Classifying Autism Using Chinese Medicine

One of the most common forms of brain development disorder, autism strikes one in every 166 child. Children diagnosed with autism often have auto immune problems and weak immune systems. While conventional Western medicine describes autism as a condition in which a child exhibits the following impairments: repetitive behavior; limited interest; speech; and poor communication and social skills, traditional Chinese medicine views autism as a health issue caused by middle burner stagnation, five weakness, and five delays.

1. Wuchi or Five delays also means five types of retardation represented in the delay of

a) Speaking
b) Hair growth
c) Speaking
d) Walking
e) Standing
f) Teeth eruption

2.5. Wuruan (weakness) also means five types of flaccidity that represent the softness and weakness of

a) Muscles
b) Neck
c) Muscles
d) Lower extremities
e) Upper extremities
f) Mouth

3. Ganji (stagnation of the Middle burner) also means dysfunctions of organs that are found above the navel and below the lung and heart, including the diaphragm and spleen represented by

a) Food stagnation
b) Malnutrition

Other Autism Symptoms

• Vomiting
• Schizoid personality behavior
• Excess phlegm
• Peptic ulcer
• Nausea
• Dizziness
• Distension of the chest
• Chronic hepatitis
• Chronic gastritis
• Rapid-wiry pulse
• Slippery-rapid pulse
• Greasy-yellow coating
• Red tongue
• Slight thirst
• Shyness
• Loss of consciousness
• Bitter taste
• Anxiety
• Chronic bronchitis

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The Importance Of Winter In Traditional Chinese Medicine

The season of winter is a period of hibernation. It is the time when night time comes sooner, plants stay underground, and leaves are falling. We desire for heartier and warmer foods during winter. We want to sleep more, our energy is a bit low and our bodies want to slow down. Can our bodies be in harmony in the Winter? It can by accepting and recognizing our relationship with nature.

Winter, according to Chinese Medicine, is the season of the Kidney organ. The Kidneys is where the source of our energy reside – the fire energy that stimulates the functions of our entire body. This ‘fire’ is driven deep inside by the cold weather where the body is able to save this energy thus making it essential to shield ourselves from cold. To safeguard the lower back where the Kidneys are located, during Winter, we need to wear lots of layers – gloves, hat, and a scarf. Our bodies should be protected from the wind, especially wind that hits your lower back and the back of your neck.

During Winter, the foods that should be consumed are the ones that grow naturally with the season: citrus fruits, pears, apples, mushrooms, winter greens, root vegetables, and squashes. Grains, beans, and nuts are some foods that’s harvested in the fall and dried for the winter. We also need to eat fermented vegetables to increase the good bacteria and healthy enzymes into our diet. Our body seeks warm foods during Winter – so rich stocks made from animal bones and soups made from vegetables can help nourish us this season. To keep warm, we may need to drink warm herbal teas all through the day. When it comes to cooking, stew, roast, bake and slow-cook foods are recommended in Winter. Cardamom, ginger, cinnamon and other warming spices are delightful to add to recipes. We don’t recommend eating super hot spicy food in the Winter in TCM or Traditional Chinese Medicine. This is because those foods induce sweating, which actually is a cooling method. However, to enhance circulation, a small pinch of hot spice can suffice. We therefore can add other flavorful spices and a tiny amount of pepper for taste and refrain from using a lot of hot spices.

Foods that can warm and nourish the Kidneys include dark leafy greens, black sesame seeds, chestnuts, walnuts, chicken, broths, kidney beans, and black beans. A tiny pinch of unrefined sea salt into home-cooked foods can also help since “salty” is the taste related to the Kidney organ. Use Himalayan salt, french fleur de sel, or Celtic sea salt that are rich in healthy minerals. When cooked in beans, grains, and soups seaweeds can also give a salty quality to the diet. Bear in mind that the body always seek balance. The kidneys can be damaged from excessive use of salt especially if we eat restaurant, packaged, and canned foods and high sodium and overly salted foods. So, it is always important to maintain moderation.

