find that meat and other heavy protein as well as bitter foods only worsen their condition. When nausea strikes, avoid sugar and simplify your diet. Mashed or baked potatoes or small bowls of potato soup throughout the day can be filling and pleasant.

5. Rest – Getting extra rest is extremely important if you are prone to nausea. Tiredness is a symptom that most pregnant women suffering from term nausea share in common. It’s normal to feel tired when you’re pregnant since you are nourishing two people at the same time. So, extra rest, sleep, and napping are essential if you want to feel better.


There Is No Doubt That Acupuncture Can Help Infertile Couples Conceive A Child

As a fertility treatment, acupuncture is something that has only begun to be taken seriously by the West in the last two decades or so. Yet, this versatile type of Chinese healing practice has been used for thousands of years and has been well documented to be able to promote good health, and relieve pain and treat dozens of health problems including infertility. Acupuncture has helped childless couples to conceive a child of their own.

Western assisted reproductive therapies such as IUI and IVF are easy to understand and fairly well known. They are designed to deal directly with the issue and treat it in such a way as to produce an answer to that problem without referencing the body as a whole. Most Western medical doctors would find the idea of sticking needles into various parts of the body to effect a cure for an illness preposterous.

Chinese physicians of yore approached health issues from a completely different point of view. They considered the mind and body to be inextricably connected, and the body influenced by the circulation of energy coursing within it. This idea has been adopted by Yoga practitioners and they have actually taken it a step further. They profess that by enhancing the way we breathe the energy we take from the ether or air can benefit us in so many ways.

Optimum health can be enjoyed by a person when energy within his body flows without any hindrances or obstruction. His health suffers when a blockage develops to the flow of energy leading to unwanted effects to certain parts of the body due to the deprivation of energy in those areas.

What has that got to do with couples with fertility problems? Basically, a licensed and qualified can cause the release of natural feel-good hormones endorphins in the bloodstream. The endorphins help the body to relax which accelerates the healing process. The acupuncturist also helps boost blood circulation, especially to the ovaries and uterus and helps boost the immune system which enables the antibodies to attack infections and viruses, enabling the body to be healthy and strong making it conducive to fertility.

But probably the most important aspect about acupuncture in Jacksonville is that it helps women with fertility problems thicken their uterine lining, making it much more able to implant a fertilized egg in their uterus successfully.

The other important benefit of acupuncture is its capacity to lower stress levels. It’s been known for a long time that stress impedes fertility. Acupuncture helps dispel stress helping regulate hormone activity and relaxing the neuroendocrine system which restores the body to a state of balance that’s sorely needed in the conception of a child.

Acupuncture studies dealing with male infertility have shown that a course of acupuncture treatment can boost the quantity and quality of sperm.


The Relationship Between Acupuncture Treatment And Electricity

The application of electricity is not new in medical therapy. It is used in high/mild levels in emergency situations (defibrillators) and in low levels (in acupuncture treatments).

There are several different acupuncture techniques that can be used for treating stress, pain and various health issues. One of these is electro-acupuncture which applies a low level electrical charge to the needle. This procedure was initially tried in the U.S during the 1930s and 1940s but failed to become popular for some reason. However, the past few decades has shown a renewed interest in this type of acupuncture procedure.

The points in which acupuncture needles are applied to treat various illnesses are tender spots. It is now possible for researchers to stimulate these acupuncture points by using an electrical device. They may also utilize infrared photography to identify the different temperatures between these acupoints and their surrounding areas. The researchers have discovered that there are different patterns of electricity in the nearby cells whenever certain symptoms are manifested by the patient.

Acupuncture has also been promoted by other researchers who have studied electricity applied to therapies. One scientist was able to regenerate animal tissue by using low level electricity to targeted parts of the body. Some scientists have even been able to restore heart tissue using low level electricity without any scarring. Also, when low level electricity pulses are applied on broken bones, it led to a significant and rapid healing of bone fractures compared to those who received no such treatment.

