Different Forms of Insomnia

Insomnia in all variations affects all people from time to time.  Some might be more affected than others and for those with frequent or chronic insomnia this can severely affect their health.  Chronic insomnia can leave a person irritable, exhausted and incapable of handling the emotional or physical tensions of daily life.

Sleeplessness may be difficulty in falling asleep or falling asleep only during the day but not during night time.  Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) considers insomnia to be an imbalance between yin and yang.  Yang typifies daytime and is unable to change into yin during night time.  Yang associates with fire, activity, mobility and upward movement.  Yin associates with calm, water inertness and downward movement.  During daytime, Yang energy dominates the person, keeping the person alert and conscious and allowing the person to use energy to accomplish daytime activities.  When evening comes, Yang energy starts to diminish and turns inward, which we feel as winding down or relaxing. In order for the person to sleep, yang must give way to the yin aspect entailing evening and nighttime rest.  Normal sleep can only occur with a proper balance of yin and yang energy in the body.  Anything other than that results in insomnia.

Besides yin and yang the Heart also is concerned in being able to sleep.  TCM believes that the Heart is where the spirit resides and where also the ability to sleep, the emotions, memory and processes reside.  At night the spirit of the person orients itself to yin and therefore, people become quieter, calmer and get to sleep. When the spirit fails to reorient to yin, it becomes restless and insomnia occurs.  There may be several ways to disturb the spirit from orienting to yin.  Lifestyle often is a factor that causes imbalances and disruptions in the spirit that affects our ability to sleep.  Some of the causes according to TCM are a weak constitution, extreme emotions, diet and overwork.

Heat in the body (yang) can also result in insomnia. Excessive heat in the body disrupts the spirit and heart and spirit, making transformation from yang to yin difficult.  Excessive Heat can result in irritability and restlessness.

Chi stagnation is another factor for insomnia.  This kind of insomnia is often emotion related and involves the emotions of depression, anxiety and anger.  These extreme emotions including stress can block chi flow.  The blocked chi converts into heat when left untreated for a long time causing insomnia.  Basically it is those people who always think, worry and ponder at might about things are suffering chi blockage.

Insomnia can easily be treated by acupuncture Orlando and/or Chinese herbal medicine and also diet therapy. If you cannot sleep, avail the services of a licensed acupuncturist to effectively treat you of your insomnia.

Treating PCOS with Acupuncture St Helens

Polycystic ovarian syndrome also commonly referred to as PCOS is one of the leading factors in female infertility today. This condition arises when too much insulin is produced by a woman, which forces the body to likewise produce excessive amounts of androgens or male hormones. More often than not usually leads to type 2 diabetes for those who are insulin resistant.

During menstruation several follicles develop within the ovaries. The follicles contain eggs. During the menstrual cycle of all the immature eggs within the follicles, only one will be able to mature and reach the process of ovulation. The matured egg will induce the increase of LH levels, which releases it from the follicle and begin the process of ovulation.

For women suffering from PCOS, they lack the ability to produce female hormones necessary for ovulation. The follicles remain immature and would never develop to become mature eggs. Unfortunately, apart from not maturing these follicles become cysts instead. This condition can be seen using an ultrasound machine, which will show formations in the ovaries. These formations are the follicles who have failed to reach maturity. Outside the ovaries there is a formation that developed likewise but instead of follicles they are small cysts instead. Because there is no ovulation, no progesterone is present causing the uterus lining to thicken.

For women who have PCOS they will always experience irregular menstruation or in worst cases, none at all. This condition unfortunately gets worse as women get older. PCOS strikes about 5 to 10% of women of childbearing years and most of these women do not even know that they are suffering from this condition. Therefore only about a fourth of these women gets diagnosed or get treated from PCOS. For those lucky enough to be able to conceive, the chances of a normal pregnancy is often questionable without the help of a physician who specializes in this kind of problem. Symptoms may be different per woman and some see symptoms of hair loss or extreme hair growth; some become fat while others develop type II diabetes, pelvic pain or acne.

The main reason why PCOS causes infertility is its hindrance in allowing women to ovulate normally. Fortunately science has developed technology that can help rectify this problem. For some, losing weight is just the answer for treating this problem. Some PCOS conditions can even be addressed by certain medications known to rectify hormonal imbalances. Some take a more sensible and alternative approach to this type of infertility condition by availing of acupuncture treatment in Marlton which is slowly but surely becoming a popular method of treating female infertility including PCOS.  Under a licensed and well-trained practitioner, PCOS can be a very easy condition to treat but will require patience on the patient since treatment might entail weeks or months to finish.