During Winter, it is definitely good to avoid cold temperature foods and healthiest to eat very little raw foods. Avoid cold milk with cereal in the morning, ice, frozen fruits, and smoothies during Winter. Eat instead warm soups, toasted bread, eggs, and warm grain porridges and avoid iced drinks and foods. Rather than eating raw cold salads create roasted vegetables, flavorful cooked salads with greens, mixed with a delicious dressing. A salad made of sauteed dino kale and slices of roasted kabocha is my personal favorite. I eat this warm and include a homemade dressing of lemony tahini. For dessert, I recommend baked pears and apples with cinnamon instead of sugary cold ice cream. If you want added sweetness, you can include a few drops of raw honey.

During winter, satiate your cravings for fats by consuming healthy fats instead of processed/packaged and fried foods. Consume fattier slices of meat from local, free-range animals that have sufficient amounts of Omega 3 fats than grain-fed animals. Include organic whole fat coconut milk to curries, stews, and soups. Include in your diet, stable fats such as coconut oil, olive oil, ghee, and organic butter. Ghee is a type of butter that’s produced by heating butter gently to separate fat from protein solids. This method takes out the casein and lactose and just leaves butter fat, and it’s so it’s ideal for a lot of dairy-sensitive people. In Ayurvedic medicine, Ghee is a healing food and is wonderful to prepare and to add to recipes. Make sure that the ghee and butter you are eating come from cows that have been grass-fed so that they are indeed healthy to eat. Consume fermented vegetable such as sauerkraut (should be eaten at room temperature instead of direct from the fridge) with your food to help digest fats. To promote digestion of heavier foods, we recommend eating bitter leafy greens.

Winter is the period when one needs to slow down in all aspects of life. It is a time for you to get good quality of sleep. Winter is the key to the phrase, “Early to bed and late to rise”. It is the time for planning and introspection, but not thinking too much. This is a time to reserve and resupply our reserves through rest. Spring is the time when new ideas are born and converted into action. Winter is a time when you need to rest and stay home. It’s a time to be less active and a time for socializing. It is promoted for physical activity to be less intense and strenuous. Wear layers and protect yourself from the cold air if you plan to do outdoor activities. In TCM, we never stop thinking about balance. If we stop moving completely, it can lead to stagnation wherein the flow of energy in our body slows down. We need to maintain balance to prevent stagnation. In this regard, exercise, activity, and social connections are very important. If you are feeling overly unmotivated and tired, we recommend consulting with a qualified Chinese Medicine practitioner and undergo acupuncture treatment in Cleveland to enable the movement of stagnant energy.

Our bodies need to slow down and appreciate our roots in winter in order to experience the dynamism and energy of spring (the age of re-birth). We are naturally healthier when we are in harmony with the seasons.


How To Perform The Five Gentle Exercises Of Falun Dafa

Falun Dafa is made up of five easy to learn, slow, and gentle exercises. They are designed to help improve your body and can be practiced anytime and anywhere with no limitations. They are most appropriate for people living in a modern fast paced society.

An easier way to learn is to obviously obtain a free lesson at your nearest site of practice. You don’t need any appointment to participate. Just show up and practice!

First Exercise – Buddha Displaying the Thousand Hands

The stretching of the body is at the heart of this exercise. The stretching decongests parts of the body where energy is blocked, activates the energy inside the body and under the skin so that it flows energetically, and absorbs automatically a large amount of energy from the universe. This allows all the meridians in the body of the practitioner to open at the beginning.

Second Exercise – Falun Standing Position

This stance involves a peaceful standing meditation made of four wheel-holding positions. Regular practice of this exercise can help promote the total opening of the whole body. The Falun Standing Position is an all-inclusive type of cultivation practice that reinforces divine powers, promotes us to a higher level, boosts gong potency, and increases wisdom.

Third Exercise – Penetrating the Celestial Extremes

This exercise channels the energy of the universe and combines it with the energy within your body. During this exercise, a huge amount of energy is discharged and received, which helps cleanse the body a practitioner within a very short amount of time.

Fourth Exercise – Falun Celestial Orbit

This exercise allows the energy within our body to flow smoothly over large areas — that is, back and forth continuously from the entire side of yin to the whole side of yang side within the body.