Those researches associate with acupuncture, a treatment that helps restore the smooth flow of energy through certain regions of the body. Healing cannot take place when there is not enough energy in the body. When a person gets acupuncture treatment, the energy circulation to a specific region is restored. Bone studies have revealed that the broken bones in certain parts of the body in patient respond very well to acupuncture therapy. It helps facilitates the healing process. Acupuncture has also been able to effectively treat heartbeat abnormalities and this can be proven in EKG results.

When an acupuncture needle is inserted into the skin, it causes a change in electrical activity the site of treatment. This effect can be shown in Kirilian photography that show that all cells possess electrical charges that the shape of the energy at a certain acupoint prior to acupuncture treatment significantly differs to post acupuncture treatment.

The discovery of a relationship between electricity and acupuncture has led to an increase in the number of acupuncture techniques. Acupuncture basically involves the simple sticking of a needle into the skin. The depth, location, and manipulation will bring about the desired outcome. Other natural healing methods are herbal medicine and moxibustion, which is the application of heat. Now an extra technique involving the use of low level electricity has been added to acupuncture treatment. All these various procedures are providing new areas of research for people interested in the field of natural medicine.

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How Does Acupuncture Cure Headaches?

In a recent survey conducted by the New York Times, it was shown that almost three quarter of Americans (73%) suffer from headaches. People having to deal with headaches on a regular basis know very well that Western medicine simply doesn’t work for their problem. You may be one of the lucky few who have found a treatment that temporarily relieves the pain, minus the myriad side effects of most medications. But for the rest of us unlucky ones, no medications are available that can help with the pain. This may be news to you, but a growing number of individuals suffering from headaches can experience long lasting relief with acupuncture. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been experiencing headaches, it may be a few days or even several decades, acupuncture in Fort Lauderdale can completely cure the cycle of pain.

How is this possible? The answer is that besides treating the headache itself, it also cures the origin of the headache. Acupuncture is part of an ancient Oriental medical system known as Chinese medicine, a healing tradition that addresses the root of the problem, which is an internal imbalance that generates the headaches. Stress also is a major contributor to several types of headaches, but if one does not suffer from an internal imbalance, stress would not be enough of a factor to trigger a headache. This means that when a person’s underlying health is strong, stress would not be able to cause health problems such as headaches. Acupuncture treatment makes the person healthy inside and out enabling him/her to withstand the ill-effects of stress.

How does acupuncture improve your health? If you are new to acupuncture, it may be hard for you to imagine how inserting a tiny needle into a certain part of your body can enhance your health. The human body has points on the surface of the skin known as acupuncture points that generates a specific therapeutic effect when a solid needle is inserted into them. The Chinese found that by stimulating the right acupoints (most of which are found on the legs and arms) with needles, messages are relayed to specific organs which leads to a cascade of physiological processes meant to effect healing or an improvement in overall health and well-being. And, like a dimmer switch, the needles can be manipulated in such a way to modify the type of message that is sent.

But how does one know what organ to treat or message to send for any given symptom or disease? In Chinese medicine an imbalance causing a specific type of illness can be resolved through a specific combination of acupoints. When dealing with headaches, there can be 20 different types of imbalances that can bring about different forms of headaches. Some headaches cause a dull achy pain in the back of the head, sharp stabbing pain to the temples, severe migraines with auras and light sensitivity, or persistent but mild daily headaches, among many others. A practitioner of Chinese medicine will first identify the type of imbalance that is causing your headache. He/she then will come up with a point prescription that will exactly correct the imbalance. Then the practitioner will start to insert the needles into the corresponding points with skill and precision to heal the organs and obtain the required results.

