Acupuncture Seattle and Premature Ejaculation

Being a quite sensitive topic, few people are aware that the problem of premature ejaculation (PE) is the most commonly reported sexual complaint of men and couples.   The origin of PE is still undetermined.  PE usually is a complaint of younger inexperienced males but it can also be associated with causes such as the use of certain drugs and medications that affect male virility and sexual performance.  Other experts also think that its cause maybe mostly psychological and triggered by strong emotions such as stress, guilt, or fear.   Several treatment approaches are available for PE; however if one wants a natural 100% safe and affective approach, acupuncture is the treatment for you.  Acupuncture Seattle is a very effective therapy for PE.  It has been used as treatment for a number of male sexual dysfunction cases and PE is one of them.

Ancient Chinese texts have discussed the equality and harmony of the sexual relationship between men and women – intercourse between a man and a woman pertains to the equal exchange of yin and yang.  These texts emphasize moderation in sex since excessive intercourse can exhaust these creatures of their resources.  The text describes the methods wherein each partner can satisfy each other optimally emotionally and intimately.   Desire is the barometer of strong sexual health and a low libido can be seen as an aggregation of negative extreme emotions.  For patients who are not satisfied with conventional therapies or who want to try an exotic approach, acupuncture could offer excellent therapeutic options.  Upon consultation, the acupuncturist performs an exhaustive evaluation of the patient, including assessment of the patient’s spirit and where the specific acupuncture points are located on the patient’s body for treatment.

Most acupuncturists use electro acupuncture for their patients suffering PE.  Electro acupuncture is a very potent tool for this disorder.  The aim of this treatment is to minimize pain and balance the patient’s chi.  During the course of the treatment, the patient feels relaxed and comfortable.  A treatment session usually lasts between 30 and 60 minutes.  Many patients report an improvement in their PE after three or four treatments.   Acupuncture can be complemented by herbal medicine, Qi Gong, massage and cupping.  Another technique that is quite effective for PE is the Aung Conjoint Sexual Alignment Therapy.  This therapy is truly holistic in its approach as it involves the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of an individual.  If the patient has a partner, she is encouraged   to participate in the treatment since her participation makes the therapy more effective.  This approach involves the couple lying next to each other with palms touching to allow electrical currents to pass between them.  They are both wired and connected to a machine that emits low-intensity electrical current and with that current flowing through each other, they balance their energy for sexual satisfaction.

Acupuncture Treatment for Urticaria

Mainstream treatment (antihistamines or a corticosteroid drug) for hives is focused in relieving the distressing and itchy symptoms. With acupuncture, many people are realizing it to be a treatment not only for symptomatic relief but also for a solution to the underlying imbalances that caused this condition and to stop recurrent outbreaks for the last time. Hives or urticaria are inflamed red bumps or welts on the skin that appear suddenly. It has an itchy sensation and some people may even report stinging or burning sensations. Hives can occur in the hands, face, including lips, tongue, ears and in the throat. Hives are an allergic reaction to a number of things. Some of these are allergy to certain foods and food additives, extreme emotions, sunlight and medications. Hives can last for just a few minutes, a few hours or they can persist for several weeks. Hives are rarely a cause for emergency attention but they can be distressful like causing shock and breathing difficulties. Treatment of hives is focused on the easing of symptoms, particularly, itching. Medications such as over-the-counter or prescription antihistamines are commonly used. When antihistamines fail, corticosteroids may be prescribed. In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), hives are seen as wind invading the skin and the energy pathways, causing itching and inflammation. When the skin disorders are red, it is a sign of wind and heat involvement. When the skin disorders are pale pink or white it means that wind-cold factors influences the skin. The diagnosis will determine the acupuncture points to be treated with needles, the herbs to be used and the lifestyle recommendations to be followed.

Acupuncture treatment always aims to treat the root cause and the symptoms of urticaria by giving prompt relief from the symptoms (itching and inflammation) while normalizing the imbalances and triggers that are causing the problem.

