Acupuncture St Helens a Superior Alternative for Pain Relief

Practiced for 5000 years or more, acupuncture St Helens is now a worldwide treatment for many types of pain and ailments.

Acupuncture has its roots in naturalism and Taoism.  It believes that all living things have an energy called Qi or chi, (vital energy or life force) which gives life to all creatures.  Chi travels on 12 pathways called meridians, which are invisible networks that connect on one end to points in the skin called acupuncture points or acupoints and on the other end connect to the major organs and tissues of the body.  Acupuncture states that disease happens when chi becomes imbalanced.

With the use of ultra thin, stainless steel needles punctured into specific acupoints, acupuncture reestablishes smooth unhindered flow of chi throughout the body balancing and harmonizing body functions once again.  Patients feel a relaxed and revitalized feeling after the treatment.

Acupuncture treatment is endorsed by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and is even widely incorporated by health care providers, dentists and doctors in their practices all over the US.

The National Health Interview Survey released in 2002 a report showing the increase of acupuncture treatments rising from more than 2 million patients in 2001 to more than 8 million patients in 2002; a dramatic increase, which signifies not only the effectiveness of acupuncture in treating a host of illnesses but also in its natural and safe approach to health.

Every year, there is growing dissatisfaction in the results of conventional medicine towards health issues especially the problematic side effects pharmaceutical medications cause that sometimes are more toxic and destabilizing to the body than the illnesses they profess to cure.  This is one major reason why alternative treatments such as acupuncture are getting popular by the day.  One would rather opt for a non-toxic and safe relief from pain than anything else conventional medicine offers nowadays.

Acupuncture uses the body’s own chemicals like endorphins and enkephalins to relieve pain.  It controls the nervous system and the electromagnetic energy running through the body and uses them to treat common aliments and conditions.  The ailments and conditions that acupuncture effectively addresses includes: asthma, carpal tunnel syndrome, obesity, arthritis, menstrual cramps, back pain, infertility, tennis elbow, cold, migraines, sinusitis and behavioral and chemical addictions among others.

The lethality of prescription drugs can be observed by the number of them being taken out of circulation every day due to many complaints of their toxicity and by the number of lawsuits filed by patients and their families against the companies that make these drugs.  The realization that these drugs cause more harm than good have begun to sink in, in this day and age and people have started to realize that there are better natural alternatives around that give better results.

The Safety of Acupuncture New York Treatment

Envisioning a treatment where several needles are inserted into one’s skin is not really appealing to many people.  However, acupuncture New York, a treatment where 4 or more needles are applied in the skin in certain parts of the body is a treatment that has been practiced in China for thousands of years is a treatment most effective in ironically relieving many kinds of painful ailments.

Traditional Chinese medicine or TCM, which acupuncture is an integral part of believes that a network of invisible energy pathways called meridians that carry life-giving energy called chi crisscrosses the body.  The meridians occasionally are blocked due to stress and other destabilizing factors, which prevent chi from energizing and nourishing the other body parts.  This causes disorders such as malabsorption of vitamins and minerals, indigestion, weak blood circulation and aches and pains to arise in the undernourished parts of the body.  TCM states that the insertion of needles at specific points called acupuncture points or acupoints causes chi to be redirected to other pathways and this rectifies the problem.

With regards to safety, in the hands of an able and experienced acupuncturist, acupuncture is a very safe treatment for many kinds of disorders.  The application of needles may cause some patients to experience slight light headedness, bruises or minor bleeding.  The needles should be new, stainless sterile and disposable needles to prevent cross infection.  They are applied in a way that does not result in any kind of nerve damage.

In many respects, acupuncture treatment is superior to medication treatment.  Prescription drugs are laden with toxins, which causes side effects and are hard to excrete.  The toxins may accumulate in the liver causing liver and kidney damage in the future.  Acupuncture does not use any kind of medications and hence does not cause renal or liver damage nor any side effects.  Some patients may react to acupuncture treatment in a way that affects their emotional state, urination and bowel rhythm, sleep and appetite.  These are not bad signs as they are indications that acupuncture is positively working.