How long do the benefits last? Most of the time the benefits accrued from an acupuncture treatment last a very long time. A lot of people have been completely cured of their headaches that they never have any reason to come back for treatment. Some people just want to experience the relaxing and energizing effects of acupuncture so they come in for regular treatments. Some people frequently get acupuncture treatment in order to stay healthy and prevent their body from falling into dis-ease. Acupuncture simply puts your body back into balance and keeps it in balance for a very long time.


Acupuncture Cures UTI and Prevents It From Ever Recurring

Based on statistics released by the National Kidney and Urologic Disease Information Clearinghouse, acute urinary tract infection (UTI) has become the most common bacterial infection in the United States affecting over 11 million Americans each year. The main conventional treatment for UTI is antibiotics, but for those who’d rather avoid experiencing the adverse effects of these drugs, a natural and safer healing alternative such as acupuncture is usually their preferred mode of treatment.

Acupuncture has been used for over three thousand years to treat various kinds of disease. It has its roots in China and is part of an ancient medical system known as Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). According to TCM, health is brought about by a harmonious balance of the complementary opposites of yin and yang of vital energy. Acupuncture works on the idea that within each person there are patterns of vital energy (Qi) that flow through the body and are responsible for health. If this flow is interrupted, for any reason whatsoever, disease such as UTI can occur.

What Causes UTI?

UTI is also known as bladder infection. It arises when the urinary tract is infected with bacteria. Because a woman’s urethra is shorter than a man’s and because bacteria can easily reach the bladder, women are more prone to this type of infection than men.

In women, several factors can increase the risk of UTI. They include not drinking enough water, a diet low in protein but high in carbohydrates, and sexual intercourse, especially with multiple partners.

The signs and symptoms of UTI can begin with a persistently strong urge to urinate. When they urinate, some sufferers may experience a burning sensation along with rectal pain, in men and pelvic pain in women. In severe instances, the person may experience blood in his/her urine, back pain, chills, and fever.

Fortunately, people with UTI can always avail themselves of acupuncture in Tarzana to completely cure this disease and prevent it from ever recurring.

According to TCM, UTI’s underlying pattern can either be a deficiency or excess and always involves Qi. A Qi pattern that’s deficient may be due to not having sufficient energy for the bladder to metabolize water. This type of pattern can manifest as an achy lower back, shortness of breath, tiredness, a sallow complexion, incontinence or dripping, and a heavy sensation in the lower stomach. An excess pattern can mean that the QI is stagnating which can lead to symptoms such as rib pain or tightness in the chest, pain or a sensation of fullness in the lower stomach, and difficulty urinating.

How is Acupuncture Conducted?

During acupuncture, practitioners use filiform needles that are stuck into the skin at certain acupuncture points that are determined during the diagnostic phase of the treatment. When a needle is inserted, it is believed to resolve imbalances in the flow of Qi within the body. Several studies have produced results indicating acupuncture to be a viable and safe therapy for UTI.

Based on a relatively recent study, women suffering from recurring urinary tract infections discovered acupuncture to be extremely effective against their condition. For a minimum of six months, 85 percent of the women treated with acupuncture were cured of their infection. Besides that, when administered by well-trained and experienced practitioners using sterile needles, acupuncture is deemed to be totally safe.

To make sure there is no recurrence of UTI in the future, it is important that you practice good hygiene, stay active, eat a healthy diet, and drink adequate amounts of fluid every day. After treatment, acupuncture does not only relieve UTI symptoms, it also enhances a person’s well and overall health.

Before, because of chronic pain, day-to-day things can be difficult to endure, now with acupuncture, you can take them on head on.


Why Do Healers All Over The World Trust Acupuncture?

One of the contributions of the proud and great history of the Chinese people is a book called the Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine, which dates back as far back as 100 BCE. This book includes a conversation about acupuncture between the Chinese emperor and Chi Po, his minister. The emperor asked his minister several tedious questions regarding the various techniques involving the control of the chi or life and needles. The questions were patiently answered by the minister based on the healing traditions that were handed down to him by his ancestors. This remarkable document is where acupuncture was first mentioned. Acupuncture is a Chinese healing method that has now gained wide acceptance as a legitimate form of healing all over the world.

