Acupuncture Orlando Can Help Treat Nicotine Addiction

One good thing that happens each year is that the number of people who decide to quit smoking increases.   There are some individuals who decide to quit because smoking costs too much.  Some quit because they fear its consequences to their health.  Whatever the reasons are, almost all of these potential quitters find that quitting smoking is easier said than done.  Actually smoking is considered an addiction and just like any other addiction can be very difficult to stop.  Common methods like nicotine patch or medication often do not work and may be too costly.  One great hardly mentioned natural alternative to smoking cessation is acupuncture.

Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese medical procedure used successfully for millennia in treating a wide range of health conditions, even nicotine addiction.  Acupuncture for smoking cessation can give the smoker enough will power to overcome his nicotine addiction and even neutralize its withdrawal symptoms.  Acupuncture helps people to stop smoking by addressing the symptoms manifested by each patient and restores balance to the body.  The acupuncturist performs a physical exam on his patient to determine the needs of the patient and to formulate a personalized plan of treatment.

Depending on the diagnosis of the patient the number of Orlando acupuncture treatments will be determined.  A typical acupuncture treatment for smoking cessation can take 15 to 30 minutes.  The number of treatment visits of the patient is at least once a week or twice a week.   Patients who are being treated for nicotine addiction may need to undergo 4 to 6 half an hour treatments for the few initial weeks.  The degree of addiction determines the number of treatments but as the withdrawal symptoms wanes, the number of visits also decreases.

Each patient has its own unique symptoms and these will determine what type of acupuncture therapy he will undergo.  Acupuncturists will focus on certain acupuncture points in the body which may differ from patient to patient.  The acupuncturist may treat the shen men point of the body help release tension, kidney for enhancing self-control of his cravings, the master point zero for attaining homeostasis, and the lungs as well for lessening the intensity of the withdrawal symptoms.  The acupuncturist can also treat an acupuncture point in the wrist the Chinese name tim mee and the four gate points to make the patient relax and feel comfortable.

Along with acupuncture, the acupuncturist can also combine supplements and herbs to augment the results and to better give the patient a handle to his nicotine cravings.   One example of this is the acupuncturist prescribing green tea for the patient to help reduce nicotine cravings.  Some acupuncturists may give out tonics to provide hydration to the mouth and lungs which also help curtail cravings.  Herbal formulas are also given or prescribed to banish irritability and anxiety.

Some Misconceptions Regarding Acupuncture St Helens

Millions of people in the United States have seen the great benefits acupuncture can do for their health.  The World Health Organization has validated acupuncture as a treatment for more than 40 health conditions.  The National Institutes of Health in the US has likewise approved acupuncture as a valid treatment for problems ranging from sleeping disorders to headaches and back pain.  However, there are also disadvantages of acupuncture that this article will talk about and that people also need to know.

There are a few people who are not worried about needles being stuck into their body and whether they just fear the pain associated with the needling procedure this worry also needs to be taken into account.  Apart from the concern about pain, the worries and apprehensions about the needles not being not sterile to prevent contamination and the spread of infections and diseases should be seriously considered.  All acupuncturists need and are required to use sterile needles for the safety of their patients from infections and contaminations.

The issue of how deep the needles must go under the skin is another topic that should be discussed.  The deep Insertion of needles can damage nerves and body organs.  Fortunately, there are rare cases of this happening but when it happens the patient can suffer damage to his health that may take other forms invasive procedures to address or a long while to treat.  This issue makes it essential to look for and consult with an experienced and highly qualified acupuncturist to prevent this from happening.  When you are wiling to try acupuncture treatment be sure to go to an experienced, skilled and qualified acupuncturist.  Under an unqualifed and/or less skilled practitioner you may need to be prepared for some minor pain that may be caused by the needle insertion.  The depth of the needle insertion is a topic that the patient must discuss with his acupuncturist.  Physicians who want to practice acupuncture must have certification before performing acupuncture on their patients.  The same is true with non-medical individuals who want to become acupuncturists although their training is much longer than those of doctors.

Walla Walla Acupuncture therapy should be nothing to be worried about. Innumerable individuals throughout history have benefited from this natural form of treatment.  If acupuncture was a hazardous and truly painful process it would not be the popular treatment that it is today throughout the world.  The most important thing you need to do as an acupuncture patient is to select a professional licensed acupuncturist to help you avoid any type of complications or pain.  If you want to know more about acupuncture there are abundant sources and materials about it including acupuncture’s history and the diseases, illnesses, pain and ailments it can treat.  Acupuncture is such a wonderful, natural, safe and versatile form of treatment that the World Health Organization has listed more than 30 health conditions that this therapy can effectively address.