Weight Loss Using Acupuncture Fort Lauderdale

Because of their way of life closely intertwined and in harmony with nature, the ancient Chinese produced healing techniques that use nothing less than the best nature offers.  One excellent example of this healing technique is acupuncture, an ancient form of treatment known to have existed for 5,000 years.

Acupuncture Fort Lauderdale is entrenched in the belief of the existence of intertwined energy vessels called meridians existing in the body where life energy called chi flows and reaches every part of the body.  One can compare the meridians to the network of nerves intertwined with each other and branching out all over the body.

Acupuncture is growing in popularity as way to lose weight.  It does not directly help a person lose weight; instead it creates conditions in the body that neutralize the factors that contribute to weight gain.  In a way, acupuncture facilitates the process of weight loss.  One major way in which acupuncture helps with weight loss is its ability to remove stress in the mind and the body.  Stress is certainly a contributing factor in many people’s reasons to eat more which causes weight gain.  People use food as a way to find comfort and loose tension of the nerves.  By removing or lessening stress in the mind and body, also takes away a major component for weight gain.

Weight loss with acupuncture involves the insertion of inserting needles at certain points of the body and the effect of this procedure is to produce and release endorphins which promote relaxing and calming effects.  Scientists have observed that besides relieving stress, endorphins also affect the digestive system, increasing its metabolic function, which is another way where acupuncture helps in the weight loss process.

Upon consultation with a licensed acupuncturist, the patient is assessed of his/her general state of health.  The tongue and stomach of the patient are checked along with pulse points.  Many times do acupuncturists apply needles at the meridians located in the mouth for treating excessive weight, particularly if the patient is a heavy smoker and/or compulsive/impulsive eater.  They also treat meridians in the stomach and the endocrine system if the patient has the tendency to eat even if he/she is already full and if the patient shows fluid retention which bloats the body and adds to his/her weight.  For excessive sugar intake, the acupuncturist targets the spleen; for water retention the thyroid is treated to raise the metabolic level of the body and for nervous and hormonal imbalances the kidneys are targeted for treatment.

Modern technology has given techniques such as electroacupuncture and laser acupuncture that optimize and quicken the therapeutic process.  The needles are left in the skin for around 20 to 45 minutes and the number of sessions will correlate with the patient’s desired weight goal.

MS and Acupuncture New York

Acupuncture New York has been proven to lessen the symptoms of multiple sclerosis (MS) sufferers and thus give those sufferers some kind of control over their lives.  MS is a major disease that affects the central nervous system.  The disease targets myelin which is made up of proteins and lipid fats and insulates the axon of nerve cells or neurons. When the myelin is weakened the nerve signals that travel between the body and the brain and vice versa are disrupted or severely weakened.  The result is a wide number of symptoms that depend on what nerves are affected.  The symptoms such as motor control and loss of balance can become so severe that the patient can become wheelchair bound.  Additionally the patient may also suffer from bowel and bladder incontinence.  This can take an emotional toll on the patient and may lead to a feeling of helplessness, self pity and depression.  Sadly there is no known cure for MS at the moment nor is the etiology of the disease known.

MS may probably come from the consequences of modern living since 30 years ago in China there was no such disease that existed then.   When MS cases started appearing, pollution and the extreme stress of living in a modern environment were blamed for the rise of MS.  There is still no conclusive proof of how MS began or started to occur in the body.   Since MS is a relatively new type of disease, traditional Chinese medicine still is trying to search for modalities to treat the disease although without knowledge of the origin of the disease, the search may take a long time before it bears fruit.  Acupuncture is used for MS cases to provide significant relief from the painful and distressful symptoms of MS and to help the patient manage the disease so that it can enjoy some kind of meaningful existence and joy in living.  Many MS patients have attained these goals.  Acupuncture for MS management is often combined with gentle exercises and diet control.

MS patients who have used acupuncture have shown improvement in pain relief and in the lessening of spasticity.  They also showed a marked improvement in bowel and bladder control. They have a lower stress level and are able to manage their condition in a way that makes their life more enjoyable and much more tolerable.  For MS, acupuncture therapy is frequently given to maintain the improvement of health.

Some acupuncturists cite the release of peptides and endorphins stimulated by acupuncture to reduce the stress and symptoms of MS as reasons patients experience a rare feeling of well being.  Whatever therapeutic effect the treatment causes to help better the condition of MS patients, acupuncture is seen to be a wonderful option for lessening the impact of MS symptoms since no other conventional treatment is available that can offer the MS patient what acupuncture can give.

