Relieve Breast Cancer Symptoms with Acupuncture

These days, a growing number of women have given up on Western conventional treatment in order to get well from abnormal breast symptoms. They are turning to a very old Chinese practice that science and time has proven to work. This practice is known as acupuncture. This treatment has helped prevent the rise of breast ailments in women. Acupuncture has shown to enhance the health of a woman’s breast.

When alleviating an ailment, it is believed that nerves are involved in the therapy as emotions play a huge part in the development of breast diseases. From time to time, women have a tendency to change their levels of stress and mood. This causes their Qi to thicken and turn into nodules which can cause clogging in the energy channels. The nodules increase a woman’s risk of developing breast cancer and other health disorders. A lot of them tend to get stressed on a daily basis due to their emotions which is more dominant in them compared to men. This is one reason why a lot of women, over time, tend to develop breast cancer.

When they develop, cancerous cells tend to attack the body’s normal tissues cells. The cancer can spread or metastasize when they enter the bloodstream or the lymphatic system creating in the process more cancer cells in other parts of the body. Research shows that more than 80% of breast cancer patients are past the age of 50. As they get older, women become more prone to abnormal breast symptoms.

In order to understand the symptoms and causes of breast cancer, you need to take note of the patient’s family history. Breast cancer can be due to genetics. A woman will most likely develop breast cancer if her family has a history of the disease or if anyone in her family had the disease. If your menstrual cycle started early in life or if your menopause occurred later than it normally should, you might be at a greater risk for the disease. Women who were never breastfed are also at a greater risk for the disease. Some studies show that certain women who underwent hormone substitution treatment also have a high chance of developing breast cancer.

Not all lumps in the breast are cancerous so if you feel a lump on your breast, do not fret. Still, it is very much recommended that you consult with your doctor and have yourself properly evaluated. You need to undergo a monthly check up of your breast especially when you are getting old in order to avoid the possibility of developing breast cancer. Have yourself examined for tumors and cysts that might develop in your breast. Monitor any changes in your breast or any development of lump on your armpits or breasts. If you see changes in these areas or changes in the size of your nipples, you need to see your doctor for evaluation.

Make sure that you get breast cancer treatment during its early stage in order to improve the chances of completely cure. Symptoms can be treated with acupuncture especially those that cause pain. Acupuncture can also be helpful in purging the toxins caused by chemotherapy as well as helpful in the relief of side effects of this very harmful “therapy.” Acupuncture treatment uses needles that are stuck into the skin to relieve physical pain and emotional strain. The needles help maintain or restore the normal the flow of energy in the body.

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The Causes And Acupuncture Treatment of Plantar Fasciitis

The number one cause of heel pain is plantar fasciitis. It develops more so in all types of active and athletic individuals. Runners account for as much as 10 percent of all running injuries and are the ones who are most susceptible to plantar fasciitis (PF). However, PF symptoms may also arise just by standing or walking on a hard surface. In treating PF which is sometimes difficult, the acupuncturist needs to always have a positive expectation of the success of the treatment. With the inclusion of other alternative therapies and precise needling of acupoints, the success rate of the treatment can be quite high.

An irritation and inflammation of the plantar fascia which is the tissue that connects your foot’s front to your heel, plantar fasciitis can be the result of a micro-tearing occurring in the fascia’s near attachment to the calcaneus or in the fascia itself. Half of PF patients are known to develop a calcaneal heel spur. In women with PF, about 90% are overweight, while in men with PF, 40% are overweight. While PF usually occurs from a repetitive stress injury (overuse), it can also arise due to acute trauma caused by intense activities of the lower extremities.

The heel’s plantar aspect is where the pain’s usually felt. This is accompanied by stiffness. These symptoms can travel along the arch near the area of the acupoint Ki 1 (Yongchuan) and can even be felt as far as the toes. Symptoms can be experienced in the morning when taking first steps or after prolonged rest or sitting or upon standing. With moderate activity that helps stretch the fascia or as the patient “warms up,” the symptoms can be allayed a bit. During the early stages of a run, runners with PF often experience no pain; however, the pain usually returns after a workout or towards the end of a workout. Likewise, symptoms commonly worsen at the end of the day and are usually dormant during the day.