While many different acupuncture points can be potentially treated, the sites chosen are contingent on the manifested symptoms and the state of one’s health. Below are some sites commonly used to treat hives:

Spleen 10 (SP 10) – This point is one of the key sites in the body for skin problems such as eczema and hives.

Large Intestine 11 (LI 11) – This point has meridians that aid in removing wind and heat from the body and minimizing swelling.

A study done at the Isfahan University in Iran observed how acupuncture effectively treats chronic urticaria. Forty students of which half were given genuine acupuncture treatment while the other half were given sham acupuncture treatments for 3 weeks showed that acupuncture reduced the frequency and duration of urticaria by 25% as opposed to those given sham acupuncture. Majority of the acupuncture treated patients experienced partial relief of symptoms. The researchers also saw that upon the third week the optimal effect of the treatment was realized.

Acupuncture Marlton and Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a skin disease that manifests as scaly skin that is quite visually unpleasant. A lot of people have discovered the effectiveness of acupuncture in treating psoriasis.  Because it is rather unpleasant to look at, people (especially young adults and teens) with psoriasis can suffer from poor self-esteem and social stigma.  Psoriasis can affect small or large areas on the body.  The cause of psoriasis is yet unknown although it is known to be hereditary and can skip a generation or two.  The problem starts when cell production abnormally grows that a massive buildup of skin cells results in a scale effect.  No one knows yet the explanation of this scaling of skin cells but many assume it is related to the immune function of the body.  Psoriasis is considered to be severe when 30% or more of the body suffers from it and those that have psoriasis have a likely chance of having psoriatic arthritis.  Psoriasis has a number of triggers that can cause its flare-up.  It can remain dormant for a considerable amount of time but when it is triggered, recurrence usually is experienced.  These triggers are stress, food allergies, alcohol (strangely, only men who drink alcohol can have psoriasis) and smoking.  Acupuncture Louisville was invented in China and has been used to treat a number of disorders for over 2000 years.  It is influenced by Taoism believing that the universe and the human being should have a balance of the opposing but complementary forces of yin and yang.

When yin-yang balance is lost, health problems in the body, mind and emotions occur.  Chi or the life force flows unimpeded throughout the body in a balance of yin and yang along energy pathways called meridians.  When chi is obstructed along these pathways, health problems develop. The acupuncturist inserts reed-thin metallic needles to remove the blockage enabling the life-energy to flow normally again enabling the body to self heal.  Acupuncture has shown to be an effective cure for psoriasis.  There are more cases showing that acupuncture has been more effective in curing this disease than traditional medicine.  More studies are being conducted to give concrete direct evidence of acupuncture’s benefit in treating psoriasis to show that it does treat this disorder beyond reasonable doubt.  One of the most potent ways that acupuncture combats psoriasis is acupuncture’s effectiveness in relieving anxiety.  Anxiety is one of the major triggers of psoriasis.  It is known that acupuncture releases endorphins.  Endorphins may be a factor in blocking some swelling mechanisms involved in psoriasis or could possibly help certain neural actions that trigger psoriasis from occurring.  Acupuncture treatment used for psoriasis can be the traditional type, electro-acupuncture or even laser acupuncture.  Treatment may least for 30 minutes to an hour.