Fifth Exercise – Strengthening Supernatural Powers

This is a peaceful type of cultivation exercise. The Strengthening Supernatural Powers exercise is superior to the intermediate level and was initially a set of secret or occultic exercises. This exercise is performed in a sitting position with both legs crossed. The circulation of the energy field surrounding the body is huge during the exercise. The longer your legs are crossed, the better. This exercise is based on your endurance.

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Alternative Forms Of Treatment For Scoliosis

In the United States, there are millions of people of all ages suffering from some form of scoliosis every year. Although, usually not life threatening, this abnormal curvature of the vertebrae often affects the quality of life of a person both psychologically and physically. Scoliosis usually develops in the lower 67 percent of the spine. It is often initially diagnosed during adolescence and tends to affect females more than males.

Scoliosis has no known cure. It is deemed a kind of deformity rather than a disease. The deformity is believed to come from various causes. They include disorders in the nervous system, heredity, physical trauma, and several other potential causes. Treatment often involves techniques such as surgery (bone fusion), to regulate the spine and prevent further abnormal progression of the spine, orthopedic bracing for moderate cases; for very mild cases, only continued observation is recommended.

Scoliosis can result in headaches, breathing difficulties, and chronic back pain, if left untreated. The symptoms will depend on the degree of severity of the curvature. The patient needs to undergo exhaustive professional examination in order to find a type of therapy that effectively works.

Acupuncture in Overland Park, yoga and several other alternative health practices have been found to help decrease the problems associated with scoliosis. Massage therapy techniques is an effective form of alternative health treatment that can help relieve discomfort.

One extremely effective form of massage therapy for scoliosis is cranial-sacral therapy, which applies gentle traction to help the patient improve mobility and regain some form of balance to the spine. Also, assisted stretching techniques and deep tissue massage are two incredibly effective therapies that can help diminish adhesions, alleviate some of the pain caused by scoliosis, and increase circulation.

One of the most popular options for treating scoliosis is massage therapy. This technique has been known to meaningfully relieve some of the symptoms.


How To Cure Morning Sickness Using Traditional Herbs

Morning sickness can immediately be felt 15 days post conception. A lot of women tend to sense the initial symptoms within five weeks of pregnancy. Many experience it for the entirety of their pregnancy. Moms who are expecting have reported that it disappears after around seven months.


• Queasiness
• Nausea
• Vomiting
• Headaches


Morning sickness has no known cause which makes it quite difficult to treat. That is one reason herbal therapy for this condition has become so popular in recent years. Herbal therapy cures the body is a holistic manner, therefore, all bases are covered even if the primary and secondary factors are unknown. With the correct herbs, hormonal imbalances, nausea and vomiting can be stopped and immunity can be boosted.


Dehydration, nutrition deficiency, and exhaustion are all problems, and serious ones at that. The mother needs to stay as healthy as she could be. She needs to develop her pre-natal health in anticipation of delivery and post care. In addition, all these adverse effects are potentially damaging to the developing fetus.

Herbal Treatment of Morning Sickness

If you choose to follow an herbal treatment for morning sickness, use a recommended instruction guide. hedgerow herbs, English field and classical Chinese herbs in Fremont are ideal, but modern infusions of herbs from different cultures across the world are even better now.

Herbs to Use

The following is a list of herbs that can help regulate hormones to the proper levels and others that can treat nausea:

• Angostura bark
• Billberry
• Goldenseal
• Eyebright
• Bark of the peach tree
• Quince seeds
• Sea Holly

However, from what I have researched, modern herbal therapies are even better.


Six Feng Shui Enhancements That Will Help Improve The Flow Of Positive Energy In Your Home

If you or the health of your loved one is of concern or if family relationships are not a warm as you might want, here are some ways to increase the flow of positive energy coming into your home that’s directly connected to them.

The applications of Feng Shui are practical, wide and varied and are simple, commonsensical, and even obvious. The more esoteric and mysterious aspect of Feng Shui is the understanding of the energy centers of the home known as Bagua. This knowledge is derived from The Book of Changes or I Ching.

