What Is Chinese Internal Energy Healing?

A holistic technique that stimulates the subtle energy systems of the body to eliminate energy blockages, Chinese internal energy healing breaks through these energetic blockages, setting off the innate self healing abilities of the body.

The definition of Chinese internal energy healing is a bit difficult to understand. Therefore, we have listed five facts that can rectify any misconceptions or misinformation some of you may still have about Chinese internal energy healing.

1. Chinese internal energy healing has a solid scientific basis.

In high school physics, we are taught that matter is composed of molecules. Even a table or anything that is solid has molecules and atoms that vibrate all the time. Humans are no exceptions to this rule.

When someone says to you, you have “good vibes,” what he or she means is that your vibrational energy is good. People who are happy resonate on a higher frequency. This feeling can be called effervescence!

Places come with certain vibes as well. When entering a room where a fight had just recently occurred, you might feel a heavy feeling that makes you want to exit the room right away. Salt is a natural cleanser of energy, so is moving air, and so when you go to a beach, the air at the beach has a higher vibrational frequency that makes you happy.

2. For millennia, ancient societies have studied the energy centers of the body.

The Japanese energy healing tradition called Reiki originated back to the advent of the 20th century. The body’s seven energy distribution centers called Chakras are depicted in ancient Hindu records. Energy superhighways of the body called meridians are the road maps on which practitioners of TCM (traditional Chinese medicine practitioners) use to address a wide range of health conditions.

Despite the fact age old societies utilized a range of modalities to activate the body’s natural healing ability, they all consider internal energy as a potential force of good.

3. Chinese internal energy healing is easily accessible.

There are all kinds of energy healers and they can be found practically everywhere.

You can find a Reiki practitioner in any corner the world, and one advantage of utilizing it is that it can be administered and received even if the practitioner and client are not in the same room. This is because the power of intention makes energy go to where it’s most urgently needed.

Acupuncturists are also easy to find although you may need to encounter treatment using needles. To rebalance the body, this technique needs to activate the circulation of chi.

Another modality is Reflexology that releases blocked energy and facilitates healing by activating the systems, organs, or energy channels using acupoints on the hands, feet and ears.

One other energy healing practice is massage which helps free muscle tension, enables deep relaxation, and promotes the flow of lymph.

If you are new to these therapies, ask for a referral from an experienced or qualified acupuncturist or practitioner— talk to a friend or inquire at a yoga studio. Begin with a short thirty minute Reiki procedure that can give you an inkling of how powerful your energy healing is.

4. In order to benefit from Chinese internal energy healing, you don’t need to be spiritual.

Just as not understanding the law of gravity will not make you fall down, you’re not required to completely grasp the principle of energy healing although we would recommend going in with an open mind for maximum benefit.

The right time to go to an energy healer is now. If you’re physically drained, stressed, or anxious, a session of Chinese energy healing can help you relax and feel more balanced. And if you’re feeling already good, it’s possible to always feel a little better! You need to know that inner energy healing is a complementary therapy that should not exclude any Western drugs you may be using.

5. You can preserve your energetic health at home.

Energy cleansing is a daily commitment just like brushing your teeth and showering every day. Keep the good vibes moving once you visit an energy healer. Whenever you begin to feel creeping heaviness in your back, take a bath in pink Himalayan Epsom or salts for twenty minutes or so. Burning sage or smudging can remove all the negativity in your aura. High-vibrating crystals have their own unique properties and may give your energy field a boost.

A willingness and curiosity to learn is all you need to start your journey to Chinese energy healing.

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Winter And Chinese Nutritional Therapy

As the year progresses to winter, we begin to drink more warm beverages; wear double, triple or even quadruple more clothing when going outside; and perhaps go to bed earlier, seeing that the sun also does so in this coldest season of the year. Many mammals naturally go into a period of hibernation as the environment becomes quiet and slows down. We enjoy peaceful seasonal celebrations with our family and friends and relax in the comfort of our warm homes.

What has winter got to do with Chinese medicine?

Most ancient traditional healing systems in the world, including Chinese medicine, urge us to experience the natural environment around us so that we may find the answers we need to enhance our inner well being. We humans are subject and part of these cycles that happen in nature- birth, development, maturation, deterioration and hibernation/death. Each and every one of us, at our own pace, will experience this cycle. It’s what binds us to mother earth and all of us to each other.

