Acupuncture NYC for Long-Lasting Allergy Cure

Allergy especially in the springtime affects roughly a third of US citizens. Typical symptoms of allergy are sneezes, watery eyes, stuffy nose and sniffles to mention a few.

An allergy is the over reaction of the body to perceived harmful substances that in reality are generally harmless to the body.  Most allergy sufferers know only one way of addressing their allergies; over-the-counter or prescription medications.  These medications do not provide long-lasting relief of allergy symptoms and carry with them toxins that cause harmful side effects to the body.  Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) in the form of acupuncture NYC can provide long-lasting relief from allergy symptoms and without the side effects that come with drugs.  TCM and acupuncture always target the root cause of the health problem together with its symptoms.  Pharmaceutical companies manufacture various types of medication to combat allergy symptoms.  The more popular ones are corticosteroids (for serious allergy cases), decongestants and antihistamines.  All these drugs come with typical side effects such as:

Sleepiness – If you are taking antihistamines for your allergy, the side effect of sleepiness makes it dangerous for that person to run machinery or drive.  If you do these activities daily, then it is best to take the antihistamines at night before sleeping instead to help you get a good night’s sleep.

Nasal sprays (nasal decongestant) when used for more than 3 to 5 days straight can worsen allergic symptoms and inflame the nasal passages.  Oral decongestants have side effects such as insomnia, arrhythmia and high blood pressure.

Increased appetite – Antihistamines can also affect a person’s appetite.  Appetites do increase from regular antihistamine use.  This is good when you desire to gain weight; conversely for the over weight person who wants to shed off unwanted body mass, staying away from antihistamines is advisable.

Depression – This is a very serious side effect since depression can lead to suicidal thoughts.  It is best to stay away from medications that cause you to feel down and sad.

When opting for acupuncture treatment for one’s allergy, be sure to go to a trained, licensed and experienced acupuncturist.  Not only will your treatment be safe and effective, the acupuncturist can accurately diagnose your condition leading to a correct and effective mode of treatment.  Acupuncture does not only help relieve allergy symptoms, it can also help treat the common cold, headaches, arthritis, PMS, extreme stress, back aches, tennis elbow and even cure your jet lag.  Traditional Chinese Medicine in the form of acupuncture is all about balancing the energy level in the body; when energy is balanced, the body is healthy.  It is always best for the patient to inform his/her doctor about going to an acupuncturist. This will enable the doctor to coordinate with the acupuncturist the progress of the patient’s health status.

Emotional and Spiritual Well-Being with Acupuncture Orlando

Many people are aware of acupuncture’s long history and that it is not merely a treatment that removes body pain.  Still, there are a lot of health benefits that acupuncture Orlando can give to an individual even if he/she has no health problem.  Here are some of the other benefits one can get from acupuncture apart from it being a great therapy for many kinds of health conditions.

1. Prevention. The ability of acupuncture to maintain the energy balance of the body and regulate its functions makes the body strong enough to prevent illnesses from occurring.

2. Motivation to get a move on. Just because one has no disease or disorder does not mean he/she is in a state of well-being or total health. However, when the body is experiencing balanced health, the feeling that one gets is rejuvenation and happiness and one is motivated to maintain that state of well-being all the time by doing healthy activities that sustain that sense of well-being.

3. Mental balance. Besides balancing the body, acupuncture also puts the mind in proper balance helping it to enjoy calmness and tranquility.  With a calm mind, comes clear thinking, better judgment and better problem-solve ability.

4. Improved habits. Being aware of how changes in lifestyle, diet and way of thinking can help improve one’s mental, emotional and physical health.  With acupuncture, the habits which one has vainly tried to change in the past can be easily be modified to one that will prevent muscle, joint and soft tissue damage.  Also with acupuncture one can be motivated in doing meditation, moderate eating, healthy exercise and cease smoking, alcohol intake, drug abuse and even gambling.

5. Stronger spirits. Regular acupuncture can make one aware more of the spiritual dimension and a better reflection of one’s life.  One’s happiness goes beyond physical well-being; it also is a better appraisal of one’s life where one can face life’s challenges in a deeper and more spiritual meaning.

