Live a Proper and Healthy Lifestyle in Palm Harbor

Smoking cessation is probably the most important decision you can make.  Permanently stopping from smoking has so many benefits not only in terms of health but socially as well.  If you need something to do to replace this habit do something positive like playing, joining in healthy activities, meditating, writing, listening to music, learning to play a musical instrument, etc.) If you think you can do more than permanently kicking the smoking habit then by all means do it or them.  One great recommendation is to start eating a great nutritious meal always. You can eat brown rice, sprouts, lean meats, yams, lots of leafy green vegetables, beets and bell peppers.  And then to go further in a more positive direction, you can bike, practice yoga, jog or even dance especially if your partner loves to dance.  You’ll be both doing you and your partner a great favor.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that dairy products create dampness in the body.  The dampness usually causes extra weight.  There may be dairy products such as goat milk that have less damp qualities as cow’s milk; all the same they still create dampness in the body. However, if you think you can’t live without dairy products, you can use a small amount of grated cheese, made from goat milk in your diet.  For people experiencing abdominal distention and discomfort, eating strawberries can help you get over that condition.  Anemic individuals can boost heir red blood cell levels by eating dark leafy vegetables, organic meat, black sesame seeds, black beans and beets in their meals.  Interestingly chrysanthemum flowers have therapeutic qualities known to be effective against tinnitus.  Therefore, drinking tea made out of chrysanthemum flowers is great for those who have tinnitus.

For allergies or mild cough, take a teaspoonful of local honey two times a day and allow it to stay at the back of the throat to dissolve. Honeybees in your area eat and process the pollens around your area and if you can take the honeys of those honeybees that can help get rid of your allergies.  Furthermore, honey has a quality that coats the throat from irritation and friction.  If one has severe bronchitis, one can eat cored Asian pears that have been steamed for half an hour and added with local honey.  One way not to catch colds during winter or cold or rainy weather is to wear a scarf that protects the occiput which in TCM is known as the “Wind Gate”.

If you are living a life of constant stress, the best thing you could do for yourself is to change the lifestyle that gives you that stress.  Live a life that was meant to be lived by everyone, a happy and contented one.

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Chi and Extreme Emotions in Marlton

In traditional Chinese medicine, the body cannot be detached from a person’s emotional aspect.  The body and the emotions always go together and extreme emotions often are the cause of the body’s sickness and bad health. More often than not extreme emotional states, especially the low and stressful states, over long periods, can lead to physiological problems like heart disease, impotency and poor immunity to diseases.  Extreme negative emotions disrupt the normal flow of chi in the body.


Chi is the Chinese word for life force that flows in the body and its proper circulation makes the body healthy, physically and emotionally.  Negative emotions affect chi flow, which in turn, affects the body’s major organs, most especially the heart.  When the heart is affected, these negative emotions will disrupt the harmony of the soul and the spiritual dimension of the person, which can lead to horrible psychological imbalances.


Anger antagonizes chi and can cause headaches, dizziness or redness in the face. If anger is repressed, the repression builds blockages inside the system where chi flows. The chi stagnates due to these blockages causing depression and sadness. The physical manifestation, apart from the emotional manifestation mentioned is muscular tension, weakness and rigidity felt usually in the neck and shoulders.  Apart from muscle rigidity, a person’s viewpoint of life also becomes rigid and negative.


Joy is an extreme emotional state albeit a positive one.  Although this can lead to states of elation and thrill seeking, which for some people is a good thing; it can also cause negative outcomes like restlessness, insomnia and even heart attack.


Sadness is an emotion that directly affects the lungs. The lungs produce chi from the air.  Sadness uses up the energy of the lungs normally used for producing chi.  This chi depletion manifests itself through breathlessness, weakness, chest pains or discomforts and weeping. Constant sadness eventually will lead to the cessation of chi flow causing depression and malaise.


Worrying also causes chi stagnation and manifests itself as constantly being tense, obsessive and frantic.  With this emotion, the digestive organs are directly affected and physiologically can manifest as abdominal distention where the chi gets literally obstructed in the abdomen. The lungs, are affected by the energy imbalance of the digestive system and manifests as shallow breathing and frequent sighing which are signs of our bodies reflexively trying to remove and open up the blockage of chi.


Fear is a very strong negative emotion that makes chi descend down our bodies.  The result of fear is constant bowel movement and bladder incontinence.  Sometimes the fear is so overwhelming that it causes instant urination or defecation, Children are prone to this emotion especially at nighttime and can manifest this through bedwetting.