Over a thousand years ago, the masters of Feng Shui observed that certain parts of the home corresponded to important areas of the lives of its residents. One could identify what’s going on in that area of his life when these energy centers are harmonized and adjusted. Also, by adjusting the energy centers through the placement of objects, it would help promote the stimulation of energy or chi.

An esoteric and profound study in itself, the I Ching has been continuously used for centuries as a way of divining right action. It integrates both expressions of yin and yang and is used to contemplate and study the process of inner development and change.

The part that pertains to Feng Shui involves the mapping of the energy centers of your home through the use of the Bagua Map.

We need to be aware that our homes are powerful attractors of energy that may or may not be providing what it is we really want to get into our life. When learn how to work and identify with these home energy centers, we can become consciously-aware co-creators of our experiences.

In English, the word Bagua means 8 trigrams. Those trigrams represent important aspects of our lives like creativity, fame, self-cultivation, career, love, health, wealth, helpful people, and many others. This article will talk about how to boost, activate, and identify the Family and Health areas of your home.

Family and Health Defined

The trigram associated with the Family and Health area of the I Ching is referred to as Zhen.

In some Feng Shui schools, the Family area is separate from the Health; however this article will discuss the Western Form Feng Shui School wherein the Family and Health areas are grouped together.

Family and Health is about the family as systems of support when storms or troubles come our way. It is tied to the element Wood symbolized by a tree whose roots go down deep into the ground. It pertains to good health and the guardianship of our forefather, and maintaining interior stability when confusion occurs all around us. It pertains to broken relationships in the family and their reconciliation and healing. (Family pertains to those whom you decide to be your family or a person’s biological family). It also pertains to sustenance and money on a daily basis such as paying the monthly bills. The wealth area, refers more to the ‘extras’ and luxuries in life. Family and Health is about earning enough money to buy food, pay the bills and rent, etc.

One may desire to improve this part of their home if the health of a loved one or one’s health is poor, if the relationship of a family member or a friend is strained, or if you are planning for or recuperating from a surgery. You may be having difficulties with your weight, or those associated with self-worth and self-acceptance. All things that relate to family and health would fall under this category.

Some of the Ways to Improve Your Family and Health Energy Center

The following are some Feng Shui recommendations that can help improve this vital energy center of your home. You should select objects that are most meaningful to you and put them in this area. We need to constantly remember that Feng Shui is about selecting objects that are of personal significance to you and not about putting something into your space just because some Feng Shui expert or book told you to. Chinese ‘remedies’ are not going to be as effective as the remedies you have made yourself and/or have chosen.


1. Mementos or souvenirs from the people you are concerned about i.e. such as a happy family gathering, a photo of a loved one in a healthier and/or happier healthier time, etc.

2. Family heirlooms that hold a personal or sentimental meaning to you related to the people or person of concern

3. Recorder affirmations regarding about your ideal outcome/healthplaced in a family and health box in this space. Boost this area with affirmations about your ability to support your loved ones and yourself if you’re struggling to make ends meet. Always combine affirmations with gratitude, in the present as if they’re real now; your affirmation should end with “something better for the sake of all concerned.” (A box that you love can be used as an “affirmation” box).

4. Pictures of landscapes and healthy plants. A more personal improvement would be a picture of a plant or tree that you privately love. Always keep a healthy plant in Family and Health area; this is the area where you need to have at least one, even if you can’t grow plants. (Never use a plant that is limping on any area of your home, especially the at Family and Health area). Vibrant silk or pictures of plants are good if you can’t have a live plant.

5. Fabrics, wall papers, and floral prints

6. Objects made from wood

In Feng Shui, we are taught that everything in our physical environment possesses an energy that’s moving our lives in a forward direction. By putting objects that have a positive personal significance in our physical surroundings, every time we look at it, we are sending positive energy or positive chi in that direction.

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Gua Sha Therapy Can Be A Great Way To Alleviate Sciatic Pain

There are a couple of Chinese characters that make up the term Gua Sha: ‘Gua’ means ‘to rub’ or ‘to scrape’ and ‘Sha’, which refers to an elevated, reddish grain-like skin rash, which is also called ‘petechiae.’ Gua sha is a form of holistic Chinese medicine treatment designed to treat pain, blood stagnation, and cold conditions by advertently elevating a reddish skin rash through applied pressure using a handheld instrument and through continuous scraping movements.