Plantar fasciitis is the most common diagnosis when it comes to pain felt in the heels more so if the pain follows aggravation patterns described above. Still, there are can be a number of possible reasons for heel pain that can mimic the symptoms presented by plantar fasciitis and which the acupuncturist should not overlook. These conditions can include periosteal bruising, Achilles bursitis, or Achilles tendonitis.

With regards to periosteal bruising, rather than the Shimian M-LE-5 sensitive point in the fascial attachment’s area, the pain can be felt across the surface of the plantar region. In Achilles bursitis, directly at the calcaneal attachment, pain can be felt that affects the Achilles bursae when the plantar region is pinched in a pinch test.

With Achilles tendonitis, when compared to the unaffected side, the tendon affected by PF shows inflammation and thickening. Pain is felt when the proximal tendon attached to the plantar fascia is pinched in a pinch test. Both Achilles bursitis and tendonitis can refer to pain to the heel.

One should also be aware that a condition known as “fat pad syndrome” can be caused by a heel bruising due to a thinning fat pad that has been exposed to repetitive stress. The elderly and women are the ones most susceptible to this condition. Plantar pain can occasionally be referred from the soleus muscle, which is a type of ailment called “jogger’s heel.”

Not all PF patients complain of predictable heel pain patterns which get worse after prolonged sitting or when taking the first steps in the morning. The above-mentioned periosteal bruising can present in this fashion. Moreover, the acupuncturist needs to also take into account the possibility of medial plantar nerve entrapment. Although the patterns differ, the pain it generates can mimic that of plantar fasciitis. In medial nerve entrapment, the patient may usually find relief in the morning; as the day moves on, the pain progresses especially when the patient stands, walks or do other activities.

In examining a patient with PF, the acupuncturist should begin with palpation of the center of the heel’s plantar surface, which is the Shimian M-LE-5 extraordinary point. The calcaneous’s medial tubercle should also be palpated because pain is often felt on the heel’s medial surface. Plantar fasciitis can be suggested when with modest pressure from the thumb or finger pain is felt although the practitioner should compare the sensitivity with the unaffected side. In evaluating the affected heel’s plantar surface, the practitioner might possibly also feel a heel spur.

A change in training such as increased speed, hills, or mileage can be usually associated with plantar fasciitis. Other contributors to the condition can include a change in running surface or running shoes. The practitioner can recommend to the patient having his/her foot evaluated for any biomechanical imbalances like what most patients with lower-extremity injuries need to undergo. Research shows that more than 80% of these injuries are the result of foot pronation stretched beyond normal limits. Low or high arches, discrepancy in leg length, decreased fat pad thickness and other anatomical issues can also increase the risk of plantar fasciitis development.

Acupuncture Treatment – An overview

Under the category of trauma/ accident plantar fasciitis is usually diagnosed. This condition often comes from a repetitive stress disorder brought about by a gradual or sudden increase of micro-trauma. Occasionally though, PF may develop as an acute strain. At the bone, ligament, and tendon levels, inflammation can be seen. In the collateral and channels, there is stagnation of blood and qi. Possible contributing factors include imbalances in the internal organs.

Treatment for three weeks two times a week is recommended. After that, the condition is reassessed. Typically within six treatments, barring any complications, improvements can be seen. For chronic types of PF, treatment should be continued after the first three-week period, at least, once each week,

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Why Depressed Pregnant Women Prefer Acupuncture Over Antidepressants For Their Condition

The symptoms of pregnancy-related depression were relieved by acupuncture according to the Obstetrics & Gynecology based on a study conducted by Stanford University researchers. The study showed that the results of acupuncture were superior to that of antidepressant drugs and placebo.

Rachel Manber, a member of the research team states, “Depressed and pregnant women can take comfort from the fact that acupuncture treatment we have tested works for their condition.”

In the study, 150 clinically depressed pregnant women were randomly assigned either acupuncture- massage treatment designed to address depression or acupuncture treatment not meant to address depression. About 63% of the subjects in the acupuncture-massage group showed improvements of their condition compared to only 44% of the acupuncture-not-meant-to-address-depression group.

