How To Perform The Five Gentle Exercises Of Falun Dafa

Falun Dafa is made up of five easy to learn, slow, and gentle exercises. They are designed to help improve your body and can be practiced anytime and anywhere with no limitations. They are most appropriate for people living in a modern fast paced society.

An easier way to learn is to obviously obtain a free lesson at your nearest site of practice. You don’t need any appointment to participate. Just show up and practice!

First Exercise – Buddha Displaying the Thousand Hands

The stretching of the body is at the heart of this exercise. The stretching decongests parts of the body where energy is blocked, activates the energy inside the body and under the skin so that it flows energetically, and absorbs automatically a large amount of energy from the universe. This allows all the meridians in the body of the practitioner to open at the beginning.

Second Exercise – Falun Standing Position

This stance involves a peaceful standing meditation made of four wheel-holding positions. Regular practice of this exercise can help promote the total opening of the whole body. The Falun Standing Position is an all-inclusive type of cultivation practice that reinforces divine powers, promotes us to a higher level, boosts gong potency, and increases wisdom.

Third Exercise – Penetrating the Celestial Extremes

This exercise channels the energy of the universe and combines it with the energy within your body. During this exercise, a huge amount of energy is discharged and received, which helps cleanse the body a practitioner within a very short amount of time.

Fourth Exercise – Falun Celestial Orbit

This exercise allows the energy within our body to flow smoothly over large areas — that is, back and forth continuously from the entire side of yin to the whole side of yang side within the body.

Fifth Exercise – Strengthening Supernatural Powers

This is a peaceful type of cultivation exercise. The Strengthening Supernatural Powers exercise is superior to the intermediate level and was initially a set of secret or occultic exercises. This exercise is performed in a sitting position with both legs crossed. The circulation of the energy field surrounding the body is huge during the exercise. The longer your legs are crossed, the better. This exercise is based on your endurance.

Jubal J Bewick, EAMP, MSAOM – Board Certified Acupuncturist and Herbalist in Walla Walla, WA

Alternative Forms Of Treatment For Scoliosis

In the United States, there are millions of people of all ages suffering from some form of scoliosis every year. Although, usually not life threatening, this abnormal curvature of the vertebrae often affects the quality of life of a person both psychologically and physically. Scoliosis usually develops in the lower 67 percent of the spine. It is often initially diagnosed during adolescence and tends to affect females more than males.

Scoliosis has no known cure. It is deemed a kind of deformity rather than a disease. The deformity is believed to come from various causes. They include disorders in the nervous system, heredity, physical trauma, and several other potential causes. Treatment often involves techniques such as surgery (bone fusion), to regulate the spine and prevent further abnormal progression of the spine, orthopedic bracing for moderate cases; for very mild cases, only continued observation is recommended.

Scoliosis can result in headaches, breathing difficulties, and chronic back pain, if left untreated. The symptoms will depend on the degree of severity of the curvature. The patient needs to undergo exhaustive professional examination in order to find a type of therapy that effectively works.

Acupuncture in Overland Park, yoga and several other alternative health practices have been found to help decrease the problems associated with scoliosis. Massage therapy techniques is an effective form of alternative health treatment that can help relieve discomfort.

One extremely effective form of massage therapy for scoliosis is cranial-sacral therapy, which applies gentle traction to help the patient improve mobility and regain some form of balance to the spine. Also, assisted stretching techniques and deep tissue massage are two incredibly effective therapies that can help diminish adhesions, alleviate some of the pain caused by scoliosis, and increase circulation.

One of the most popular options for treating scoliosis is massage therapy. This technique has been known to meaningfully relieve some of the symptoms.