What Is Craniosacral Massage Therapy?

Craniosacral massage is a hands-on procedure and gentle therapy that evaluates and enhances the craniosacral system’s function. This type of massage is a form of healing therapy, and in this article, we will examine its benefits in more detail.

What is the Craniosacral System?

A physiological system like the respiratory and cardiovascular systems, the craniosacral system provides the physical environment in which the spinal cord and brain function and develop. The craniosacral system’s cerebrospinal fluid and membranes protect and envelop the spinal cord and brain.

Craniosacral Massage treatment deals with the sacrum, spinal column, bones of the head and their underlying structures. It is performed using specifically designed procedures and uses a very light touch from the therapist to loosen compression and restrictions in these areas.

How Does Craniosacral Massage Work?

Craniosacral massage is a natural from of treatment that exploits the internal wisdom of the body which allows it to heal itself. Craniosacral massage therapists administer a very soft light touch to monitor the rhythm of the craniosacral system and identify the causes of stress and obstruction in the body. The rhythm of the craniosacral system can be sensed across the body.

After locating this rhythm, the therapist will aid its natural movement and free the restriction to help the body self-adjust.

Craniosacral massage therapy is effective in treating childhood conditions such as ear infections, colic, restlessness, and poor sleep. It is a non-invasive and gentle natural form of treatment that can also be used to treat babies while they’re asleep.

Can Craniosacral Massage Be Used by Everyone?

If done in a proper manner, craniocascral massage is considered safe for all people to use.

Like many massage therapies, there may be certain medical conditions in which this therapy is not recommended and contraindicated. These include instances where a slight increase and/or variation in intracranial pressure would result in instability.

Some examples of these conditions include cerebral hemorrhage, acute aneurysm and pre-existing extreme bleeding conditions that can be affected by small changes in intracranial pressure.

We highly advise that you see a doctor or healthcare provider first before starting on a course of treatment.

What are the Benefits of Craniosacral Massage Therapy?

Because of its ability to influence the function of the central nervous system (CNS), the therapy of craniosacral massage can benefit the body in many ways. Craniosacral massage is used to treat:

 Tension
 PTSD (Post traumatic stress disorder)
 Migraine
 Headache
 Emotional problems
 Chronic Fatigue
 Chronic neck and back pain
 Autism

These days, craniosacral massage is used more and more as a mode of prevention, to relieve a wide range of medical problems and to boost resistance to disease. It has also been proven to work in the treatment of stress related illnesses and a range of sensory conditions.

What Transpires during a Session?

Like a lot of massage therapies, craniosacral massage is usually done in a private quiet setting.
You don’t need to remove your clothes during the massage although we advise that you wear comfortable clothing during the session. Most clients prefer to remove their shoes.

The therapist will ask you to lie on a treatment table or massage couch. He may either stand or sit and move around between your feet, torso, and head.

To facilitate the massage, some therapists may apply a light organic oil on the client’s skin.

Searching for a Reputable Therapist

To obtain the best outcomes from the therapy, be sure to select a qualified and well trained therapist who can make you feel at ease.

More and more osteopaths and massage therapists are integrating some craniosacral massage methods into their treatment regimen and you can find healthclubs, salons, and spas that offer craniosacral massage therapy to their clients.

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The Traditional Chinese Medicine Practice Of Energy Healing

When it comes to energy healing, there is a gamut of diverse explanations among the different cultures of the world. From the viewpoint of TCM or traditional Chinese Medicine in Bellingham, energy healing eliminates any blockages in the energy channels or meridians which are the pathways that spread all across the body. Some healers think that energy healing works by stabilizing and balancing the chakras, a set of energy vortexes within the body that correlate with the endocrine glands. Then again, there are those who think that energy healing is nothing less than the work of almighty God.

The all-encompassing energy that animates and permeates our bodies and minds are known by different names in the various countries of the world. Among Western healers, it is called bio-energy, the Lakota Indians call it wakan, Indians refer to it as prana, in Hawaii, it is called mana, in Japan, it is called ki, and in China it is known as chi. Energy healing involves intensifying and directing this vital-force energy to strengthen the body of a person.

According to some scientists, energy healing works, in theory. Their reason why they believe it works is that people or things actually resonate together when they are placed in close proximity to each other. This explains why when kept alive in a lab and placed near each other, disembodied animal hearts start to beat in unison. One other evidence of energy healing is if you place a sad and happy person together, one person will begin to feel the other person’s emotions.

To set up a high vibrational field of energy, healers use their hands on the patient and the patient receiving the healing then starts to entrain and resonate as a reaction to this energy. The healer administering the therapy is not healing per se; he actually provides the patient with more life-energy that his body heals itself naturally based on its own spontaneous wisdom.

This healing modality works very well for pain, especially for back and neck pain. It appears to work well against internal problems such as those in the glands, organs, and other systems of the body. Spiritual and psychological problems can also be treated, as negative emotions are transformed into gratitude and joy.

Healers who perform energy healing should see to it that they don’t absorb the low energy state of their patients; apart from this, energy healing is totally safe. However, if you have just had an organ transplant or are taking drugs to suppress your immunity, this sort of healing is not advisable for you, as it is believed to strengthen immunity, which defeats the purpose of the treatment plan you are receiving.

Ask your healer how he feels at the end of the day when you meet him for the first time. If your healer says he is happy and energized, he is then probably a good healer, but if he complains of feeling drained and that he tolerates his suffering for the good of his patients, he probably isn’t that good of an energy healer.