Acupuncture comes from two words: “acu,” which means needle and “puncture,” which means piercing. Acupuncture, as with all other healing systems of ancient medicine, works on the theory that each person has a life energy within his body and this energy can be accessed and controlled through various points in the body known as acupuncture points (or just acupoints). Acupuncture follows a system that is very much like the chakra system, which also deals with certain energy rich areas or chakras in the body.

Even among other alternative medicine practices, acupuncture is quite unique. For one, it requires a good understanding of both holistic healing and modern medicine. Extensive knowledge and practice is required to be able to identify and determine the areas in the body where imbalances occur and precisely select those areas for needling. One other accomplishment of acupuncture is that it has gained the respect of a lot of member of the western medical community. In a lot of universities and medical institutions in the world, acupuncture has been acknowledged as a full-fledged academic course.

Acupuncture’s biggest strength rests on a couple of things: the treatment’s gradual development over the ages, and the many intensive studies done on the approaches of energy balance and the acupoints.

Why Do Healers All Over The World Trust Acupuncture?

You’ll be surprised at how fairly simple it is to understand the theory behind acupuncture. At all times, Chi flows through our organs and limbs, but when an energy disturbance or blockage occurs in the channel where Chi flows, pain arises in that channel and/or the body becomes unwell. To remove this blockage, an acupuncturist needs to determine where the blockage exactly is, he then inserts needles at a certain angle to the affected area, which leads to a successful rebalancing of the patient’s chi.

Needles Can Lead To Amazing Medical Results

Extremely famous for its ability to repair all kinds of painful neurological conditions, acupuncture in Boynton Beach has cured countless individuals of fits, paralysis, and strokes; it aids in reorganizing frayed nerves within a stunningly short period of time and can treat depression and other severe forms psychiatric disorders.

The power of acupuncture has also been recruited to overcome the most common yet deadly diseases of the lungs, kidneys, heart, and stomach. Major heart failure problems, asthma and other breathing conditions, and gastro-intestinal issues of varying degrees as well as the vital organs that are the most vulnerable to energy disruptions can all be appropriately diagnosed and treated by a qualified and licensed acupuncturist. The ancient Chinese healers and acupuncturists definitely thought of everything when they gathered the various systems of acupuncture to treat each one of these organ dysfunctions.

When it comes to infertility problems, acupuncture has miraculously cured a large number of sufferers. Some of them have fertility problems caused by certain chi disturbances; acupuncture has been proven to work well against these issues.

Important Things to Consider

Acupuncture treatment should only performed by a licensed and qualified practitioner. This is to avoid and injuries, accidents, or infections, which can most likely happen when you are treated by an unlicensed and unqualified practitioner.

Also, you need to meet with the acupuncturist beforehand and ask them a few important questions about their credentials and experience to know whether the practitioner is the person that can best address your needs.


Traditional Chinese Medicine Can Be A Viable alternative Treatment For Heart Palpitations

There can be various potential causes for heart palpitations and while most are not serious, they can be an indication of irregular heartbeat (arrhythmia) or other hidden conditions. Palpitations can also occur in people suffering from a panic attack or those with a hyperthyroid condition. It can also occur when you do intense exercise or physical activity; when overly stressed, more so when sensing a real direct or indirect threat to your health or life; or if you take in too much caffeine.

Problems with blood circulation can occur when you suffer from arterial collusion or arteriosclerosis. When you have a condition that affects the peripheral artery, which can also lead to a circulatory disorder, this may be due to poor blood circulation to your extremities which in turn, is caused by a narrowing of your arteries. When an artery is blocked or has narrowed, it can be a sign of atherosclerosis in which circulation is severely limited due to accumulation of plaque in the arteries. Angina is another arterial disease which leads to circulation deficiencies to the heart. The build-up of plaque significantly raises the risk of a heart attack or stroke in a person. To treat blood circulation problems, Western medical physicians prescribe medications for reducing cholesterol, the risk of blood clotting, or high blood pressure. The other conventional treatments for these issues are angioplasty or bypass surgery.