As a rule, acupuncture is not given to young children or to pregnant women as it may result in premature delivery.  Acupuncture is so potent that generally very young children are unable to tolerate it.  There are indeed risks in acupuncture treatment and saying otherwise is not true.  However, with the advent of new technologies such as electromagnetic wave therapy, modern technology is making acupuncture a safe form of treatment for everyone.  In this age of seeking out exotic natural homeopathic eastern modalities, acupuncture will always be a popular option because of its holistic and natural approach to sickness and effectiveness in treating a wide array of disorders and pain.

Acupuncture Philadelphia Cures Depression

Depression is a blight on American society.  There were 8 million souls who ended their depression by committing suicide last year.  Others have opted a less radical but still harmful approach to their depression by taking addictive medications with a litany of harmful side effects.  However, these medications are meant to merely mask and suppress the symptoms of depression.  They were never intended to cure the patient of his/her depression.  The abrupt stoppage of using these drugs often makes the depression even worse and leaves the patient prone to abuse them.

Now a popular treatment for many types of pain being completely safe and highly effective, acupuncture has also proven to be an excellent treatment for depression. Acupuncture Philadelphia does more than antidepressants; it also repairs the underlying problems that engender depression.

What makes acupuncture a safe treatment is that it is a natural therapy for many types of disorders, which does not use drug medications and does not have any side effects.   Acupuncture for pain treatment or pain management has gained worldwide popularity due to its potency.  It also is now popularly known as well for its effectiveness in correcting mood disorders.

Both Western medical science and traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) believe that stress is the chief cause of depression.  According to TCM perspective, vital energy also known as chi, travels around the body through networks of passageways called meridians.  If chi delivery is blocked in the meridians due to stress, the resultant effect will be the rise of depression.  The job of the acupuncturist is to take away the blockage by removing stress out of the mind and enable chi to travel unimpeded once again.  Hence, instead of feeling low and depressed, acupuncture treatment makes the person feel relaxed, tranquil, reenergized and happy.  Typically, acupuncture treatments for depression will have a noticeable effect on the patients after 2 to 5 sessions.  Acupuncture addresses emotional extremes such depression and anxiety.  It also removes the symptoms (fatigue, sleeplessness, etc.) of these conditions.

Acupuncture treats depression by stimulating the brain to release natural painkillers such as endorphins and enkephalins to neutralize the stress in the mind and control neurotransmitters that send out pain signals from the brain.  Besides controlling pain and stress, acupuncture also improves blood circulation to the undernourished part of the body reinvigorating those parts and raising the overall energy level of the body.

If one started out with antidepressants for their depression, acupuncture can help that person cut down slowly on his/her medications until intake and dependence of them ceases completely.  Also, if the patient does not wish to end his medication intake, acupuncture can help complement it by helping the body detoxify the harmful ingredients of those drugs.

Sciatica Pain and Bellevue Acupuncture

Sciatica is increasingly becoming a particular health issue as more and more people nowadays are suffering from it.  The conventional way to address sciatica is pain medications; however, there are other more effective so-called alternative treatments for the symptoms of this disorder. Bellevue Acupuncture is one of them.

Acupuncture has been around for thousands of years benefiting countless number of Chinese for millennia.  It has been validated as an effective treatment for the painful and distressing symptoms of sciatica.  As a form of alternative medicine, acupuncture is a totally safe and non-invasive type of treatment.  Acupuncture does not deal in surgery in any of its procedures nor does it use harmful pharmaceutical products that guarantee side effects.  It has a completely natural approach to healthcare and health maintenance.  Acupuncture uses reed thin needles inserted at certain points in the body called acupuncture points or acupoints.  These points are connected to energy networks called meridians, which transport chi all over the body.  Chi is the Chinese word for vital energy of life force and this is the energy that gives life to the body.  The meridians sometimes develop blockages that hinder the flow of chi.  When this happens, illnesses such as sciatica arise.  Acupuncture needles are applied to the acupoints to remove the blockage and allow chi to flow unhindered once again taking away pain and restoring the body to good health once more.

There are numerous witnesses to acupuncture’s potency in treating sciatica all who were former sufferers of this disorder.  They swear to the effectiveness of acupuncture in taking away the pain, distress and the other symptoms of sciatica.