The manual instrument used should have a curved surface and can come in the form of a coin, or ceramic soup spoon. Practitioners mostly utilize a polished horn of a water buffalo specifically designed for this purpose. The instrument is placed over the problematic parts of the body and skin that have been emolliated with massage oil and repeatedly scraped using strong pressure. Such pressure on the soft tissue elevates the ‘Sha,’ resulting in what seems to be a non-permanent bruising.

While this apparent bruising may at times be mistaken for a painful injury, it is actually totally painless. After two to three days, the “bruises” quickly fade and practitioners actually regard it as a very important part of the treatment. The practitioner also uses the physical appearance of the ‘Sha’ as a visual hint of the state of circulation in the part of the body where treatment has been administered. This diagnostic sign can serve as feedback prior to the commencement of treatments for conditions ranging from pain in the neck to the alleviation of sciatic pain.

The execution of gua sha therapy presupposes the practitioner’s knowledge of the way the body’s muscles move and connect with each other. A beginner can do very little with this technique without having adequate knowledge of the anatomy of the human body. But someone with a thorough understanding of human physiology and anatomy has all the required abilities needed to assess, resolve, and ameliorate bodily issues caused by stress, tension, and sickness.

Under the skilled hands of a qualified and experienced practitioner, gua sha therapy can be used to treat a wide variety of bodily ailments. And, while it is most often used the buttocks, back, neck, and shoulders it can also be used to improve immune system function and to eliminate the common cold and other such pathologies as well as toxins from the body. With gua sha therapy, sciatic pain can quickly be alleviated, with alleviation of the pain and numbness associated with the strong pressure on the sciatic nerve.

When combined with acupuncture treatment in Marlton, the red marks related to gua sha are commonly used to suggest the existence of vital energy or chi stagnation, bodily toxins, and lack of oxygen in the body. The acupuncturist, after administering gua sha therapy, should be able to easily read the diagnostic indicators and fashion out a type of acupuncture treatment to resolve the specific problems of the patient. This ascertaining and narrowing of the problem area can be a very useful diagnostic aid that can bring about a more focused treatment when using acupuncture for the management of stress or any other illness necessitating treatment.

Gua sha can be an effective way to deal with several conditions and ailments and is widely deemed to be a safe therapeutic modality. Having said that, Gua Sha should not be used:

• On patients with weak constitutions
• Immediately following surgery
• During pregnancy
• As treatment for skin diseases, open wounds, or varicose veins
• On patients taking warfarin or other anti-coagulant drugs
• On people with bleeding disorders

Aside from answering the question, “What is Gua Sha?,” the practitioner also needs to follow certain precautions that should be taken following a Gua Sha session.

Immediately after Gua Sha treatment, the patient should drink warm water and rest for a short while. He is also advised not to take a bath or a shower for an hour at least after treatment, and that a cold shower or bath should be avoided for 24 hours, at least. Moreover, following treatment, the patient needs to keep the site of treatment always protected from windy conditions, covered up, and constantly warm.


The Many Benefits of Cupping Therapy

For the last few decades the medical industry has turned over a new leaf. If given a choice, people will often gravitate to natural and alternative forms of treatment and shun invasive and allopathic therapies. Obviously, any person who wants to be assured of good health would rather seek safe and effective healing techniques than knowingly use drugs that come with harmful and even dangerous side effects.

One such safe and downright effective alternative healing modality is cupping therapy, which has recently caught a lot of attention due to the recently concluded Rio Olympics. This therapeutic procedure may be a relatively recently new concept in the United States but has actually been practiced for thousands of years in Asia and hundreds of years in some countries in Europe.

What is Cupping Therapy?

Cupping therapy is a holistic form of treatment involving the use of silicone, plastic or glass cups that are heated and applied by practitioners on the back, stomach, arms, legs and other muscular areas of a patient in order to cure ailments and illnesses.

There are four ways in how cupping therapy is administered.