6. Meeting destiny. Acupuncture harmonizes the person’s spirit, mind and body.  One can view life in a higher and broader perspective.  With this broader perspective, one can make choices that will enable that person to go and do what he/she really wants to be or do in accordance with the destiny he/she chooses.

7. Release blocks. The acupuncturist’s responsibility is to check for obstructions in the patient’s energy flow and energy imbalances.  These factors are the cause of bad decisions, desperation, depression and unhappiness and therefore removing these oppressive and demoralizing conditions is one of the greatest benefits acupuncture can give an individual.

8. Subtle healing. The effects of trauma or shock in our subconscious can manifest in our bodies and emotions and it is the responsibility of the acupuncturist to notice changes in our emotions voice, skin tone and pulse and therefore take steps to restoring the normal balance of the body.

Acupuncture Marlton and Herbals for Weight Loss

There are a lot of reading materials regarding dieting which you can find in your local bookstore.  There are so many systems to dieting and finding one which is the best for you can be a bit challenging.  However, the only thing you need to remember is if you take in fewer calories than you use up or burn everyday, then you are going to lose weight.  Sounds pretty simple but doing it is an entirely different story.  Factors such as a slow metabolism, a larger appetite, poor digestion, emotions and cravings can make it incredibly hard to accomplish this.  Even if you manage to lower your weight, you have to deal daily with a more austere intake of food that makes life less enjoyable than before.

No system exists that will miraculously make you lose weight instantly.  There has to be some effective plan in place and you really are willing to make some sacrifices.  Acupuncture and herbal medicines can assist you to lose weight but how much weight you desire to lose is up to you.  These two modalities make it easier for you to increase metabolism, lessen your appetite, enhance your digestive function, soothe your emotions and control your cravings.  The use of acupuncture and herbals helps you get closer to your desire of attaining your desired weight.

The most important aspect in losing weight is in selecting the foods you eat.  Regimens that are bereft of foods that leave you still a little bit hungry can make you lose weight; however, this system is very hard to do daily and oftentimes do not last.  These kinds of regimens may make you hungrier by the day till you reach a point that you cannot help yourself gorging on foods you know are off-limits in your dieting.  After this, you may have gained weight more than when you had when you first embarked on this kind of regimen.  This kind of dieting or regimen is what is called as yo-yo dieting; a bad plan that causes adrenal fatigue and lowers the body metabolism.  A good regimen can consist of a few carbohydrates and rich consumption.  Add acupuncture and herbals with this king of diet can better your metabolism, soothe your “diet anxiety” and greatly improve your digestive function.

Traditional Chinese medicine sees various reasons why an individual gains weight and has difficulty in losing it.  One common reason is energy deficiency of the spleen.  This deficiency causes poor breakdown function of nutrients as well as causes inefficient delivery of nutrients throughout the body.  The lack of energy of the spleen causes lethargy and poor metabolism. Another common reason is low energy in the kidneys because of overwork, overstress and aging.  With the help of acupuncture and herbals, hormones can be regulated and balanced hormones can assist you physically and mentally on your endeavor to achieve your desired weight.


Heather Shultz is a licensed acupuncturist in Marlton, NJ with advanced training in modern acupuncture techniques and traditional Asian therapies.