Bellevue Acupuncture’s Benefits to Reproductive Assisted Programs

Acupuncture is a very old Chinese medicinal practice dating back 5,000 years ago.  Its aim is to bring back the balance of energy (chi) in the body for the restoration of health, the removal of blockages and the correction of body dysfunctions.  Needles used for acupuncture are thin as hair and sometimes made of gold but usually made of stainless steel.  These are inserted into some of the 400 or more energy points called acupoints that connect to 14 energy vessels called meridians all within the body.

Acupuncture is used widely in Asia for over three millennia and introduced in Europe in the 16th century.  It became relatively known in the US only during the 1970’s and since then has been steadily growing in popularity.  Critics call this treatment as some sort of pseudo medicine since by their methods of research they miserably fail to prove the existence of chi and tits energy pathways called meridians.  Even now these unique traditional Chinese medical concepts remain elusive to it Western researchers.  Whatever the case, its effectiveness is obvious when it comes to treating different kinds of health problems like infertility, back pain, headaches and others.

Acupuncture’s effectiveness in increasing the chance of conception has been proven when it’s used as either a stand alone treatment for infertility or as an adjunct to reproductive assisted programs like in vitro fertilization (IVF) or egg donor transplant.  An experienced and qualified acupuncturist will provide treatment with very few risks and side effects as opposed to the legions of side effects that prescription medications has on the body.

Acupuncture is also effective in the treatment of various sorts of addictions as well as for the management of stress, pain and nausea among others. The application of Chinese herbal medicine may be combined with acupuncture treatment to gain a more effective and potent result.  Acupuncture and herbal medicine can help solve the problem of irregular menstruation, irregular hormonal function, low sperm count, polycystic ovary syndrome and other infertility problems.  It also helps regulate bodily functions, mitigates or neutralizes or mitigates the harmful effects of a poor lifestyle and restores emotional and mental wellness; all essential requirements to better the chances for conception.  If you are considering acupuncture for your fertility problem, the best thing to do is to consult with a qualified and experienced acupuncturist who more or less specializes in infertility problems.  Usually an Bellevue  acupuncture treatment for infertility can last a few to several months depending on the type of problem you have.

This combination of Eastern and Western modalities in increasing the chance of pregnancy has helped lower the rate ectopic pregnancies and miscarriages.  Patients going for reproductive assisted programs are now often required to undergo acupuncture therapy first before being treated with the actual reproductive assisted programs themselves to improve the success rate of their treatment.

The Effect of Acupuncture New York to Health

The art of acupuncture started in China.  For Chinese acupuncturists, the potency of acupuncture originates from its inherent spirituality as well as the balance of energy that exists inside the body.  An energy imbalance inside a person will lead to weakness of body, sickness and pain.  Acupuncture uses filiform needles to address these imbalances.  They are inserted into certain selected points in the body to restore the free flow of energy that has stagnated due to energy blockages in the energy pathways and this will bring back good health to the person.  Some of the belief components of traditional Chinese medicine which acupuncture is a part include the 5 elements, yin/yang and chi.  Good health is experienced by a person when these components work in harmony with each other.  Acupuncture helps remove energy blockages in the energy pathways restoring balance once more to the body using needles pricked at specific New York acupuncture points or acupoints.

Today, acupuncture is used by around 13 million US citizens to treat dozens of health conditions and to remove pain.  Some acupuncturists still follow the ways and traditions of the ancient Chinese healers following the concept of energy balance and the spiritual aspect of acupuncture.  Western medical science, on the other hand follows the mechanisms of acupuncture through the theme of biological science.  Medical acupuncturists argue that the acupoints also called meridians innervate the nervous system causing the production and secretion of beneficial neurohormones to help the self healing processes of the body.

Regardless of approach, acupuncture is a proven safe and effective treatment for scores of ailments, illnesses and pain.  This kind versatility and potency have made it one of the most popular forms of alternative treatment in the world.

In a typical acupuncture treatment, the acupuncturist uses needles inserting them usually around the affected area or on the affected area itself.  Sometimes, the acupuncturist may apply needles on seemingly unrelated areas of the body like the ear for the treatment of diarrhea or constipation.  The traditional Chinese approach to acupuncture rarely uses one or two needles during a treatment.  The minimum may be about four needles used to treat an ailment.  A traditional acupuncturist likewise includes herbal or diet supplements along with acupuncture therapy for treatment.

Acupuncture needles are inserted at points called acupoints as mentioned above. Over 2000 acupoints exists all over the body found on the front, sides and back of the body and each point corresponds to specific illnesses and pain.  Acupuncture is effective in treating body pain including joint pain, back pain and menstrual pain and discomfort.  These typical regular ailments are often cured after several regular sessions and may be followed by a few intermittent sessions.  Diabetes, paralysis and hypertension can also be addressed by acupuncture.