1. Fire or Dry Cupping

In fire cupping, a cotton ball is soaked in alcohol or other flammable substance. Then the ball is set aflame and used to heat the cups. The cups may also be heated in hot water or oil.

Once the cups are hot enough, they are then immediately placed on the skin surface of the patient. The heat inside the cup causes a vacuum effect on the skin and muscles in the treatment area to pull into the cup which causes a small puff to develop in the treatment area. The practitioner leaves the cup in that position for a number minutes after which he or she removes them safely.

2. Moving Cupping

In this method, the cups are moved slowly and carefully over the various parts of the skin and then left in a stationary position. But prior to placing the cups on the skin, the practitioner may need to apply oil or cream on the patient’s skin first to lubricate the skin and facilitate the smooth movement of the cups over the area of treatment. The treatment site of the body becomes red due to the force of the suction and the widening of the blood vessels.

3. Wet cupping

Wet cupping is the third type of cupping and in this procedure the practitioner creates tiny incisions on the patient’s skin before placing the cups on the skin. The suctioning process is performed repeatedly in order to draw tiny amounts of blood to the cup.

4. Cupping and Acupuncture in Orlando

Acupuncture and cupping is the fourth type of cupping therapy and is the best in terms of results among the four types. This process involves the inserting of needles into selected acupoints before placing the cups to the acupoints.

Here are some of the benefits derived from cupping therapy:

• Relaxes tense and knotted muscles as well as the body as a whole
• Relieves inflammation
• Increases flow of blood which promotes healing
• Draws out toxins that have gathered in the tissues
• Bolsters performance by replenishing the flow of Chi or vital energy throughout the body
• Beefs up the immune system making the body more resilient to allergies, flu, and colds

Cupping Therapy to Relieve Pain

Widely acclaimed as a very useful treatment for a lot of illnesses, cupping therapy specifically works in the treatment of bodily pain. This is why a growing number of athletes use it on a regular basis. It works well for the following painful conditions.

• Among women, cupping therapy can be especially helpful in the treatment of severe menstrual cramping. It can be a safer but equally effective therapy than analgesics.

• It works perfectly for the relief of severe toothaches

• It alleviates pain associated with respiratory disorders

• Cupping therapy can be a long-term solution for people suffering from pain related to rheumatism and arthritis.

• Cupping therapy reduces the severity of joint and muscle pain helping you get relief from muscle injuries and stiffness as well as neck pain and back pain

• Cupping therapy can reduce the severity of tension headaches and migraines

Being a form of alternative therapy, Cupping can provide a lot to help improve the health and well-being of your body. It can help you lose weight, increase blood flow, relieve pain and stiffness in the joints and muscles as well as alleviate anxiety, and improve digestion. If combined with acupuncture, cupping therapy can be a very good form of treatment for several types of illnesses and pains.


The Mechanisms Of Auricular Acupuncture

While allopathic medicine has gained global fame due to of its practices and innumerable benefits, there are also other ancient types of treatments that are administered in various parts of the world to maintain the well being and health of the human body. Same with the types of ancient Chinese medicine such as acupuncture and acupressure, auricular acupuncture has also garnered widespread fame in Asia and in the other countries of Europe. Auricular acupuncture in Jacksonville entails the use if needles to stimulate the affected organs in the body through the use of the outer part of the ear. Recently, rather than needling the ear with hair thin needles or applying manual pressure on predetermined points, the acupoints on the ear are stimulated by means of magnets, ear pellets, and lasers.

Ancient documents indicate the use of auricular acupuncture in China in 500 B.C. The relevance of this procedure was discovered by Dr. Paul Nogier, a Frenchman, who saw that the points on the external part of the ear have specific relationships with the internal organs of the body. He compared the ear to that of an inverted fetus with the lower ear lobe representing the head, the top of the external ear, the feet, and everything in-between the outer ear, the rest of the body.