Pediatric Acupuncture Seattle

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has been helping children live healthy lives for thousands of years.  TCM is a very safe, effective alternative treatment for children.  It can be a capable form of treatment for acute and chronic conditions and is a perfect type of pediatric medicine.  TCM, specifically pediatric TCM specializes in children’s health and a practitioner who heals children will have done specialized studies of pediatric TCM.  Common pediatric health issues for which pediatric TCM is known to effectively treat are respiratory problems such as flu and colds, asthma and pneumonia among others.  For digestive problems, pediatric TCM can treat stomach disorders, constipation, vomiting, diarrhea and teething to mention a few.  TCM can cure sleeping disorders, hyperactivity, dyslexia and difficulties in learning.  Pediatric TCM can enhance the emotional health of the child.  It raises a child’s spirit, makes him easily disposed to joy and gives the child vigor and vitality.  Pediatric TCM can help children grow up properly and help them adjust through the many changes they will encounter in their young lives.  When consulting with an acupuncturist for the first time, the acupuncturist will first physically examine the child.  The acupuncturist will then talk to the child and parent regarding the symptoms suffered by the child.  The first visit takes typically 30-45 minutes long.  After hearing the child’s complaint, the acupuncture through observing, querying and listening can gather enough information to determine a diagnosis according to the tenets of pediatric TCM.  After diagnosis, the acupuncturist will decide what best treatment plan to give the child.  Treatment may be with acupuncture solely or acupuncture combined with other complementary modalities to ensure that optimal treatment benefits the child.

Usually pediatric acupuncture Seattle treatments last for a short time.  Fine needles are introduced at certain parts of the child’s body.  Children often instantly feel the effect of the treatment.  They usually feel a sense of comfort and relaxation and many begin to feel better immediately.  Some acupuncturists have observed that acupuncture treatment for children younger than 7 years of age is rarely given because acupuncture has a very powerful effect on younger children as they are usually very sensitive at those ages.  Older children usually are more resilient and have developed a stronger body to tolerate the effects of acupuncture.  Furthermore, their health and ailment patterns are clearly delineated and developed at those ages. These children are better able to handle the potent effects of acupuncture.  Still, the acupuncturist needs caution and prudence when dealing with children of all ages since children react to acupuncture treatment in different ways.  Acupuncture needles are regulated and approved by United States Food and Drug Association and are classified as medical tools.  All acupuncturists are mandated to use sterilized and disposable needles to prevent infection and contamination.

Acupuncture Marlton and Thyroid Problems

Women are more prone to suffer from hyperthyroid problems.  About 50% of thyroid diseases are either hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism with hypothyroidism as being the most common. All types of thyroid diseases, however, stem from poor autoimmune function.  Western medicine can only fashion drugs that partially relieve the symptoms.  It is therefore wise to look for better alternative treatments.  Acupuncture Louisville is one such treatment.  Acupuncture is part of traditional Chinese medicine used for treating a number of health problems in China for more than 2500 years.  Today, people worldwide to treat and prevent diseases and to enhance emotional, mental and physical health use acupuncture. Acupuncture is founded on the belief that energy called chi circulates throughout the body along networks of energy pathways called meridians.  When meridians develop blockages, chi flow is hindered and pain or illness starts to happen.  Acupuncture involves inserted hair thin needles along certain points where meridians connect to regain normal flow of energy.  The World Health Organization has verified the effectiveness of acupuncture in treating over forty diseases and thyroid illness is included.  For certain types of health problems, acupuncture becomes more potent when combined with a technique known as moxibustion.  Moxibustion involves burning a small amount of moxa (mugwort) and suspending it above the needles. As the herb burns, it emits a pleasant, floral smell.  The burning herb never touches the body to prevent skin burning.

Safety is one of the main concerns of an acupuncturist.  Many people are worried that needles used in treatment are never replaced thus allowing the possibility of infection.  A good acupuncturist uses only new, packaged, sterile single-use disposable FDA-regulated needles per patient.  In addition, an acupuncturist is trained to utilize Chinese medicinal herbs and often uses them to enhance the potency of the acupuncture treatment.  However, many herbs possess strong chemical effects that can be detrimental to a person suffering a certain condition – some herbs can also combine with medications that can cause harmful side effects.  The acupuncturist then needs to know the medical history of the patient to determine what particular treatment approach to use and what specific herbs not to use on the patient.  Many studies have shown the success of acupuncture in curing hypothyroidism.  A study done in Shanghai showed that 32 patients suffering from hypothyroidism were given acupuncture treatments for over a year combined with Chinese herbs to energize the kidney meridian.  The results of this study were collated with a control group and they showed a considerable thyroid improvement of the group treated with acupuncture.  The study concluded that hypothyroidism is directly connected to a deficiency in kidney energy.  A deficiency in kidney energy also weakens the immune functions of the body.