Sciatica is a painful sensation that originates from the buttocks and radiates down to the legs with pain especially great on the lower back region.  The pain is caused by muscle spasm and stiffness near the sciatic nerve.  The spasm and stiffness may be due to aging and/or lack of exercise.  Another symptom of sciatica is numbness around the sciatica nerve.  A slipped vertebral disc causes this particular symptom.  Actually, sciatica is caused by the pressure and pinch of a slipped or herniated disc on it.  Acupuncture takes away the pain, and muscle spasm and stiffness if the affected area taking away the nerve pain.

Besides removing sciatica pain, other benefits one gets from acupuncture is the improvement in blood circulation on the spine and lumbar region.  The muscles are also nourished properly by the enhancement of blood flow in those muscles helping the muscles to wind down and loosen up.  Acupuncture adds vitality to the person’s body, which goes with the improvement in blood circulation.  Inadvertently, a person can lead a more active life because of an increase in energy from the treatment.  Rather than taking pain medications that leads to side effects and renal problems, acupuncture can be a better and safer treatment for sciatica.

High Cholesterol and Acupuncture Seattle

The United States has one of the highest rates of high cholesterol in the world today.  The public is misinformed that high triglycerides and high cholesterol are the causes of heart attacks and the narrowing of the blood vessels.  The truth is that there is a dysfunction in the body that impairs its ability to efficiently breakdown, metabolize or absorb lipoproteins (cholesterol).  This impairment causes cholesterol to rise in the blood, which often results in hypertension or worse heart attacks.

Western medical science does not make it a point to address the root causes of cholesterol accumulation; instead, it is merely there to offer people medications that relieve the symptoms.  What usually cause the poor functioning of cholesterol absorption or breakdown are the physiological factor and nutritional choices of the individual.  The body’s metabolism slows down as people reach the age of 40 and poor metabolism almost always leads to inefficient cholesterol breakdown.  Added to that, eating junk and fatty foods adds more to cholesterol intake, which the body has to deal with eventually.    Instead of trying to find ways to help the body’s metabolism work optimally, Western medicine instead manufactures statin medications laden with very harmful toxins that cause serious side effects, which merely addresses the symptoms.  Acupuncture Seattle and other modalities of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) offer a better way to solve this health problem without the risk of any side effects.

Nutritional/dietary and lifestyle modifications are very important in the reduction of one’s cholesterol.  If the body is already inefficiently absorbing cholesterol, it is probably a good time to assist one’s body by not adding more substances that burdens it even more.

For those with high triglycerides or high cholesterol a good way to help the body is to consume foods rich in fiber such as bran and oats, fruits, low cholesterol foods such as fresh water fish and garlic or garlic supplements.  Garlic is very effective in lowering one’s cholesterol level.  Tea, green, black or oolong, is also a very healthy non-cholesterol beverage.  Minerals and vitamins such as niacin, lecithin, chromium picolinate and omega 3 fish oils among others also help decrease cholesterol in the body.  Substances and foods to avoid when one has high cholesterol include the aforementioned greasy/fatty foods, red meats, cheese, beer, tobacco and soda.  Plant sterols also help in cholesterol reduction by helping the intestines reabsorb the accumulated cholesterol for excretion from the body.

Acupuncture and herbal remedies essentially addresses not only the symptoms of high cholesterol and its consequences (hypertension, etc.) but the underlying factors as well. After two or three months of treatment, the patient’s cholesterol levels starts to taper off.  Acupuncture, herbal medicine and a change in lifestyle and diet are all means to lower one’s cholesterol level and enjoy a healthy happy life.

Electronic Acupoint Marlton Therapy

Does electromagnetic acupuncture aka acupoint therapy really improve one’s sex life? Well, asking that question from a growing number of males and females who swear that acupoint therapy treated their erectile dysfunction (ED) and/or boosted their libido and made their sexual life better then ever will surely convince even the most hardened skeptic of the therapy’s potency.  Moreover, acupoint therapy is also used to improve fertility for both male and female.

Acupuncture Louisville is known to improve blood circulation to the various body systems. Enhanced circulation to the genitals helps in the improvement of sexual performance and pleasure.  It also improves and sustains erection, stamina and libido. Blood flow is essential for the body’s growth and function.  It is not an exaggeration to state that many people who have had acupuncture are able to enjoy and perform sex more ably and satisfactorily.