In traditional Chinese medicine, the symptoms of heart palpitations can be caused by a few possible diagnostic patterns. They include heart Qi deficiency, yin/yang deficiency, and blood stagnation. The acupuncturist will target the proper acupuncture points in order to address these issues. The flow of Qi in the body stabilizes blood flow within the arteries. The Taiyuan or Lung 9 (Lu 9) acupuncture point is one important acupoint that is often used to treat heart palpitations and other circulatory problems.

Palpitations associated with hyperthyroidism or anxiety can be effectively treated with Chinese herbal therapy and acupuncture. Acupuncture can also be used for other problems such as cigarette addiction, weight gain, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol, among many others.

The cause or causes of your blood flow issues and heart palpitations will determine the appropriate form of Chinese medicine treatment for your condition. We now know that these problems can due to various factors. A correct Chinese medicine diagnosis is needed in order to address the underlying root of your condition. Consultation with a licensed and qualified acupuncturist who has extensive experience in treating blood flow issues and palpitations is critical for the proper treatment of these diseases. You can still opt for acupuncture as an adjunct treatment if you are using conventional modalities. It is likely that your acupuncturist will recommend that you quit smoking for good and eat the right kinds of food to treat or even totally cure those health problems.

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Acupuncture Can Be Useful in The Treatment of Schizophrenia

Practiced for millennia, TCM or Traditional Chinese Medicine has actually only recently become known in the West during the time when President Nixon went to China in 1971 and was treated with acupuncture. This type of Oriental medicine considers the emotional, physical, and spiritual as closely interrelated, and, so it is used to treat psychological and emotional problems, such as schizophrenia as well as physical conditions like osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, and back pain.

To give you a better idea of how TCM works in schizophrenia therapy, we need to give you a quick overview of some basic TCM concepts and examples. According to this holistic medicinal system, everything is energy or qi that can manifest in various forms; this is a perspective that jibes with modern quantum physics.

A part of nature, his community, nature, and the universe, man is, at the same time, a microcosm of the universe. Mind, body, and spirit are considered as interacting, and, as one with each other, and healed. Man is affected by the forces of nature including his community, the foods he eats, the wind, and temperature. Man is healthy only to the extent that he/she is in balance and harmony with himself/herself, the community, and nature. Illness develops when this balance is lost. TCM provides modalities that aim to restore harmony and these modalities gives less emphasis on treating illnesses than on returning health.

According to TCM, everything has two contradicting but inseparable and relative aspects: yin and yang. Yin’s attributes include negative, female, front, below, interior, and dark while Yang represents positive, male, back, above, exterior, and light. Yang cannot exist without yin and vice versa, and over time each becomes the other. Change is constant and everything is relative.

From the perspective of TCM, everything has also 5 processes or characteristics that depict the dynamics of relationships. Those characteristics are the Five Phases or Five Elements of Water, Wood, Metal, Earth, and Fire. Water represents resting, death, or storage; Wood, the birth process; Metal, ripening or harvesting; Earth, transformation; and Fire, growth. Each of these phases have other aspects that correspond to the seasons, bodily organs, directions, weather conditions, smells, colors, tastes, sounds, and emotions. Emotions and organs, relate to a certain Phase. Patience and anger and the gallbladder and liver relate to Wood; love and hate, the small intestine and heart to Fire; empathy and worry, the spleen and abdomen to Earth; courage and sadness, large intestine and lungs to Metal; and calmness and fear, gallbladder and kidneys to Water. People living in the West can feel some affiliation in the Fire element of TCM as it relates to hate and love, the heart, and the color red.