Acupuncture St Helens and Pregnancy-related Anemia

Many expectant mothers experience anemia during pregnancy.  These mothers usually had infertility issues prior to their pregnancy and these issues arose from their anemia which under nourished the developing eggs and caused irregular menstruation.  When pregnancy occurs, blood deficiency exacerbates because the placenta needs large amounts of blood to nourish the baby, hence anemia oftentimes occurs during pregnancy.  Anemia is often regarded as iron scarcity in the blood.  However, the fact is there are a number of anemia types:  iron deficiency anemia, sickle cell anemia, thalassameia, and pernicious anemia.  Blood is composed of red colored cells called hemoglobin among others.  Hemoglobin in turn is composed of iron and a protein called globin.  Hemoglobin is responsible for transporting oxygen throughout the body.  A lack of hemoglobin then means a weakening of the body and manifests as extreme tiredness, respiration difficulty, paleness, heart palpitations and a weak immune system.

Iron deficiency anemia is caused by diet lacking in iron and poor iron absorption because of lack of vital nutrients that are key to proper iron absorption.  Sickle cell and Thalassameia are inherent in some races caused by disorders in the hemoglobin itself.  Pernicious anemia is caused by lack of vitamin B12.  Most people have difficulty absorbing B12 and therefore also have difficulty absorbing enough iron.  Poor diet is almost often the cause for lack of B12 or a disorder in stomach function.  Women are prone to some of these anemia types.  Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) usually diagnose anemia through its symptoms but sees them all as due to chi and blood deficiency. The main organs responsible for blood production are the spleen and kidneys.

TCM believes that the kidneys manufacture blood as its Yin essence is transformed into blood. The spleen is believed to change food and water into chi and blood. An energy weakness in any of these two organs will affect the heart and liver and will manifest on symptoms such as fatigue, strong heartbeats, vertigo or shortness of breath.  Acupuncture St Helens treatment for anemia has demonstrated in case studies to strengthen the immune functions of the female and combined with better nutrition was able to treat the deficiency of the kidneys and spleen and the problems of the heart and liver connected to the energy deficiency of the kidneys and spleen.

Diet apart from acupuncture is hugely important in treating pregnancy-related anemia and is sure to be advised or recommended by one’s acupuncturist for the anemia problem. Herbal supplements and iron rich foods are highly recommended.  For spleen energy deficiency, intake of grains and warm soups and stews are ideal to boost energy.  Foods to be avoided are raw or cold foods and foods rich in calories such as milk products, sweets, fruit juice, melon, pork and soy.

Acupuncture and Hamstring Injury

Hamstring injuries affect many individuals engaging in physical activities that entail running like track, football, soccer or tennis among others.  However, hamstring injuries can also happen to walkers and hikers.  Overland Park acupuncture therapy is an effective treatment for many types of hamstring injuries.  No less than Boston Red Sox pitcher Hideki Okajima has undergone sessions of acupuncture for treatment of his hamstring injury.  Hamstring strains can be due to many factors.  For some athletes inadequate warm ups such as stretching exercises can cause hamstring injuries.  Some athletes having muscle imbalances between the quadriceps and hamstring muscles are more susceptible to hamstring injury.  In order to avoid hamstring injuries, the National Football League have now mandated that players have hamstring strength 75% to that of the quadriceps.  The hamstring is more prone to injury in activities where foot speed, abrupt changes of direction or abrupt slowing is required. Athletes already suffering from low back or hip pain are prone to injure the hamstring as well as their bodies try to compensate for those problems.