Electronic acupuncture gadgets are becoming popular items in the market these days.  These gadgets are meant for home use and people can use them in the comfort of their own home for many types of reasons.  What’s more, this type of acupuncture also known as a magnetic wave therapy gadget does not use needles to stimulate electromagnetic energy in the body.  Acupoint therapy is a modern form of acupuncture where 21st century technology meets ancient Chinese medicine.  Similar to traditional acupuncture, acupoint therapy is used for energy and overall wellness, pain management, PMS, fertility problems and ED.

Acupoint therapy removes energy blockages in the body and when the energy networks are unimpeded, the body’s health increases and the energy levels of the body are amped to an optimal degree.  Hence, the increase of libido and sexual performance are expected, which translates to a great sexual life.

If one is experiencing sexual problems, it is better to consult one’s doctor first before embarking on acupoint therapy or any type of acupuncture.  One might be on medications or have medical issues that may contraindicate the use of acupuncture for sexual or any type of problems.  Many physicians are aware of the potency and benefits of acupuncture especially for chemical and behavioral addiction, pain relief and management and for disorders caused by stress (depression and anxiety) as well as for overall health maintenance.  For better sexual performance, Western medicine’s answers to a better sexual life are Viagra and Cialis and both are used only for male consumption.  These drugs like any other drug produced by pharmaceutical companies have toxins that cause side effects and renal damage when used in the long-term.

Magnetic wave therapy is very useful and practical.  Whether one wants to improve their sex life or have some other health concerns or just want to maintain their good health, magnetic wave therapy is a very effective tool for addressing one’s health concerns.

Electromagnetic Wave Therapy

An unhealthy lifestyle as well as poor nutrition can cause the weakening of the immune system.  Poor sleeping and eating habits, smoking, alcoholism, drug abuse among other factors can compromise immune functions and make the body susceptible to diseases and illnesses.  When conventional modalities are incapable of restoring one’s health, one can avail of the wonderful benefits of acupuncture especially as a way to boost the immune system and make it working in optimal mode once again.

Acupuncture has benefited the Chinese for thousands of years as a potent treatment for several of their ailments.  Acupuncture is part of traditional Chinese medicine whose working philosophy is premised on the principle that the body possesses a network or pathways of energy where chi or vital energy travels; a blockage in the meridians causes illness and pain. Meridians connect to all body parts from the bones to the major organs and also to the emotional and mental aspects of the individual.

To unblock the energy pathways acupuncture is applied to the affected meridians.  The needles used are hair thin stainless steel needles inserted into specific skin sites called acupoints. A new acupuncture technique called electromagnetic wave therapy uses a gadget, which transports electromagnetic pulses on acupoints located on the palms, wrist and hand.  This type of acupuncture is non-invasive and, like acupuncture utilizing needles, ably improves immune functions and helps in the treatment of ailments and diseases.

Viruses and bacteria are just some of the culprits causing illnesses.  Some other notable causes are fatigue, anxiety, depression and stress.  When the body is tired and weary, energy blockages start to develop compromising one’s immunity and the body’s strength to resist viruses and bacteria.

Electromagnetic wave therapy is used on the hand and wrist to stimulate biochemical processes that enable the body to resolve its energy imbalances.  The impulses generated by electromagnetic wave therapy is received by the acupoint and travels in the meridians up to the energy blockage where then the blockage is removed by the impulses.  Energy, blood, white blood cells, antibodies and all vital nutrients are then free to travel and nourish the areas affected.  The result will be a healthier immune system capable of warding off illnesses and diseases efficiently.

Electromagnetic wave therapy can be used as a supplement to mainstream western medicine modalities.  It is a needle less therapy therefore painless and is handily utilized for the prevention or recurrence of sicknesses.  This therapy is very appealing for all people since it works the same as acupuncture using electromagnetic energy to heal the body but it is a more painless approach to health compared to traditional acupuncture.  Boosting the immune system this way makes health maintenance a lot more fun and less painful.

Acupuncture St Helens and Menopause

Women experiencing menopause can avail of the benefits of acupuncture St Helens in treating menopausal symptoms.   Instead of undergoing hormone replacement therapy (HRT), the ancient Chinese medical art of acupuncture is the less painful and noninvasive way to handle one’s menopause.  Would one rather take prescription medicine such as Premarin that causes a litany of side effects or take the natural approach of acupuncture that does not have any side effects whatsoever and gives the same, if not better, relief from menopausal symptoms?  Transition to menopause with the help of acupuncture takes away night sweats and hot flashes.  Acupuncture also improves overall mood, provides better pleasure and intimate moisture and improves sleep.