A form of TCM or traditional Chinese medicine in Louisville, acupuncture involves the insertion of thin needles into specific points on the body to treat a wide range of health issues.

The researchers noted that acupuncture’s rate of success in the current study was the same as the other therapies in studies of non-pregnant women and men although those studies did not compare acupuncture to psychotherapy or antidepressants. They recommended further research to make those comparisons directly.

There are about 14% of women who become depressed during their pregnancy. Besides the harm depression does to a person’s health and the risk it might pose to mother and baby, pregnancy-related depression can also be a reason for postpartum depression, which happens at similar rates of occurrences.

Depression after birth can hamper the child’s cognitive or emotional or cognitive development, reduce birth weight, create problems with mother-infant bonding, and may lead to inconsistent childcare.

In spite of their problems, many women are understandably hesitant to take antidepressant medications during pregnancy because they may harm their unborn child.

Manber says that “For many women antidepressants are not an attractive option.” “Many of them fear using these drugs during their pregnancy.”

In utero exposure to antidepressants has been associated with an increased risk of persistent pulmonary hypertension and other health problems.

The Growing Popularity of Acupuncture

More and more people are choosing natural healing therapies for treatment of various conditions. One of the most popular forms of these therapies is acupuncture, a traditional Chinese therapeutic technique used to alleviate chronic suffering and pain and promote health. This medical procedure has been administered for more than 5,000 years and has led to improved health functions with minimal side effects.

Only trained and qualified practitioners are licensed to practice this natural healing treatment. These practitioners must have completed four years of training at an accredited Oriental Medicine college. Practitioners need to get an authentic license from the State Medical Board. This license needs to be displayed at all times in the practitioner’s office.

The physiological functioning of the body is denoted by natural healing treatment of this Chinese concept. Also, the healing tradition is based on the belief that the body possesses an energy force that circulates throughout the body like blood along pathways known as meridians and channels. The concept believes in the existence of positive and negative forces, which are known as yang and yin both of which are very important for the wellbeing of the body. An imbalance of yang and yin results in illness or calamity. It is the job of the acupuncturist to utilize techniques that will help restore balance to yin and yang. These techniques consist of essential life activities such as physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual activities.

Acupuncture treatment consists of a process that utilizes fine- slender needles pricked under the surface of the skin (where the channels and meridians meet at the skin’s surface). The needles are inserted into pre- determined acupoints that correspond to the illness and may be combined with other natural treatments. The procedure can be incorporated with other modern forms of stimulation like lasers, magnets, electricity, and herbs. Acupuncture uses techniques that reset the vital energy in order for the body to heal itself.

The treatment brings back balance to the yang and yin by penetrating certain locations that can be easily accessed by acupressure, moxibustion, electric stimulation, and needling. An intense procedure, needling should be correctly administered according to guidelines and regulations stipulated by medical biohazard. Disposable needles must be used. They may differ in length, shape of head, shaft, and width. After the needles have been inserted, the practitioner adopts certain methods to attain maximum sensation based on the illness. He/she may utilize vibrating techniques known as trembling or scraping, rotation, plucking, thrusting, and raising.

According to the condition, the natural treatment for enhanced stimulation that is used in conjunction with certain procedures may be implemented. Electro-acupuncture conveys mild electrical pulses through the inserted needles. Sound waves and lasers may be also used to generate a similar effect. These techniques can be used for pain prevention or relief. They all have been proven effective in the treatment of obesity as well as drug addiction and alcoholism.

Moxibustion and acupressure are two other techniques that can be incorporated during the natural procedure. Moxibustion is a common treatment that is deemed to be a powerful form of complimentary treatment. It involves that application of heat to the affected acupoint to treat a condition. The treatment can help resolve certain types of paralysis, arthritic disorders, and bronchitis. Acupressure is akin to acupuncture but instead of needles, a hard ball shaped head instrument or the fingers stimulate acupoints. Acupressure is generally used to treat internal organs conditions.

