Why Use Drugs to Treat Headaches When Acupuncture Can Help Cure Them?

Are you suffering from headaches? If you are, then you are only in among the hundreds of millions of Americans who suffer from headache problems. As many as 256 million Americans experience headaches according to the New York Times. Unfortunately, if you keep on suffering from recurrent headaches, you probably know by now that conventional Western modalities have no known cure for your condition. You may consider yourself very lucky if you have found a drug that temporarily alleviates the pain without causing a lot of side effects in your body. If you’re unlucky, there are no drugs that can help you out with the pain. For those who cannot seem to find sufficient relief from the headache discomfort, they should know that acupuncture can be a powerful cure for their pain. What’s more, whether you’ve had your headache just now or whether you’ve been suffering from it for decades, acupuncture can help break the cycle of pain once and for all.

How Does Acupuncture Resolve Headache?

The source of the headache and the headache pain itself is addressed by acupuncture. Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is a holistic type of treatment that not only treats the symptoms of a condition but also its underlying cause. Usually, headaches are caused by imbalances occurring within the body. When you experience headaches and are under severe stress, as well , you may be right in saying that the stress you are in right now is the one that’s responsible for your headaches; however, stress by itself cannot produce a headache. Headaches arise only if you suffer from internal imbalances. Stress is the trigger that sets off the headache. A person could say, for example, that the wind is the reason trees fall down during a strong storm. If this is the only reason, how come not all trees have been uprooted? The healthy trees are flexible enough to withstand the storm. The rigid or sick trees are the ones that get knocked down. This is a good analogy for disease and people. Like the wind, stress would not trigger health problems such as headaches if the person’s underlying health was really good. Acupuncture helps the patient become healthier, stronger and more functional just like a tree that is flexible and healthy.

How Health Can Be Boosted with Acupuncture

On a certain perspective, it’s not easy to envision how the sticking of tiny needles into certain parts of the body can increase health or treat a condition. Electricity flows when you power on a switch that opens a circuit that in turn turns on a light bulb. This principle is also followed in acupuncture treatment when acupuncture needles are inserted into points on the skin stimulating energy flow to influence organ function in the body. By stimulating specific acupoints mostly located on the legs and arms, the Chinese discovered that they can convey messages to certain internal organs. Also, by manipulating the needles in such a way that they act like a dimmer switch on the body they can send a specific type of message to these organs.

How did the Chinese manage to send a specific and intended message in order to treat a condition? This great discovery is one of the hidden mysteries of Chinese medicine. A specific acupoint combination can correct a specific type of imbalance that underlies a condition. In the treatment of headaches, about 20 various kinds of imbalances are seen as triggers for different forms of headaches. Some headaches are felt daily and are mild but persistent, some are achy and dull and felt in the back of the head, there are headaches that are stabbing and sharp and emanate from the temples, and there are migraines that are excruciating that are accompanied by light sensitivity and auras, to mention just a few. Your acupuncturist or traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) practitioner need to first see the kind of imbalance responsible for your headache. Next, he/she will develop a point prescription that addresses ideally the imbalance. He/she then inserts the needles using precision and skill to send the right messages to the organs to treat your headaches.

The benefits of acupuncture last for a very long time once the proper acupuncture treatment is implemented. There have been a number of people who never returned for a follow-up or tune-up treatment simply because their headache has been completely cured. There are some who may occasionally come for follow ups when they feel the need. But for most patients, the benefits become their new normal. This is only logical since the body began existing in health before imbalances and health problems set in. It is the job of acupuncturists to restore the body to its proper balance; and once there, it tends to remain in balance.

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Why TCM And Acupuncture Are Very Important Factors for Improving Fertilty

As an important driver to our physical self, our emotions are heavily emphasized by Chinese medicine when it comes to internal medicine and especially more so, with regards to fertility.

No matter what kind or how weak or powerful an emotion is, it will always impact the body in one way or another. Either it can perhaps affect the underlying organs systems that are responsible for our health and function or on the manner we feel. The effects an emotion has on our body depend on how powerful the emotion is.

Emotions are perfectly normal responses of human being to stimuli; whatever happens in life, the body responds to it. Problems start to arise when the body physically overreacts to the emotion, or

-we get worn down after a certain amount of time eventually causing physical and emotional imbalance

-when the emotion is powerfully overwhelming

But not all emotions have a negative effect on our body. They can beneficial to our health, a well and can either affect our fertility positively or negatively. Our mental health is a very important and potent topic to study.

Emotions can be imagined as a back seat driver who constantly goads us and refuses to leave the car. They are a key driver to our life that incites us to a physical response. While this is normal, the physical response, in turn, further incites and even reinforces the emotion.

With regards to our mental health, this nasty cycle is not helpful at all, more so when the person senses it spiraling out of control even if the initial cause has been resolved. PTSD or post traumatic stress disorder is one excellent example of this. The emotional and physical symptoms of this condition remain even long after the stressor has gone away. PTSD has a pattern of feedback between the physical symptoms and signs and the emotions that has never been severed.

So, how can this cycle be broken?

Frankly speaking, stopping this cycle is very difficult to do. It will take a multi-pronged strategy that includes a combination of Western and Eastern modalities, particularly the traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) components of Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture in Maitland. They all can contribute to the stopping of this vicious cycle.

During treatment, what actually occurs is a delay from the emotion to the physical, a reduction of the symptoms happens as a concrete wall is set up by the treatment although you cannot entirely cut off the mind from the body.

This retardation of the process gives the practitioner an opportunity to repair the physical aspect of the patient giving him/her a chance to feel physically better. Let’s say that the patient suffers from sleeping difficulties, if the practitioner can slow down the push from the emotions, then sleep improves, energy gets stronger which thus leads to an improvement in motivation and eventually to a significant increase on the patient’s wellbeing. This boosts the resilience and resolve of the patient making him/her see that that there are different possibilities and different results for his/her problem. Changing people’s mindset and blinkered notions regarding their situation and health is one of the most difficult jobs of a practitioner in order to provide the patient the change he/she is looking for.

Women suffering from extremely painful periods are a classic example of this. Women with this problem know that it is very difficult for them to imagine that there can periods that are less painful or even without pain. It is very hard to change this type of mindset although they may be open to the possibility that some change that can enable them to have less painful or pain-free periods is possible. TCM practitioners more often than not consult with patients that have a defeatist attitude. These people no longer believe of a possibility that they will get better.

This is the reason why causing the cycle of emotion to the physical to slow down is so important.

It is interesting to know that the practitioner has also a chance to work on the emotional aspect of the person while trying to slow down the emotion to physical (and vice versa) push cycle. When it comes to emotional health, TCM often talks about “calming the mind.” When a practitioner calms the mind, he/she reduces any anxiety, stress, fear or worry to not only to make the patient feel better emotionally, but so that the feedback loop starts have its effects reversed. When the patient feels better physically and emotionally, the opportunity for change suddenly becomes real.

Our wellbeing and general health is greatly affected by our emotions. Your TCM practitioner always takes into consideration your stressors and emotions that affect your health in a huge way whether or not you come in for Chinese medicine treatment for fertility problems related to mental health concerns.

Whether by availing ourselves of ART (assisted reproductive technologies or using natural treatments for fertility, fertility treatments can be emotionally draining procedures to undergo. When we resolve our emotions, we significantly improve our reproductive as well as our general health.