There are over 2000 acupuncture points or acupoints all over the body.   Connected to these points are meridians or energy pathways that transport vital energy throughout the body.  The vital energy provides energy balance and improves the functions of the body systems.  Acupuncture is about using sterilized, disposable hair thin needles inserted in the acupoints to stimulate biochemical reactions in the body.  Acupuncturists often use other modalities such as meditation, exercise or massage and herbs in conjunction with acupuncture to better and facilitate the treatment process.  Acupuncture is a relatively painless procedure but which can cause a tingling sensation as the needles are inserted in the skin.

Acupuncture bases its belief that the endocrine system functions as a result of yin and yang forces.  The relative balance of yin and yang in the endocrine system normalizes and regulates endocrine function.  Yang energy is the active or fire principle while yin is the passive or water principle.  Without the active principle, there is no passive principle and vice versa.  A deficiency in yin energy (which menopause essentially is about) results in irritability, night sweats, hot flashes, etc.

Thus, the job of the acupuncturist is to revitalize and replenish the yin through acupuncture and certain herbs allowing for the restoration of the relative balance of the two forces inside the body.

One study done last year observed how acupuncture diminishes the occurrence of hot flashes in women with menopause by a third.  The study also recorded that even after the acupuncture treatments ended, the women still experienced fewer hot flashes.

Acupuncture for menopausal symptoms has benefits beyond merely normalizing hormonal production.  These other benefits include relief from muscle pain, improved function of the cardiovascular system, relief from depression, insomnia, better appetite and increased vitality.

For women entering or who are in their golden years, living a life without experiencing menopausal symptoms means a better quality of life filled with potential, promise and fulfillment.  Menopause is a natural phase in a woman’s life.  The only thing not natural is taking medications that in the long term destroy health.  Approach this wonderful phase of life with the natural and safe remedy of acupuncture.

Acupuncture Miami Treatment

As far as anyone knows, acupuncture Miami started in China thousands of years ago. It is a part of traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and like the rest of the TCM modalities; acupuncture is a holistic type of treatment.  TCM and acupuncture believes that the body is fueled by chi, or vital life and that chi is composed of two opposing but complementary forces of yin and yang, similar to the positive and negative force in electricity.  The major organs in the body are split between yin and yang organs.  Solid organs are associated with yin and the hollow organs with yang.  The body and particularly the organs are in balance and harmony when yin and yang forces balance each other.  The balance can be disrupted when blockage of chi occurs on the meridians, energy pathways that transport chi energy all over the body, and the affected organs are not nourished with chi energy and become yin or yang energy deficient.  Acupuncture then is applied to the blocked meridians to allow again the smooth flow of chi to those energy deficient organs, which then restores energy balance among the organs of the body.

Acupuncture is needed to ensure that the body’s energy is balanced and if not helps the body to achieve balance.  Body pain, injury, sickness or aches are always a sign of an imbalance and therefore, acupuncture is effective in treating these problems.   Acupuncture is very effective in treating conditions such as arthritis, PMS, flu, tendonitis, whiplash, upper and low back pain, migraines and headaches among others.

An acupuncturist has a different way of coming up with a diagnosis.  He/she uses palpation, olfaction, auscultation and inspection as well as patient querying regarding his/her condition.  Inspection means analyzing the tongue and face.  According to TCM, the tongue’s coating, color, tension, size and shape manifest certain imbalances in the body.  Olfaction and auscultation implies that the smell and sound which the body produce tells a lot about his state of health and querying the patient gives the acupuncturist valuable information of the whys and wherefores of the ailment.  Finally, palpation is done to locate the areas of soreness and the strength or weakness of the body’s pulses.

Based on the findings of these procedures, an accurate diagnosis can be made and will decide what acupuncture points are to be treated.  The needles used are stainless steel, hair thin needles that are disposable to prevent infection.   The upper part of the needle may be covered with plastic or wire as this part is held on by the acupuncturist while piercing the needle into the skin.  The needles may be inserted at the sore points at about 3-5mm deep.  A slight tingling sensation may be felt as the needles are inserted but this immediately disappears and replaced with a relaxing sensation that gives instant pain removal.