The Benefits Of Throat And Back Massage

The goal of back massage is to stimulate circulation and calm the nerves in order to soothe the nervous system, and treat back aches and rheumatic pain in the back muscles.

The therapist asks the patient to lie down with arms at the sides. The therapist then rhythmically strokes the patient’s back and moves the shoulders downwards using both hands on both sides of the spine. Stroking is performed from the sacrum going upward. Friction goes downward slowly with each hand at the spine’s sides.  Then kneading of the muscles is done by squeezing the muscles. Alternate rapid pulling and pushing motions of the hands sliding down the spine as well as circular kneading is performed.

The whole session concludes with each side of the spine cupped, hacked, and slapped the therapist. Light kneading and mild stroking of the back generates a soothing and alleviating sensation. Vibration and percussion generate a stimulating sensation. The benefits of vibrating the end of the spine positively affects the pelvic and sacral organs. This type of massage can help treat congestion and weakness of the sexual and bladder organs and can be used to treat hemorrhoids and constipation.

Massaging the Throat

Throat massage can help overcome catarrh of the throat, sore throat, and headache. The therapist asks the patient to sit and throw his head back. The therapist then places both palms on the sides of the patient’s neck with fingers under the ears and thumbs under the chin of the patient. Then a downward massage is performed on the jugular veins towards the chest.

The therapist will refrain from exerting strong pressure on the jugular veins.

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The Extremely Versatile And Inexpensive Therapy Known As Acupressure

An extremely effective but basic form of Bellingham acupuncture treatment that’s often self-administered within the confines of one’s own home, acupressure has shown to work in the healing of many of the symptoms related to muscular pain. In addition to being a viable treatment for diseases, acupressure therapy has been put to use as a form of beauty enhancement for thousands of years. It is quite safe for self-treatment, and you can even consider trying it for the treatment of tinnitus.

Acupressure therapy is often painless. It can be repeated as long as you want.

Acupressure therapy is one of the safest medical procedures around. It has very minimal risks and takes into account all aspects of diagnosis and treatment. In a lot of cases, pharmaceutical treatments offer limited results, especially if it’s used to treat high blood pressure or pregnancy problems.

It becomes even more important to decrease your weight if you have a family history of cardiovascular disease or high blood pressure. While acupressure is usually used to treat common ailments and illnesses, some people use it as a complement to a healthy daily diet in order to bring about daily proper bowel movement. Acupressure is especially effective in enhancing the skin and in reducing blood pressure, boosting memory, and reinforcing the immune system. Exercise stimulates circulation, especially to the heart and brain.

Acupressure can be an inexpensive, versatile, mode of healing for heart problems, high cholesterol, and weak blood flow. It can help bolster the blood flow throughout the body thereby also increasing oxygen and nutrients to the cells and to the entire human body.

If your blood sugar levels are high, acupressure can also naturally regulate it. Anything that increases blood flow greatly decreases the risk of headaches.

Most of us would rather not take prescription drugs for illness such as high blood pressure. Acupressure for high blood pressure can be a viable option for people with this potentially deadly problem. You should know that acupressure is the safest way to induce labor and touts the highest rate of success in this field. In fact, research on the efficacy of acupressure keeps growing. For instance, administering firm pressure on the body can cause it to tighten, while weak pressure can lead to inadequate results.

Aside from its ability to regulate blood glucose, acupressure can also help regulate the function of the, eye, liver, and kidney. It can also help treat thyroid problems and urinary problems. It’s important to support your liver as it is the organ responsible for purifying your blood.

Acupressure can be used to generate deep healing within the tissues of the head around the ears. You need firm pressure in order for this special massage to penetrate deep into the muscles. Brisk walking can help lessen tension; enhance blood flow, and help the body and mind to relax.

Acupressure is simply acupuncture without the use of needles. The procedure may involve pulling, working, kneading, and rolling the acupoints in the body. The amount of exerted pressure will vary based on the style of the therapist and the needs of the patient.

Feng Shui and The Mystical Number 1.618

This article will talk about the golden mean (ratio or section) and how it is used in conjunction with feng shui to improve residences.

The ancient Greek mystic, scientist, mathematician, and philosopher Pythagoras was an ardent proponent of the golden mean. He was sure that the harmony in nature can be quantified or expressed through ratios and numbers. He also was sure that these ratios can be utilized in architecture and home design. According to the theory of proportion of Pythagoras, energy can be “moved” in the house from where it poorly serves to where it will begin serving favorably.