There are quite a number of conditions and illnesses that acupuncture can treat. It is extremely popular despite the fact that this natural treatment may render minor side effects, such as disorientation or nausea. The theory of Oriental medicine follows the healing system concept which implies that in order to have good health, the person needs to maintain balance and the correct flow of energy.

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Curing Bell’s Palsy with Chinese Herbs and Acupuncture

A neurological condition involving issues in the seventh cranial nerve, which is the nerve that is responsible for the muscles of the face, Bell’s palsy leads to a one-sided paralysis or weakness of the muscles of the face. This symptom may sometimes develop over two to three days or suddenly appear. The affected side of the face may feel numb, and droopy, or tight or pulled. Due to the paralysis or weakness of the face muscles, sufferers may experience problems in frowning or smiling, muscle twitching, mouth drooping, difficulty in closing the eye, or difficulty eating. They may also suffer from facial pain, loss of the ability to taste, headache, and dry eye.

There can be several factors that cause Bell’s palsy although more often than not, the exact cause is unknown. HIV, middle ear infection, Herpes Zoster affecting the seventh cranial nerve, and Lyme disease can be potential causes. Corticosteroids are usually prescribed to relieve inflammation since the symptoms are thought to be due to the nerve inflammation. If the underlying cause of the palsy is a viral infection, the causal factors can be dealt with by a prescription of antiviral medications.

There are individuals that tend to recover from Bell’s palsy rapidly; others may retain the facial muscle symptoms for several months. Most patients almost make a complete recovery with treatment. However, they may still experience twitches or spasms in the eye muscles, a diminished sense of taste, or minor weakness on the facial muscle.

These people may be happy to hear that King of Prussia acupuncture can be an especially effective treatment for Bell’s palsy especially when the treatment is started in the very early stages of the condition.

Numerous studies have been done in China showing acupuncture’s positive clinical effect on Bell’s palsy. In 2007, this country published a systematic review that are due to a lack of methodologically rigorous clinical trials concluded that there is a need for further research to definitely understand how acupuncture works in the treatment of this condition. Clinically speaking, we can witness the acupuncture’s benefits for this transient paralysis all the time.

From the viewpoint of Chinese medicine, Bell’s palsy is associated with pathogenic “wind” in the channels of the face that results in the rigidity, weakness, spasms, and paralysis on the affected part of the face. The goal of the treatment is the removal of the pathogen from the body, and the stimulation of the facial muscles to restore normal function. The local and distal acupoints that are related to the channels of the face are inserted with needles both locally and on other parts of the body. Herbal remedies are also used to open up the also be used to constricted facial channels and expel the wind to bring back normal function. Acupuncture can help accelerate the healing of the symptoms and boost the chances of complete recuperation from the palsy.

How Cerebral Palsy Patients Can Benefit From Good Nutritional Support

There are a few key factors that determine a person’s nutritional needs. One is the overall stress affecting the body, next is the ability of the body to digest foods, and lastly, past exposure to poor nutrient quality. Individuals with cerebral palsy (CP) are often in urgent need of adequate nutrition due to the elevated stress levels in their body and from common multiple interventions among people with this condition that generate an environment of poor digestive capacity. Vital nutrition needs to start at birth and then be an everyday part of the person’s ongoing care. Optimal nutrition has five fundamental rules that can be paired with four basic guidelines and acupuncture treatment that will help improve and magnify overall health, inflammatory response, energy, and the quality of life of those stricken with CP. Those guidelines may not differ that much from the optimal nutritional requirements that all individuals require. But when the body is in dire need of it, it is important that good nutrition is applied with great care. If digestive inflammation sets in or basic nutrient deficiencies arise, it becomes more difficult to treat. To provide essential inflammatory control and avoid experiencing any consequences later in life, one needs to apply good nutrition from birth.

CP-related deficits are usually static, although one can also develop additional problems when a problem in one area affects another part of the body; when this happens, nutritional support becomes extremely important. The immune system, large intestine, and the adrenal glands are the common areas commonly affected by increased stress. The nutrient needs of the patient increases as his/her stress level grows. Lifelong health factors depend greatly on the quality of nutrition of a person during childhood.