Treating Infertility with Bellevue Acupuncture

Bellevue Acupuncture for the treatment of infertility has shown to be a very effective option indeed for many people.  For those who intend to avail of the costly assisted reproductive technologies in the market today, it is worth your while knowing how acupuncture can help individuals overcome their fertility problems at a fraction of the cost of these technologies.  Acupuncture is universally recognized as a wonderful Chinese remedy that uses reed-thin needles inserted at certain parts in the body to treat various kinds of conditions including infertility and pregnancy problems.

The idea of acupuncture is grounded on the flow of energy or chi in the body.  Traditional acupuncturists believe that good health is only achieved when the natural flow of balanced energy exists in the body.  When chi stagnates or is blocked along the energy vessels that carry it, then pains and diseases arise.  Acupuncture is then needed to remove the blockage and restore the smooth flow of energy to attain harmony and balance and therefore good health to the body once more.  The natural flow of chi means a normal and natural fertility cycle enhancing the chances to attain successful fertilization and conception.

Research into infertility treatment with acupuncture shows that acupuncture can greatly increase the chances of a female attaining pregnancy within a month or two.  Several approaches are available for infertility treatment with acupuncture.  The acupuncturist needs to determine what type of infertility problem the patient has before choosing one or more types of treatment.  The acupuncturist needs to know whether the person has fertility problems such as fallopian tube blockage, frequent miscarriages, ovulation disorder, low sperm count or poor egg quality among others.

For couples unwilling to spend a fortune on specialized infertility therapies, acupuncture is the best option by far.  The treatment although done with needles is not painful when done by a licensed and well-trained acupuncturist.  The depth of the insertion is just a few millimeters or less.  The needles are as thin as reed and non-hollow so that their insertion is relatively pain-free.  Acupuncture for the treatment of infertility is very safe and always effective.  The insertion points for infertility treatment are in the ears, fingertips, eyelids, earlobes and eyebrows.  The needles are allowed to remain in the body for 45 minutes.  Typically a whole acupuncture treatment for infertility requires 4 sessions to be effective.

Acupuncture has many approaches.  Some of the more popular ones are ear, electric/electronic, moxibustion and manual treatments. Ear treatments are more geared for the treatment of hormone disorders which make fertility conditions difficult to obtain.  Before embarking on acupuncture treatment, always talk to your OB/GYN to see if acupuncture is best for you.  Still, because it is totally safe and truly effective, acupuncture can be used by anyone seeking solutions for their fertility problems.

Lose Weight the Right Way with Acupuncture Marlton

A great number of individuals are struggling to keep their weight under control these days.  Many are suffering from weight problems because of delicious but often unhealthy foods surrounding them and enticing them to eat.  There are improved ways wherein you can lose those unwanted pounds.  When it comes to losing weight, people often think about working out and dieting.  While this is true up to a point it is worth remembering that losing weight is not all about taking pills or starving yourself.  Some innovative approaches are now offered which make losing weight less arduous and stressful.

One of these new approaches is acupuncture.  Acupuncture Marlton is a relatively new concept in the West in the battle to lose weight.  However, acupuncture has been around for many thousands of years and is used by Asians to help combat addiction and cravings.  One craving it can help curb is food craving.  This treatment may seem scary at first particularly for people who have never heard or known about this treatment as it uses needles to help treat sickness and disease.

Knowing how acupuncture works is important to see how it can be a very effective way to lose weight.  The needles are inserted in parts of the body that sends energy and blood to the meridians and lymphatic system and this helps calm the mind and body. Using acupuncture as a weight loss program will help you control your food desires, which means you can control your craving for food the whole day.  People react differently to acupuncture for weight loss; some feel their cravings completely vanish while others may still feel the cravings albeit to a much lesser degree.

For acupuncture treatment for weight loss, always select a licensed and well-trained acupuncturist.  This is to prevent the rise of unforeseen problems, complications and injuries that might likely occur with an unlicensed and therefore poorly trained practitioner.  Acupuncture is a medicinal art that takes time to perfect especially when involving the insertion of needles into sensitive parts of the body.

In the age of fast foods and junk foods, obesity is now not only a United States health concern, but a global concern as well and the desire to lose weight has become a necessity since it can potentially cost a huge amount of money in health expenses and lost production time.

The acupuncture needles lessen the stress levels in the body along with any pains and aches. This is very important since people who are highly stressed often find comfort and relief in eating and the more stress one has, the more food one eats.  The need to control food cravings and the lessening of stress are just some of the benefits acupuncture gives to combat weight gain especially obesity.