Winter is Here

Earth cycles such as the season not only manifest each year with the change of the season but are also clearly evident in our life span. We currently are into the winter season; the period when our natural environment enters into hibernation and wane in order to preserve its strength and to prepare for the impending energy burst it needs for spring. Winter is a period of steady and slow work that’s now occurring as the energy of the earth goes deep underground for self renewal and self nourishment. Winter, in this manner, can be akin to sleep; a period in the yearly cycle where we need to rest in order to renew ourselves. For animals and humans to gain or preserve their health, they need to follow the example of mother earth and consider winter time as the period for self-replenishment attained through rest and activities that renew/repair minds and bodies.

In Chinese nutritional therapy, there are certain ways of eating and specific dishes that are appropriate for consumption during the cold seasons. In order to get a clear idea of what I am saying, let’s do a contrasting exercise. During summer, what do you think our bodies might naturally have a craving for on a sweltering, hot day? Watermelon! In order to replenish the electrolytes and fluids that have been lost to the heat, our bodies are telling us to consume watery foods. Watermelon rehydrates and cools us down physically. It’s not surprising that it tastes delicious during summer picnics!

However our nutritional requirements change during winter. When it’s cold outside, eating watermelon may not exactly be what our body craves for. It may yearn for warm drinks and warming, slow-cooked, foods such as a bowl of spicy and sweet chai soup spiced up with black pepper, garlic, and ginger. During chilly weather and cold months, what our bodies will crave for are hot foods cooked with garlic or black pepper. During these periods, these foods are appropriate and healthy as they provide our bodies with the right nourishment.

How to warm our digestive fire

Imagine our digestive system as a fire that breaks down and warms our food. This fire warms our digestive functions at varying degrees based on the current time of year. The apex of our digestive fire is during summer and at this time of year we tend to have no issue and can relish eating lots of fresh raw foods. We can consume watermelon and salads with abandon since the higher degree of our digestive fire will internally “cook” our food, which means our digestive fire will convert food into the nutrients our bodies need to thrive and survive.

But what if we eat these same foods during winter?

We would not like the consequences when we try to eat these same foods during winter or any cold periods; our stomachs would be the most affected. During winter, our digestive fire is functioning at its lowest capacity. The digestive systems of humans require that food is already broken down and easily converted into nutrients that can be utilized by our bodies. Cooking foods will not tax our digestive beyond its seasonal capacity and foods are broken down in an efficient way prior to them entering our body. We therefore need to make it a point that most of the food that we eat is well cooked and eaten warm when the environment outside is cold.

During winter, we pull our long pants and sweaters out of storage, whilst packing away our shorts and tank tops; if we change our clothing to match the season, so why not also change how food is prepared and eaten so it becomes appropriate to the season we are in?

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Selecting The Martial Art Form That’s Best For You

At some point in our lives, many of us will be interested in learning some form of self-defense. Perhaps, you’ll become interested in learning one specific type of ancient Chinese defense arts or perhaps something more popular use such as Japanese karate or the Korean tae kwon do. Whatever discipline you choose, it is always important to know its background and use.

Chinese defense arts are not all the same since there may be forms that are more practical and more advanced in certain ways.

The tai chi chuan is one of the more popular forms of martial arts. It basically is known as some type of soft art that emphasizes more on control, healing, and health than being an empty-hand form of combat. The reason for this is that tai chi chuan is a defense art that depends on harmony. In the Song Dynasty, it was refined and enhanced over the last millennium to attain efficient soul and body alignment. Another form is known as the kung fu Shaolin Long Fist. This form is, what to many Americans, became the epitome of ancient Chinese martial arts to this day. Shaolin Long Fist kung fu makes use of the entire body with movements that involve a number of open palm techniques, knee attack, elbow strike, jumps, spins, punches, low kicks, and high kicks. This form can be an ideal workout and self-defense, all in one.