Although not always possible, children function best when they have been breastfed. In cases when this is not possible, breastfeeding can be substituted with milk formula that follows the guidelines of the Weston Price foundation. Formulas traditionally bought at stores usually contain additives, processed fats, and sugars that can disrupt digestive function and may create a pattern of impaired nutrient absorption and digestive inflammation that later on can lead to an increase in one’s sensitivity to foods.

Digestive inflammation can be brought about by longstanding eating of foods that are difficult to digest. Inflammation can lead to masked symptoms and get misinterpreted although typically can be categorized as food sensitivities. Food allergies and food sensitivities are different from each other. Food sensitivity is more of an inflammatory reaction to a certain type of food. It can lead to mild symptoms that may turn into large scale tissue inflammation; common foods that a lot of people are sensitive to include peanut, corn, soy, wheat, egg, and wheat. Inflammation can then develop, which in turn can produce digestive problems such as a leaky gut once sensitivities set in. Leaky gut is a condition that develops when the lining of the digestive tract becomes inflamed which causes the junctions between cells to expand and undigested foods to travel into the blood stream before being broken down completely. These food particles trigger an immune reaction as the body sees them as a bacteria or virus. If this happens every day many times a day, it may lead to long term low level inflammation accompanied by digestive symptoms such as indigestion, diarrhea, constipation, bloating, and gas. Other body areas may also manifest associated symptoms such as diminished strength and muscle function, fatigue, allergies, frequent infections and colds, sleeping problems, bed wetting, easy frustration, and anger. To prevent this from happening and to maintain adequate digestive function, proper support nutrients must be utilized and the right foods eaten.

Foods consumed must be of high quality, produced with very little processing, and close to their source In order to maximize nutritional absorption. Food that is fit for consumption needs to still resemble what it comes from, such as an egg or an apple. It should be additive and preservative-free as most compounds used to preserve foods are known to cause adverse effects on the brain and the nervous system. In order to minimize exposure to pesticides and chemicals used in large scale commercial farming, one should consume organic foods as much as possible. Even though guidelines tend to differ based on the person’s needs and unique body chemistry, the basics remain the same. Protein requirements can came from animal sources that were not given hormones and processed minimally or from vegetable source such as seeds, nuts, dark green leafy vegetables, and beans. A good source of quality fats is eggs that also can provide for the cholesterol needed to produce hormones. Eggs that are of good quality should have an orange yolk that glows with vibrant color. Indispensable requirements for long term health are fats. The fats best for the body are lard from pasture-raised animals, full fat raw milk, butter from organic milk, cold pressed olive oil, and raw coconut oil. Fats that can disrupt health and generate inflammatory cycles are vegetable fats such as corn and canola oil. Carbohydrate requirements ideally should be derived from vegetable sources; when grains are eaten, they should be ideally sprouted in origin and in unbleached form. Nutrition is basically about chemistry. The way that nutrients get into and become incorporated into cellular function, and how they interact will determine the health quality of the individual. Supplementation is very important for most people and when properly applied can qualitatively improve digestive function and overall health. Even when few nutrients are properly applied, it can make a significant impact on one’s health.

Supplementation has four key categories that are essential to everyone. Multi supplements that are of high quality are antioxidants and supports cellular function. The next are supplements that are rich in essential fatty acid such as fermented cod liver oil, the next is a probiotic that should contain soil based organisms and HSO. Lastly, an antioxidant support formula that specifically elevates the levels of glutathione in the body. All these categories can provide inflammatory control, boost long term health, and provide basic support. The implementation of the right nutritional routines and the inclusion of acupuncture treatment will magnify and increase efficacy enhancing digestive function and controlling inflammation.

Each person is unique and treatment plans will vary although typically, the benefits of acupuncture treatment are enhanced through multiple treatments.

Acupuncture treatment and well -applied nutritional therapy can lead to a dramatic improvement in a person’s health. CP sufferers have specific functional handicaps, but uncontrolled inflammation and poor nutrition can transform functional challenges into global malfunctions. Well-implemented nutritional support enhances life quality and prevents body dysfunction due to stress.

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