He postulated certain proportional connections that he deemed were ideal. He called it the Golden mean/ rectangle/proportion/ratio. The value of the Golden mean is 1:1.618. This number occurs everywhere in nature. An animal shell is one example. Each part of the shell is similar to the other parts by form. The parts have the same proportion, although each of them differs in size.

The golden ratio also appears in the human body. Leonardo da Vinci’s famous painting of the Vitruvian Man is associated with the ratio of the human body, which can be gleaned in different geometric figures. This is a prime example of the golden ratio.

The Golden mean can be used a tool, especially in a home to modify its effect on people dwelling in that area. To use this number for a room, measure the room’s width and multiply it by 1.618. You’ll obtain the appropriate dimension for this area. For instance, if the room’s width is 40 feet, multiply the 40 by 1.618 and you’ll get 64.72 feet for the proper length of this room. You’re not required to adhere to the number to the centimeter – approximately following it will be okay.

The golden mean theory can be applied in a one-room studio apartment that has a bedroom, office, and kitchen, all in one room. Apartments usually have very poor feng shui.  However, if you just follow the basic concepts of space organization and make the required modifications, you’ll manage to enhance everything. An apartment studio can contain several golden rectangles, when divided, where each part is proportional.

If the apartment is shaped like a narrow and long space, you can use furniture and flowers to divide the room. You can bring in items that relate to the golden mean by their dimensions, such as aquariums, coffee tables, painting, or mirrors if you aren’t too keen in dividing the room this way. The same principles can be applied for garden landscaping design. Feng shui and the golden mean can be used to improve offices, gardens, homes, and any other area.

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Facial Acupuncture Can Be A Safe And Natural Alternative To Botox And Plastic Surgery

Everyone seems to be looking for a way to get a facelift that doesn’t involve extremely invasive procedures.  The issue with most facelift procedures today is that they merely treat the symptoms of facial aging without addressing the underlying cause.  Botox and plastic surgery are painful and potentially dangerous causing infection, scarring, and pain.  In addition, they need to be repeated multiple times and are expensive.  Now, there are natural and noninvasive facelift procedures that make use of age-old techniques to treat facial aging at its root. The best thing about them is that they do not cost an arm and a leg, and are quick and safe.

The underlying root of facial aging is bad muscle tone affecting the underlying tissue and weak circulation. Botox and modern plastic surgery do not address these two issues and in a lot of instances, they make things worse.  The Chinese people and other cultures in the Far East have used acupuncture treatments for thousands of years to tone and firm the underlying muscle and enhance the flow of blood to the face resulting in better blood flow to the face and lifting and firming the facial tissue.  Besides eliminating crow’s feet, lines, and wrinkles, the boost in circulation will give your skin a more youthful glowing appearance.

This natural and safe facelift procedure utilizes a particular finger motion to each of the twenty acupressure points on the neck, hands, and face activating the circulation of chi or energy to the face.  Each acupoint entails just a minute of attention so the entire procedure takes up less than 30 minutes of your time.  The outcomes can be almost immediately felt and seen, with optimal benefits manifesting after a whole month.  From thence, the exercises can be reduced to three or four days a week for maintenance, although one may be encouraged to continue them every day.

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Give Your Body A Daily Tune-Up By Practicing Anmo Gong And Self-Acupressure Everyday

Although it’s one of the most efficient ways to maintain health and cultivate oneself, anmo gong is unfortunately, a health technique quite unknown to most people.

The name Anmo Gong is made up of a couple of ancient Chinese words: Anmo, is old Chinese for massage (which is now known as ‘tuina’) and ‘gong,’ which generally refers to ‘practice’ or ‘work’. Anmo Gong, therefore, means the self-massage practice or work.

This form of massage is known as ‘do-in’ in Japan and ‘self-tuina’, in China. This procedure is comprised of very simple physical exercises without much chi (or qi) work or internal work involved.

Anmo Gong can be likened to a combination self-massage, acupressure and Qi Gong techniques. In fact, most forms of Qi Gong and Tai Chi are made up of limited amounts of self-acupressure techniques, but in Anmo Gong, one specifically uses acupressure as a main part of the practice.