Energy or qi moves throughout the body within energy channels called meridians. The meridians interconnect various parts of the body with one another, including the bodily organs. There are hundreds of points called acupoints or pressure points wherein qi can be accessed in the meridians. Each organ has specific relationships with other organs. The correct flow of qi in the body that also encompasses the flow to and from the various organs will determine a person’s state of health. All the different conditions outside (the environment) and inside a person can affect the flow of qi. The internal factors that can affect a person’s qi are his/her temperature, nutrients, will, and emotions. External factors include the environment, foods, life experiences, heat, wind, and weather.

Sickness can be brought on by several internal and external factors affecting the body. They can include stagnant or weak qi, or the emotions. For instance, “little vital capacity or poor Lung development may directly lead to depression, sadness, and a propensity to become pessimistic in ideas and attitude. If qi movement in the Heart meridians is blocked or when Heart-qi is weak, the person may be unable to fully understand the world that may cause him/her to often lose his/her direction in life. The consequences of all these limitations may include mental disorders, such as autism, schizophrenia, and anxiety. External factors may result in excessive emotion such as chronic or acute intense fear, anger, or sadness. They can disrupt the normal flow of blood and qi, and lead to physical disturbances such as depression (bereavement due to loss of a loved one), or PTSD or post-traumatic stress syndrome (due to natural disaster or war).

TCM diagnostic procedures include a review of the medical history, and reading the tongue and the pulse of the patient. The symptoms are examined, along with the duration of the condition, emotional features, physical condition, and constitution of the patient. A reading of the pulse can mean reading three different positions on each wrist, three different levels at each position that considers 28 distinct qualities, including rhythm and rate. Tongue examination includes observing the texture and color of the different areas of the tongue that represent the different parts of the body. This diagnostic process will help the acupuncturist determine the meridians and organs involved, the type of disharmony or disturbance, the factors that caused the disturbance occurred and how it arose, and the influence and impact it has on the mind and body.

A differentiation of the symptoms is applied which means the acupuncturist determines how, why, and where the symptoms were derived and not just what the symptoms are. Patients who, for example, were diagnosed with depression in mainstream psychotherapy can manifest the same symptoms including a weak appetite, tiredness, and a lost interest in life. But, in TCM, after pulse and tongue examination, the acupuncturist may discover that the depression in some patients is due to qi deficiency of qi of the Spleen and Lung, while in other patients the depression may be brought about by blood and qi disturbance, Liver qi stagnation, deficiency of Kidney-qi, etc., which may create new pathologies in the body. Excessive emotions, for example, can interfere with the movement of Liver-qi. When the flow of qi is inhibited, heat is created. This directly affects the Heart and this creates Heart-Fire. If a person with an already dominant heat constitution develops this problem, the heat may turn into strong Fire that can manifest in dryness of the throat and mouth, sleeping problems, concentration problems, and a quick temper. Moreover, when the body fluids and yin become depleted, they become insufficient to control the Fire and yang which makes the Fire become more aggressive and active. This causes the patient to become more restless and angrier without any reason, or the patient may develop insomnia or become hyperactive, such as in manic disorder. The Fire, in the meantime, eats up the blood and causes blood stagnation causing the stuck blood to block the Liver and Heart meridians. When this happens the patient suffers from delirium and paranoid obsessive ideas.

Various TCM techniques can be utilized. Acupuncture treatment will involve the insertion of needles into specific acupoints to help stabilize the flow of qi. Massage can be used to manually control the flow of energy. Moxibustion uses heat at specific meridian points. For adequate qi, diet and herbal medicines are used to guaranty proper nutrients. Meditation facilitates balance and harmony via the mind. Qi gong exercises apply body motion to do the same.