A tear of the hamstring muscles is traditionally misnamed a “pulled hamstring”.  There are three types and degrees of hamstring problems.  In a grade I injury, the individual suffers from muscle soreness and tenderness at certain sites.  This injury consists of a mild strain with overextended muscle fibers in throbbing pain.  The person may not feel pain during activity but felt upon the end of his activity.  A grade II injury may involve a tearing sensation felt at the back of the thigh and difficulty in bending the knee.  A grade III injury means that there is a tear or injury to the tendon.  Swelling, bruising and a depression may be felt in the area involved.  This type of injury can only be remedied by surgery.  Acupuncture can effectively treat grade I and mild grade II injuries.  Acupuncture mitigates muscle spasm, decreases swelling and repairs flexibility to the muscle tissue.  Acupuncture also enhances blood circulation to the injured tissues to expedite healing.  Severe grade II and grade III injuries are beyond the ability of an acupuncturist.  An experienced orthopedic physician best takes care of these injuries.  However, to ease the pain and swelling of these injuries and to facilitate healing, acupuncture care can also be utilized.

Many athletes who have suffered from hamstring injuries become susceptible to hamstring injury reoccurrence because of scar tissue formation at the injured area, which causes the muscles to become less tensile and elastic.  Acupuncture treatment coupled with fiber massage therapy can help the scar tissues recover its tensile strength and elasticity.  With proper acupuncture treatment under an experienced and qualified professional, hamstring injuries can be treated and reoccurrences of them can be avoided.

Acupuncture Miami and Acne

Acne is a skin condition where pores become obstructed due to excess glandular secretion of sebum. The sebum accumulates in the pores and this leads to a bacterial infection of the gland.  People affected by this disorder usually avail of the myriad over-the-counter skin medications in the local drugstore, many of them purporting (but failing) to cure their acne.  Acne affects the social and personal life of a person and lowers their self-esteem.  It is an affliction that starts in the pores and hair follicles of the face, chest and shoulders.  Acne is really a visible evidence of one’s body fighting a disease or ailment and this battle between bacteria and body shows itself in the form of swollen reddish welts with a pus-filled core.

There are six types of pimples:

1. Whiteheads – These are sub dermal pimples and manifest as white spots with no typical blemish head.

2. Blackheads – Also called comedo.  Blemishes with black-tipped surface composed of sebum.

3. Papules – Bumpy headless blemishes with a somewhat pinkish hue.

4. Pustules – Blemishes full of pus sometimes oozing out of the skin.

5. Nodules – Painful blemishes with abundant concentration of pus deep in the skin.

6. Cysts – Pimples akin to boils.  Cysts are deep painful sub dermal blemishes that can cause scarring when not treated properly.

Almost 20 million Americans suffer from acne.  It is the most common skin disease for teens and young adults and people of all ages and race can suffer from this disease.  Fortunately, by the age of 30, the affliction usually heals by itself.   There are unlucky ones whose acne persist even after reaching 30, 40 or even 50 years old.  Acne can be due to a lot of factors.  The most common causes are hormonal irregularity or imbalance, puberty, hormonal imbalances due to pregnancy, use of contraceptives, allergies due to medication, high concentration of testosterone, application of steroids in the body, excessive and prolonged use of facial cosmetics.  Some people have discovered the effectiveness of acupuncture in treating acne.  Acupuncture Miami is part of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and is a safe and natural form of treatment for various kinds of disorders including acne.  It is a preferred treatment when a person suffers from allergies using acne medications or antibiotics.  Acupuncture works by correcting the imbalances in the body and by removing obstacles that hinder energy or chi flow.  Usually acne treatment with acupuncture may take weeks with three or more sessions a week.  The acupuncturist would also advise the patient of a change of lifestyle and diet, usually advising for a cessation of smoking, less stressful lifestyle and less oily food.  Acupuncture treatment may also be combined with herbal medicine therapy to optimize and speed up the treatment process.