This can have a number of advantages – you can compare it to giving yourself a frequent tune-up when and where required. If his client is interested, an acupuncturist will teach him or her acupressure to augment the effect of his or her treatment. Acupressure can also be used frequently as a way to preserve well-being and health.

An Anmo Gong procedure will be comprised of acupressure practice on just two or three acupressure points or acupoints in its most basic form. More involved exercises will be made up of breathing techniques or basic ‘qi gong’ like movements and stretches. The exercises may be made up of spontaneous elements (spontaneous in the sense that you perform whatever you feel required at that moment) or can be very structured.

Anmo Gong can help balance your emotions, strengthen your immune system, and normalize as well as reinforce your energy. Based on the acupoints chosen and the routine to be performed, the entire procedure can be long or short, gentle or strong, and relaxing or stimulating. Actually, you can customize your practice based on your preferences and needs, and the sky’s the limit to what you can do.

Getting advice from your nearest practitioner of Chinese medicine in Winter Park or reading a great book about acupressure is one of the easiest ways to begin learning and practicing Anmo Gong.

Simply using acupressure on one acupoint for a minute or two each day can produce incredible benefits if you are too busy with your life. You could, for example, utilize the Stomach 36 point (St 36) which is sometimes called the ‘wonder point’ located on your lower leg. This can provide you with powerful health-boosting benefits. This can be a very good way to start discovering the wonderful health benefits of Anmo Gong and Self-Acupressure.

Moxibustion Heat Therapy for Prevention and Treatment of Cold and Flu Strains

Moxibustion is a natural alternative healing mode of treatment that utilizes heat from a dried smoldering plant known as “moxa” which is applied near the skin surface of a person. The treatment works by warming and invigorating energy (Chi) and blood circulation within the body to eliminate certain pathogenic elements.

Derived from the dried leaves of the plant Chinese mugwort (Artemesia argyi or Artemesia vulgaris), Moxa may be extracted from other substances as well.

The Administration of Moxibustion Therapy

In the United States, practitioners of moxibustion hold a stick of smoldering moxa very close the skin of the patient but not so close as to avoid the burning end of the stick coming into contact with the patient’s skin.

The moxa stick is created by pressing and shaping the moxa into a stick or pole, shaping it into a cigar. The stick is then ignited and allowed to smolder, creating a healing form of deeply penetrating and powerful heat.

 The smoldering moxa is then placed a few centimeters over the treatment site, usually, but not more often than not, over areas associated with strategic acupoints (acupuncture points). The ignited tip of the stick reddens and saturates the site of treatment with soothing warmth.

 What Can You Expect From Moxibustion?

Patients who have tried moxibustion therapy often report a sudden deluge of warmth that quickly travels along a specific energy channel, that’s associated with the jing luo energy channel remote from the site of treatment. Since the warmth is a sign that the movement of Chi and xue has been released from the energy channel, this indicates a desired healing effect.

What are the applications of moxibustion?

Moxibustion is designed to:

  • Prevent and treat cold and flu strains
  • Relieve pain caused by injury or arthritis, more so when the utilization of heat results in natural alleviation of pain
  • Treat digestive conditions and abnormal bowel movement
  • Address issues affecting women including late term pregnancy breech presentation

Healers typically administer acupuncture and moxibustion treatments appropriate to the diagnosis and treatment plan simultaneously in the same therapy session. The combined use of these modalities amplify each other’s healing effects.

Unlike acupuncture, one can easily perform moxibustion at home. Overland Park Acupuncture is normally conducted by a qualified acupuncturist in a clinical setting. Practitioners of Chinese moxibustion will instruct their patients the proper use of moxibustion so they may administer the treatment on themselves or others in order to augment the benefits of the therapies between sessions of treatment.

 What Aroma Does Moxibustion Generate?

 The smoke and aroma moxibustion generates is one distinct unwanted effect of the therapy. Although there may be “smokeless” types of moxa avaiable in the market, real moxa (created from mugwort), when burned, generate lots of smoke. Several TCM clinics are properly fitted with a good ventilation and air purification system, so this is not a big problem.

Nonetheless, the trademark smoke produced smells somewhat like marijuana, unfortunately. More and more TCM practitioners in the US put up signs in their office walls to inform patients and visitors about the aroma’s real nature that they may be smelling.