There’s also an ancient form of Chinese martial art known as Wing Chun. Compared to the other self defense forms of Chinese martial art, Wing Chun is much younger but has become a very popular Chinese martial art form all over the world. Basically, Wing Chun emphasizes more on practical self-defense methods. This form involves very rapid counter attacks and strikes while sticking to the principle that less is more. Women are usually more into this style since it doesn’t rely on raw brute strength/force.
Ancient Chinese martial arts can indeed be a bit confusing. People wanting to learn one or more of these defense arts may be at a loss when selecting an exact form to master. Narrowing down the many different forms based on your needs and preferences is the key here in choosing the form that’s best for you. For example, if you want to begin learning martial art for the purpose of self-preservation, then forms such as Tsing-Yi and Wing Chun will be good for you. Most importantly, before investing in a class, be sure that you’ve selected an experienced, qualified and skillful teacher (sifu).

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Develop Your Mind And Unblock Your Chi With A Tai Chi Spine

If you carefully study all the traditional Eastern schools of spiritual development, one thing you would notice is a common interest in a straightened spine. From the tranquil meditator to the defense art tai chi practitioner, people with the highest self-development all possess a straight spine. But why are why are so few able to maintain it and why is this so?

In the ancient records of the Taiji Classics that describe the principles of tai chi chuan, it is many times mentioned that a person must straighten and lengthen his spine. A central structural part of a human being is his spine. It is the structure will determine the quality of flow of his energy or whether this flow will be blocked. Blocked energy is like what happens when you kink a water hose. The water in the hose will be unable to flow freely and that blocked area of the hose will become much weaker faster than the rest of the hose.

Practitioners of Chinese medicine in Overland Park believe that a great surge of life force called chi moves up the spine and goes down through energy channels called meridians, which are located in front of the body. The flow of chi will be obstructed if the low back is swayed out, head is dropped, or the shoulders are hunched. Over time, this will result in compromised health, fatigue, or angry moods. This can be clearly seen in a person who feels ashamed or sad – his posture appears “droopy.” On the other side of the coin, a person filled with joyful enthusiasm may possess a certain glow around him and his posture will look straighter. In order to promote specific states of energy and structure, the solo tai chi form may be practiced with great mental intent and in a slow manner. Naturally, this is a practice that commands you to relax while you stand as straight as possible in order to enjoy smooth energy flow and beneficial geometry.

As with other holistic martial arts and disciplines, tai chi is designed to work with the gravitational force of the earth. Gravity pulls us downward in straight lines, attracting directly our center of gravity to the central mass of the earth. This phenomenon can be gleaned time and time again; unfortunately however, only a few of us have attempted to align our bodies with it! In regard to our own spiritual development and health (and martial art skill), tai chi tells us that aligning our bodies to the central mass of the earth is of significant importance. Even if a person suffers from severe osteoporosis or scoliosis, this knowledge will benefit him tremendously in the straightening of his spine. But, most people are lazy and aren’t keen in exerting effort needed to practice this on a regular basis.

According to the Taoists, when meditating, a straight spine can help in the growth of a person’s “spirit” or “shen.” Some of our chi change into “shen” as it flows throughout our body. To promote this process, the ancient record on meditation and tai chi suggest that one must gently elevate the head’s vertex or top back towards the sky. And with shoulders down, the chest need to relax inward. The coccyx or the tail end of the vertebrae should be tucked slightly under and every part of the body should relax downward. When practicing meditation or tai chi for the first time, people who have lived with bad posture most of their lives might find this change extremely difficult. Attempting to practice it into their everyday life might be even harder. Most will make excuses that an injury or their job made them that way, which may or may not be true. Others may rely on an outside source such as a chiropractor to “repair” their problem. Still, they are unaware that the ability to change directly lies within themselves and all they need is a little patience, self-discipline and desire. Persevering in this alone will only make their spirit and mind stronger. Then, all of a sudden, the intransigence slowly gives way to acceptance and it becomes easier and easier. At this point in time, the person may experience very fast improvements in spiritual growth and vitality. A master tai chi instructor may help keep the student motivated and be able to rectify his or her postural adjustments.

So, the first thing you need to do when practicing tai chi is to adjust your geometry, which is the ability to cause your energy to flow smoothly whether you’re practicing it to facilitate your martial arts skill, spiritual development or health. Take into account that at first, this will all feel uncomfortable and weird. But realize that is only natural and part of the process that eventually will decrease with the passing of time. Your body will get accustomed to this when your mind perseveres. You’ll then be able to enjoy great progress in your performance and life!