Some Ailments Treated with Acupuncture Miami

Acupuncture has been the solution to many health problems in China and parts of South Asia for thousands of years.  In the US acupuncture is a known and relatively popular alternative form of treatment. This procedure involves the introduction of filiform needles into specific points in the body to better a person’s health.  The acupuncture needles are different from the ones used in hospitals in that they are very thin, slender and non hollow.  The needles generate fear in people who haven’t tried out this procedure but in reality Miami acupuncture treatment does not generate any kind of pain.  With this treatment a wide range of painful conditions and ills are treated after a number of sessions.  What the needles do is to stimulate the healing response of the body, boost the immune system and raise the pain threshold. Acupuncture is used for treating a number of conditions.  They include:

  1. Vomiting and nausea – These two unpleasant sensations can be easily treated with acupuncture.
  2. Depression and anxiety – acupuncture does not only treat physical ailments, it also addresses problems in the mind and emotions often caused by tension.  Patients suffering from depression and anxiety will surely feel peace of mid and relaxation with acupuncture.
  3.  Infertility – People who find it difficult to conceive and/or who are infertile may be able to conceive and reproduce successfully with acupuncture.  To be able to conceive both the female and male should have a balanced reproductive and endocrine system that makes it easy for the female to conceive.
  4. Dry-eye syndrome – this condition can be quite unpleasant and can obstruct the person’s vision too. The ability of the eye to lubricate itself is impaired which can make the eye dry.  Acupuncture can be really effective in treating this condition.
  5. Digestive ills – in order for the digestive system to run smoothly the intestines, rectum, colon, liver, throat and mouth need to function well.  Maladies such as malabsorption, colitis and Crohn’s Disease can be treated using acupuncture.
  6. Smoking cessation – if a person so desires to quite smoking permanently, they can utilize the very effective method of acupuncture to help them win this battle.  Stopping your smoking habit is a very difficult task to accomplish but the health benefits are all worth the effort.  When you smoke your immune system weaken making you very prone to sickness, you spend a lot of money buying cigarettes and your teeth become discolored.  Kicking this habit with acupuncture can turn your life into a much better and happier one.
  7. Chronic pain- those who experience chronic pain may be attracted with using natural pain relievers that do not have side effects.  One of the best natural killers of pain is acupuncture.

Acupuncture Davis Removes Food Addiction

I take a conservative viewpoint when I say that the US society is slightly overweight as a whole.  It is not hard to see the reason why.  The computer revolution has moved some people from sitting in front of a TV set to now sitting in front of computer monitors.  We also have the proliferation of take out and fast food restaurants saddled with pounds of unsaturated fat and other god-knows-what ingredients included into their foods.  However, a more profound reason why a lot of people are overweight is that that they are battling with their subconscious – and losing.

Foods that are often not delectable and tasty are often the ones that are healthy to eat.  However, people are skilled enough to find a way to make these yucky tasting healthy foods to make them more acceptable to the taste.  Think spices and condiments that can mask the unappealing natural taste of the food that is truly good for you.

Our selection of food is likewise dependent on our mood and emotion.  Foods that can stimulate the development and release of endorphins are the ones we often crave for.  Food does affect our spirits and sometimes they can be addictive but unlike the conventional addictive substances, there is no going cold turkey on these foods.  However, a food “addict” can go cold turkey by going on a food diet by restricting the amount of food they take in.  The things you need to deal with are the stimuli that may trigger your cravings.  These can be ads by restaurants showing the foods they serve and watching people eat among others.  Food addicts more or less don’t merely eat any types of food, they eat foods that will make them happy and trigger their endorphins and sadly these kinds of food are normally filled with sugar and fat.

What role does acupuncture Davis play in helping a person control his appetite and eventually help him lose weight?  Well, acupuncture can be associated with the release of the above mentioned body chemicals called endorphins.  These are the endorphins that make us feel so good when we are eating comfort foods and foods we crave for.  Acupuncture actually can also produce this kind of physiological effect.  Just as with foods that make you feel well over after having a lousy and very trying day at the office or in traffic, acupuncture can also help you feel relaxed and pleasant after a very stressful day.  The advantage of this is that instead of looking for foods to trigger endorphin release, you can instead go for acupuncture to make you feel good without adding extra pounds and fat to your body.  This is one way acupuncture helps you to lose weight safely and healthily since it has more benefits to the body besides controlling your food addiction.