Classical Chinese Acupuncture and Western Medical Acupuncture Fort Lauderdale

Acupuncture Fort Lauderdale is an important component of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) that treats a patient using filiform needles inserted at strategic points in the body for the relief of pain and for other health purposes. An ancient Chinese medical art that is around 5,000 years old, acupuncture is now one of the most popular forms of alternative medicines in the world.
Western medical acupuncture (WMA) evolved shortly after acupuncture was introduced in the West, particularly, the United States in the 1970s.  The traditional type of acupuncture called classical Chinese acupuncture (CCA) is grounded on the philosophies of Naturalism and Taoism, the latter whose founder is Lao Tse, also came from China.  CCA believes that the body’s health is controlled by the opposing but complementary energies of yin and yang.  These two energies comprise the person’s chi (vital force or life energy) which is similar to electricity’s positive and negative properties.  Yin and yang energy needs to relatively balance each other to maintain good health.  Imbalances between these two lead to pain and sickness. Acupuncture uses needles that are inserted in some of the identified 2000 acupuncture points in the body to correct these imbalances and reestablish the normal flow of chi in the meridians.
In contrast, the concepts of acupuncture points, chi, yin/yang and meridians among others are not used in WMA. Instead, WMA bases its rationale on the Western scientific disciplines of biochemistry, physiology and anatomy and believes that the accurate placement of needles activates the central nervous system to produce and secrete endorphins and other chemicals that help strengthen the immune system and remove pain.
There are also differences in how the needles are placed and the amount of needles needed for treatment.  WMA utilizes lesser amounts of needles than CCA and also less time needed leaving the needles in the patient’s body.  One would think that many doctors and other professional health care providers are now practicing acupuncture treatment on some of their patients that skepticism of the efficacy of the acupuncture treatment would vanish. Not so, in fact there are many skeptics of acupuncture in either form. These people remain skeptical even after countless studies and recorded cases of how acupuncture therapy is responsible for life altering results. Because of acupuncture, many people today have been able to enjoy good health and manage very well their chronic pain in a safe and natural way, have been able to stop their addictions, overcome extreme negative emotions and stress and have their infertility treated all without the use of drugs.
WMA believes that besides endorphins, steroids are also released during treatment that decrease swelling and that WMA is much more effective at managing pain than any drugs Western pharmaceutical corporations have produced.

Achieving Pregnancy with Acupuncture New York

Acupuncture New York is a very old albeit very effective treatment for many kinds of body pains and illnesses, which is done by stimulating the body by means of very thin needles.  The stimulation elicits a response on the brain to produce and release natural opioids such as endorphins to relieve pain.  Acupuncture is particularly effective for infertility problems and many couples have been able to conceive with the use of this program.

Acupuncture enables the body to heal itself in a natural manner.  It helps in regulating the functions of the various physiological systems of the body.  It does improve blood circulation to the endometrium and regulate hormonal balance.  Furthermore, acupuncture can increase the chance of success of reproductive assisted programs such as in vitro fertilization (IVF).  Acupuncture may not work on infertility problems that involve structural problems such as blocked tubes; however, spasmed tubes can easily be treated by acupuncture.  Acupuncture is often accompanied with herbal medicine to enhance the treatment and they are especially helpful in problems such as luteal phase defect, polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) problem or hyperprolactinemia.  Even male infertility (erectile dysfunction, bad sperm motility, low sperm count, etc.) can be addressed by acupuncture.  Acupuncture as natural form of treatment does not work instantly like medications do.  A few sessions or more may be needed to prepare the body for artificial insemination or a donor egg transfer.  These programs are extremely invasive and stressful by nature.  A woman who has undergone acupuncture prior to the start of these programs are well-prepared to emotionally, physically and mentally withstand the stresses these programs bring.
Acupuncture is a very safe treatment for infertility.  However, there are contraindications of acupuncture use during pregnancy especially if the acupuncturist is not experienced and not qualified to handle pregnancy cases, since treating wrong acupuncture points can induce miscarriage or premature delivery.  To be on the safe side, choose an acupuncturist who specializes in treating infertility for both man and woman.  One special technique called electro-acupuncture is great way to reduce labor pain and allow the patient to recuperate quickly.
Acupuncture, in combination with herbal medicine has been used for infertility treatment for thousands of years and there is no reason why it should not last for several thousands of years more. Acupuncture has given hope to millions of couples to have a baby of their own.  It can also improve one’s sex drive by removing stress, removing impotency and improving blood flow to the sex organ.  Stress is a major obstacle to achieving fertility since stress inhibits the flow of blood and energy causing the body organs to weaken and thus dysfunction.  Removing stress through acupuncture often brings good result in achieving fertility and other many good benefits to the body.