Although deemed to be a branch of alternative medicine, auricular acupuncture works best when used with other forms of therapies such as chiropractic therapy, homeopathy, and acupuncture, among others. It can be used to significantly alleviate bodily ailments such as tension, pain, and stress. In allopathic medicine, body pain is managed by using painkillers that have endomorphins. In auricular acupuncture, acupuncture, and acupressure, the inner energy of the body is regulated, balanced, and stimulated, causing the body generate and release endomorphins in order to alleviate pain. A typical session takes around thirty minutes to an hour in order for the body to release the endomorphins. These therapies balance the energy in the body by rectifying the reflex centers in the brain which thus lessens pain.

The World Health Organization has approved auricular acupuncture as an effective and safe treatment. Recently, it also has been used to cure smoking and drug addiction. There have been no reports of side effects and it is deemed as an ideal substitute to acupuncture. To stimulate the surface of the auricles, the practitioner uses various frequencies through the use of a micro stimulation device to prevent smoking addiction in people. The rate of success of this treatment is a whopping 80 percent as it lessens the severity of cravings and withdrawal symptoms to nicotine in smoking addicts.

As with other alternative therapies, in order to correctly and safely use this treatment, one needs proper training under the supervision of a professional if they have to practice themselves.


The Importance Of Certain Time Periods In Chinese Medicine

The typical American diet that includes fast food, fried food, and alcohol can burden our health, especially our Liver. Perhaps, the best thing we can do for our health is to stop eating by 7 pm. When we look at ancient Chinese medicine, we find a clear reason why this is so. Chi or life force, in Chinese Medicine, flows though the body via a network of a dozen primary meridians or energy channels. There is a two hour window by which Chi is at its strongest for each meridian.

From the viewpoint of Chinese Medicine in Vancouver, digestion is governed by the element of Earth. The organs that are associated with Earth element are the Spleen and Abdomen. The energy channel related to the abdomen is at its strongest in the hours between 7 and 9 am in the morning while the Spleen meridian is at its strongest from 9 am to 11 am. Hence, the best times to eat are at 7 am to 11 am since these are the times when our digestive chi is at its strongest.

After twelve hours, the chi of our digestive organs is at its weakest, and by 7pm, we should stop eating. If we are hungry in the evening, fresh juices or light meals of fresh vegetables and fruits are best since these are the foods that are the most simple to digest.

In the evening, digestion becomes naturally slower as the energy in those meridians is at its weakest during that time frame since food remains in the abdomen and is likely to ferment resulting in discomfort, bloating, and gas. To help digest food, energy is usually taken from other organs. Overnight from 11 at night till 3 in the morning, Chi is at its strongest in the liver and gall bladder. These organs control sleep and detoxify the blood. When we eat late at night, these organs can become fatigued. We experience a feeling of not being well rested in the morning, or of insomnia, or indigestion. Moreover, our joints may become arthritic or ache. Our joints and organs will store toxins causing our liver to dysfunction.

We can strain our liver when we eat late at night, we derive chi from our foods which can help digest food. You also have herbs such as milk thistle and dandelion that are liver flushes to regenerate and cleanse the liver. Refusing to eat by 7 in the evening is one of the best things we can do for our liver. Once the chi of the liver is not being taken away toward digestion, the liver can be able to heal and function well.

A lot of symptoms, even those that seem unrelated to digestion such as arthritis and pain, tend to vanish when we stop eating at 7 pm. As your body allows you to rid toxins from the body, you are likely to quickly lose weight. The energy channels naturally become stronger and are in balance when energy is not drawn into overnight digestion.

Thing that can help reinvigorate the liver:

• Have fresh vegetable salad or fruit for lunch and dinner.

• For at least a full week, refrain from eating by 7 pm’ you can strive to make it a lifelong habit.
• Stay away from deep fried food and at least while performing the cleansing of the liver, avoid alcohol although you can make this a lifelong habit.)

For a week or so, perform the following liver flush:

Upon waking, drink squeezed orange juice made up of two or three oranges combined with a clove of garlic, half of the lemon, a sprinkle of cayenne pepper and a tablespoon of olive oil.
Follow this up with a nettle and mint cleansing tea.

Herbals remedies such as dandelion and milk thistle are very good for the liver. The root of dandelion root is usually ingested as tea or taken as a tincture whole milk thistle is commonly taken in tincture or capsule. The leaves of fresh dandelion can be combined to salads.