Given the person’s specific constitution and symptoms as well as his/her life experience and temperament, a customized plan of treatment is made. However, some procedures are commonly used for various symptoms besides the required customized therapy. Sadness, for example, common in mental disturbances, can develop from a disturbance of Lung-qi, when, for example, a great loss or disappointment in life occurs. Kidney-qi deficiency can cause Lung-qi deficiency which leads to sadness. This is because the Kidney supports the Lung. Thus, to stimulate Lung qi, psychotherapy accompanied by moxibustion, acupuncture, breathing or physical exercise is recommended for a person who is sufficiently fit.

For the symptoms of schizophrenia and visual and auditory hallucinations, as well as to alleviate lactation, tinnitus, dizziness, and headaches and other side effects associated with the use of neuroleptics, specific acupuncture points can be used. One can also use acupuncture in Boca Raton for schizophrenic symptoms such as anxiety, hyperactivity, anger, frustration, fear, agitation, obsessions, mania, and insomnia.


Bullet Points of Information Regarding Acupuncture Theory

If you have some doubts or little knowledge about what acupuncture is all about, perhaps this article will illuminate you a bit as it is about the seven acupuncture theory bullet points that can give you a basic understanding of the concepts behind this ancient healing modality that began in China more than two thousand five hundred years ago.

General Overview

For a lot of people living in the West, acupuncture is viewed as a foreign or mysterious concept because of its Oriental roots. Many of these people have been influenced by hearsays and misconceptions. Acupuncture deserves to be recognized as a bona fide healing practice in its own right.

Acupuncture Needles

Acupuncture needles are designed to regulate the control of the flow of qi, the life energy within the body. It is a vital key in the workings of acupuncture therapy.

Sections of the Body

The body is divided into sections called meridians as per acupuncture theory. These sections aid the acupuncturist in determining where deficiencies exist and the flow of qi.

Acupuncture Points or Pressure Points

Acupuncture points lie in locations just over the meridians. Needles are inserted into these points to control or balance the flow of qi within the body. The acupuncturist needs to identify the pressure points where qi flow stimulation is required.


To initiate healing, the acupuncturist needs to activate the flow of qi. Though invisible to the naked eye, Qi is the energy that is always present in your body. The needles are the tools to help balance and control the movement of qi.

Application of Pressure

Applying the right amount of pressure is essential to eliminate the blockages to energy circulation in the meridians

Qi Blockage and Imbalance

According to acupuncture theory, the cause of all sorts of illness in a person is the blockage to qi flow and/or qi imbalance. The former is much easier to treat since treatment it only entails one or a few sessions of acupuncture.

All these bullet points presented above are information that you must need to know in order to have a basic understanding of what acupuncture is all about.

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The Concept of Acupuncture Theory

The theory of acupuncture is a concept that can be easily understood. The basic principles underlying this treatment are what you only need to know. This article will discuss three steps for those who are interested in knowing what acupuncture is.

The first step is to know what acupuncture theory is. The principle behind this treatment began in the Far East which makes it difficult for some people in the West to understand its concepts. Due to the way acupuncture works compared to how modern medicine operates, skepticism surrounds the practice of acupuncture.

The second step is to know the terms that are used in acupuncture theory. Qi is the foremost term used and it plays a primary role in the practice of acupuncture which deals with the way qi flows in the body. It is the responsibility of the acupuncturist to maintain the proper balance of qi within the body during treatment. Qi is the energy force that circulates like blood throughout the body. It plays a huge role in maintaining or restoring the proper functioning of all the organs and systems of the body. Qi (pronounced chee) can be compared to the brainwaves that were once deemed as nonentities by doctors and scientists centuries ago. Qi exists even if Western medical science cannot find or detect it.

The third step is the need to understand the process involved in acupuncture treatment or how acupuncture works. Acupuncturists are trained to feel the flow of qi through a person’s body. They are able to determine if qi flow is balanced and if certain areas of your body do not have proper amounts of qi. Qi is important in the treatment of any disease or illness. The proper distribution of qi maintains or restores balance to the body that help you overcome diseases and illnesses.

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