The Many Uses of Acupuncture Miami

Acupuncture is an integral part of traditional Chinese medicine.  It bases its principles on the belief that an energy force exists in the body that is the force that gives life.  Like blood, this energy flows throughout the body in a network of energy vessels spread throughout the body.  This energy is called chi by the Chinese and the weak flow of chi in the body causes sickness, pain and ailments.  When this happens, the symptoms of the sickness begin to manifest.

TCM practitioners believe there are specific pressure points spread across the body and underneath these points are the energy vessels where chi travels.  These points which are called acupoints are the sites where ultra fine non hollow acupuncture needles are introduced and manipulated to help treat health problems.  It is the Chinese who have developed acupuncture which has been used for over 5 thousand years to treat innumerable numbers of people throughout history of a number of conditions.

The number of acupoints in the body is in the hundreds.  The energy vessels underneath these points are called meridians and each of the major meridians associate to a particular major body organ.  By inserting a needle in a specific acupoint, the meridian underneath this point is stimulated and leads to the treatment of the sickness and the treatment of pain.

Acupuncture has a wide range of applications and it can be used for varied conditions like anxiety, depression, back pain, dental pain and headaches among others.  It can be used to help relax the patient or to help someone kick his substance abuse problem.  Examination of the pulse and tongue is a typical physical examination procedure performed by the acupuncturist on the patient.  The observed pulse rate and look of the tongue will help determine the kind of acupuncture procedure used and the acupoints to be treated.  Acupuncture is often associated with the treatment of chronic pain.

Even without any sickness you can avail of acupuncture to help you feel relaxed and comfortable.  It is a very safe procedure provided that it is performed by a qualified, experienced and skilled acupuncturist.  This procedure stimulates the production and release of endorphins which are the body’s own natural “feel good” chemicals.   The rush of endorphins in the blood can enable the person to feel wide awake or sleepy but both basically make the person feel refreshed after the session.  Acupuncture can treat the effects of sleep deprivation and enables you to get good and adequate sleep.

Western medical science can’t seem to find the mechanics that make acupuncture work.  The widely held theory is that acupuncture stimulates muscle and nerve tissue that results in long term or even permanent health benefits.  Even the latest medical technology is insufficient to prove empirically that acupuncture can treat nausea and migraines even though a lot of patients have obviously been treated of their nausea and migraine problems with acupuncture.


Concepts Related to Acupuncture New York

New York Acupuncture is a painless ancient Chinese treatment that has treated many kinds of illnesses and disorders for many centuries.  When done appropriately acupuncture has treated health issues such as pain, fatigue and migraines.

Qi (chi) – Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) believes some type of energy flows through the body in energy pathways called meridians.  TCM calls this energy Qi or chi.  Chi and meridians are both invisible to the human eye and thus difficult for Western science to study.

Meridians – As explained above, meridians are the pathways where chi travels.  They are situated almost on the surface of the skin at different parts of the body.  Inside the body, they form a vast network of invisible vessels and are accessible in certain sites with needles.  They are connected to sites called acupuncture points where the needles are inserted.

Blockage – TCM believes that blockages in the meridians cause the stagnation of chi flow, which in turn results in pain and other health conditions.

Acupuncture – A TCM treatment several thousands of years old involving non-hollow, hair thin and sterile needles inserted at certain sites in the body.  The needles are thought to remove the blockages in the meridians, restore the normal flow of chi and thus remove pain, heal the condition and restore the body to good health.

This concept of TCM is entirely different in concept from the paradigm of Western science medicine who believes in the empirical proof of existence and the Western scientific method.  Western science still is unable to explain how acupuncture exactly works.  One theory explains that the needles stimulate neurochemicals in the brain and regulate neural activity.

Some concepts not fully understood in their own time such as how penicillin and aspirin worked signify that in due time, acupuncture will be fully understood and will be applied in a wider range of use than it is used today.  The important thing is that it has worked for several millennia and still works today.

It is hard to think of a treatment that does not have any side effects.  Surgery can cause complications or infection while drugs can cause side effects or allergies.  Acupuncture entails minimal risk of light bleeding, bruising, dizziness and very rare occasions of infection.  To avoid these, it is best to consult with an acupuncturist who is licensed and highly experienced.

Before the treatment process itself, the acupuncturist will pore over the patient’s medical history and physically examine him/her.  Acupuncture points on the patient’s body will be selected and treated by needles.  Typically, patients receive around 10 to 20 treatments lasting from 30 to 90 minutes each.  The reaction to the treatment varies from patient to patient.  Some may feel sleepy during and after treatment while some need to do something for the added energy they feel during and after treatment.